Do Eggs Cause Acne?

The skin could tell a lot about our lifestyle. It reveals a lot about how and what we eat, how do we sleep, if we are healthy or ill and so on. A person’s face is a mirror of its overall health, both physical and mental. Nutrition is an essential part of our personal health care.

Moreover, a good and balanced nutrition is a recipe for perfect skin, nails, hair and so on. You could easily tell if someone’s eating healthy, by a glance upon a person’s face. There are other factors, of course, but a diet plays an important role. Acne breakouts could be associated with various triggering factors, but they usually appear because of some sort of hormonal misbalance.

This unpleasant skin condition can be inherited, but most often it occurs due to hormonal changes. Continual usage of certain medications and cosmetic product could also cause them. What people are often completely unaware of is that certain types of food could also trigger the appearance of ugly acne and pimples. Many products we eat are allergens, so they could easily cause acne to people that are more or less sensitive. When we ingest particular allergenic food, our body tries to fight it, producing antibodies. That could result in inflammation and clogged pores on skin and that’s when acne occurs.

Eggs are one of the most common food causes of acne, according to researches and individual experiences. There are also other viands we eat on a daily bases that could trigger acne condition.

However, that is not a rule at all. You may never experience acne from those foods; it is completely individual and difficult to identify.

Eating eggs and acne

According to some researches and personal experiences, eggs could be associated with the occurring of this unpleasant condition. However, let us put some light on the initial cause of acne. It lies within our hormones. When their balance is disrupted, our body searches for a way to get things in order. It triggers an excessive production of oily substance called sebum. Once sebum mixes with the dead skin cells and bacteria on our skin surface, it leads to inflammation and clogging of skin pores. The excessive production of sebum could be linked to eating certain foods; as mentioned before, food that work as an allergen disturbs hormones and some people get acne.

Many people with acne problems wonder if eggs cause the condition, especially when there are different information and no concrete scientific verdict upon the matter. It is true eggs may cause acne, but not necessary. Typical Western diet that includes a lot of food of animal origin, meaning meat and eggs in the first place, is generally bad for our insulin level. When insulin goes too high, which is caused by eating lots of animal origin protein food, combined with a lot of carbs and processed products, it triggers an inflammation condition in our body. This inflammation further causes oil gland production, making skin oily and clogging pores, which leads to acne.

Eggs particularly affect our hormones balance. Non-organic eggs come from poultry fed with hormones, which dramatically affects our hormonal balance. Moreover, non organically fed poultry receives antibiotics that affect normal bacterial surroundings in our intestinal tract, which may also cause acne.

However, it is not necessary to get acne if you eat eggs. Millions of people do so and doesn’t have any skin complications.

Some people get acne when eating eggs, some not. There is no sustainable judgment. There is no verdict upon separate egg yolks or whites, either. However, it shows off all the time greasy rich animal protein food could cause oily skin, pimples and acne.

So, fried eggs and bacon could be the reason, of course. If you eat too much of such food, you would most likely get some skin issues, even if you are not particularly sensitive. Well, that surely isn’t a healthy habit, so it is better to avoid food so high in fat, in general.

Boiled eggs have many health benefits and they are always better choice, compared to greasy omelets and such. There is a little chance they are also responsible for an acne breakout, due to their hormonal effect. Whatever it may be, the only way to determine whether eggs cause you acne or not is to experiment with your diet. If you regularly eat eggs and can’t get rid of acne, try to avoid them for some time. That is the only way you discover if they are the cause of the condition. Talk to your doctor before you do so; an expert would give you the best possible advice considering possible link between food you eat and acne condition.

Eggs as a natural acne remedy

If used as a cosmetic agent, eggs can actually help you get rid of acne and maintain bright, healthy and elastic skin. Both egg yolks and whites can be used to make fantastic acne treatments. Be very cautious with those; if you suffer from poultry or egg allergy, don’t try any of these on your own. Talk to your doctor and seek for an expert opinion over the matter of egg facial treatments.

Egg yolks could be used in making a fantastic and efficient facial mask. You’ll just need a separated egg yolk. Bet it with fork, just as you would do when using it in cooking. Coat your face with beaten egg yolk, avoiding eyes, mouth and nose holes. Wait a couple minutes for mask to dry; it would get really tight and stiff. Once it gets completely dried, just wash your face with mild soap and water. The results of this simple egg treatment are amazing. Your skin gets immediately smooth and elastic!

If you suffer from acne, there would be needed a couple of treatments to see its effect and clear your skin. One of the best things with this natural and beneficial skin treatment is that you can safely apply it any time you like. For people who try to solve their acne condition, it is recommended to apply egg yolk mask every other day. If the condition is really nasty, it is completely safe to practice this treatment every day, until the first good results.