Suma Root Powder – Benefits and Reviews 2017

Suma is a plant that grows in Brazil. The root of the plant is well-known for several health benefits it has. It has been used by locals for decades, and now, the amount of benefits has been increased, due to the fact the root has been used in several studies.

The suma root powder is the best way to get all of the benefits this plant has. It is useful to, both, men and women, but women may experience a few benefits more.

Boost the energy

Probably the most important benefit, suma root powders have to offer is the ability to boost the energy. This is possible due to the fact the root contains protein, vitamins K, A, C, and E and electrolytes. In addition, it also contains several more ingredients that are more than needed if you want to have more energy. When you have more energy, your metabolism will be faster, so you will burn more fat. This is a useful addition to those who want to lose weight.

Has a positive effect on the fertility among women

Fertility depends of many hormones in a female body. A sad truth is the fact most women experience imbalance of those hormones, especially during the reproductive years. This happens due to unhealthy life style and toxin found in the environment. As the result, fertility is compromised. One hormone is particularly important. It is the estradiol-17 beta. The suma root powder helps by increasing the amount of this hormone and keep it well-balanced. Thanks to this fact, the fertility is going to be improved.

Great addition to professional athletes

Professional athletes have been using the suma root powder for many years. Due to the fact it contains electrolytes, several vitamins, protein and other nutrients, it gives more energy and reduces the inflammation. If you exercise every day, this addition may be perfect for you.

Best Suma Root Powders Reviewed:

  1. Suma Root Powder Wildcrafted

Suma Root Powder WildcraftedAlthough, there are a lot of different suma root powders on the market, this product is treated as the best. It has been developed by some of the best scientists in the world and it has been tested several times. All of this means that it is effective but has no side effects. You should take ½ of a teaspoon during the first week. During the second week, increase to the full teaspoon (half in the morning and another half in the evening). During the 3rd week, take 1 ½ teaspoon. Then reduce the amount to the original dosage.


  • Made in Brazil, from the best ingredients.
  • Helps to the people with sleeping issues.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety.


  • Easy to use.
  • Offers several health benefits.
  • Nice taste.


  • The price.
  • Smaller package.check best price
  1. Suma Root Powder 2.2 lbs

Suma Root Powder 2.2 lbsThis is the high-end product of this kind. It has been made from ingredients found across the planet. It was mandatory due to the fact only the best ingredients have been used in the manufacturing process. You should have a consultation with your doctor before start taking this powder.


  • The package is large and it contains 2.2 lbs of powder.
  • Has a lot of health benefits.
  • Offers vitamins and promote sleep.
  • Great addition to a diet.


  • Greta package.
  • The price.
  • The quality.


  • You must have a consultation with a doctor.
  • Hasn’t been fully tested by the FDA.


Suma root powders aren’t developed in order to treat a disease or as a treatment. These are completely natural supplements that should help you if you want to have a healthy lifestyle. They are safe to use, and they can make a life better. Even better, they can be used by men and women.check best price