Mango Powder – Benefits, Recipe and Reviews 2017

Mango powder has several applications in the kitchen. It can be used for different soups, dishes, curries and many more. It is more than appreciated as an addition to chicken and fish meals.

In general, this ingredient will make any meal better and give additional health benefits to it. Most chefs claim that this powder has similar qualities as lemon juice or lime. Dried mango powder is the best way to make your meals healthier and more delicious at the same time.

Promotes digestion

Digestion is one of the most complicated processes in our body and definitely one of the longest. This powder has a positive effect on the process, due to the fact it reduces the acidity and it speeds up the process itself. This is more than needed for people with sensitive stomachs, who need some help in order to make digestion less problematic. If you consume the mango powder on a regular basis, your digestion will be improved.

Help you lose weight

Dry mango powder has the ability to speed up the metabolism. By doing this, your body will burn more fat cells and it will burn them faster, so this powder is useful to people who want to lose weight. In addition, this is a completely natural way of losing weight, so there are no side effects or other issues. The best part, mango powders are 100% organic, so they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

  1. Organic Whole Food Mango Powder by Activz

Organic Whole Food Mango Powder by ActivzThis mango powder is more than just good. It has countless applications. For example, it can be eaten straight from the spoon, or added as an ingredient to sauces, meals, soups and etc. In addition, it can be added to cereals, yogurts or in any drink you want. Due to the fact it is organic and it has great flavor, it can make any meal better in any way and give more health benefits.


  • The package is big. In fact, you get 27 servings from just one package. Keep in mind that it must be refrigerated after you have opened it.
  • It is completely organic, so it doesn’t have side effects.
  • Doesn’t contain artificial colors and chemicals that can cause health issues.
  • Perfect addition to any meal or drink.
  • It can be used in your own recipe, due to the fact it has a flavor that can be easily mixed with other ingredients.
  • You can eat it directly from the spoon. The taste is strong but nice and pleasant.
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • Mix one spoon with a glass of juice, or even water in order to get amazing benefits.


  • The taste is a bit different than other mango powders.
  • The package is small.


If you are looking for the best mango powder, this may be the best choice. It has everything you need, such as great taste, health benefits and it is pleasant to consume. On the other side it has no side effects, so it is safe to use. In addition, this is one of the safest mango powders on the market.check best price

  1. Dualspices Mango Powder

Dualspices Mango PowderSome of the best mango powders come from India, due to the fact this country is a leader in the manufacturing and use of the aforementioned powder. This is the situation with this powder. It has a great aroma and taste as well. This makes it a perfect addition to most meals, drinks, curries and etc. On the other side, it is very easy to use this powder, simply because it will be a great addition to most meals.


  • 100% organic and pure product.
  • It doesn’t have artificial chemicals.
  • Very safe to use and it won’t cause any side effects after a longer period of use.
  • Amazing addition to most meals.


  • Seeds can be found in the package.
  • The odor is very strong.


This is the most affordable mango powder on the internet. However, it is a great addition to most meals and it has no side effects. Due to the fact it has been made in India, this powder is even more beneficial to your health. Simply said, you cannot make a mistake by choosing this product.check best price

  1. Catch Dry Mango Powder

Catch Dry Mango PowderThe most interesting fact about this product is the manufacturing process. It is made by using the LTG (Low temperature Grinding), or the most efficient way for making the mango powder. Keep in mind that this product isn’t designed as a substitute, to medications or treatments. On the other side, it has numerous uses. It can be added to almost any meal that is known to man, and to most drinks. As the end result, they will have a better taste.


  • Has acidic that is a part of mango.
  • Speeds up the metabolism, so you will lose weight faster.
  • A great supplement that is rich in vitamins and healthy nutrients.
  • It can be used for salads, dishes, drinks and most meals.
  • The taste is great and can make any meal more delicious.
  • This may be one of the best products of this kind, simply because it is more than affordable, but offers great benefits.


  • May be harder to get.
  • The package is very small.


A great mango powder that has all the benefits of this fruit, but has no a single drawback, is definitely the aforementioned product. It is a great addition to most meals. By adding it, you will make your meals healthier and they will have a better taste. If we add the low price, this is the most common choice, when it comes to mango powders.check best price

The Recipe

A great fact about mango powders is that you can make them by yourself. The procedure is simple, but time-consuming, due to the fact you must wait for 8 days. In any case, if you want to how to make mango powder, just follow the next steps.

  1. You will need dry mangoes. Wash them and wipe them with a clean piece of cloth.
  2. Remove the skin and then cut the mangoes in thin stripes. Try not to throw away big amounts of the mango.
  3. Place it on a tray and leave it in the sun. Keep in mind that you will have to protect the mango stripes from insectsand dust. You can use transparent foil or anything that will leave the sunlight, but protect the stripes from the insects. It should stay under the sun for 8 days.
  4. Grind it. Try to make the powder very smooth.
  5. Place it in a jar or some container and keep in on the room temperature.