Do Eyelashes Grow Back – Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Growth

Every woman would like to have long and thick eyelashes. There are many products that are sold in order to improve the look of our eyelashes, such as different types of mascaras, lash conditioners or even lash extensions.

Did you know that eyelashes have a specific function in your body? They are protecting your eyes from dust and other objects that may get into your eyes. You should also know that each eyelid contains 3-5 layers of eyelashes. It is considered that the upper eyelid has about 90-150 eyelashes, while the lower eyelid has approximately 70-80 eyelashes.

If you notice in the morning that two or three eyelashes are on your pillow, you don’t have to worry. It is completely normal, because eyelashes, like other hair on your body, are falling out through their natural growth cycle.

But, if you notice your eyelashes falling out unexpectedly, you must be worried. In this situation you must be wondering whether your eyelashes will grow back again. How to grow eyelashes? What helps eyelashes grow faster?

In this article we will give you the answers to these and similar question. We will also tell you why do eyelashes fall out and what you should do to make them grow back. Also, we will show you the natural growth cycle of eyelashes.

If you have experienced the unexpected loss of your eyelashes or if you want your eyelashes to be longer and thicker, this article may be useful for you. Just continue reading and you will find out everything you need to know about eyelashes and their growth.

Can Eyelashes Grow Back?

If you are also worried whether your eyelashes will grow back or not, we have good news for you. Yes, your eyelashes will grow back but you have to be patient and to take an adequate care of them. You will have to make a lot of effort to get beautiful eyelashes again.

We will show you  some of the most common methods that will help your eyelashes grow faster, but first we will see possible causes of your eyelash loss.

Why Do Eyelashes Fall Out?

Have you ever wondered why do your eyelashes fall out? Well, there are many factors that may cause it.

Mascara. First of all is that you may be allergic to the mascara that you are using at the moment or you are applying it too roughly. Also, if you are using mascara that is long-lasting, it can be very difficult to remove it, so it may cause eyelashes to dry or even to break and to fall out.

False Eyelashes or Extensions. If you are wearing false eyelashes or extensions, they can also lead to eyelash loss, especially when you are trying to remove them. A lot of your natural eyelashes may also be removed with your false eyelashes or extensions.

Medical conditions. Also, different medical conditions may cause your eyelashes to fall out, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

Blepharitis. Have you ever heard of blepharitis? It is a medical condition when your eyelids get inflamed because of the infection or because of an allergy. It can also lead to eyelash loss.

Chemotherapy. Another possible cause of eyelash loss is chemotherapy.

If the cause of your eyelash loss is one of these medical conditions, then you have to seek medical help. Your doctor will need to treat the underlying cause of your eyelash loss.

If the reason of your eyelash loss is not a medical problem, then we have some tips for you how to speed up the growth of your eyelashes and how to make them longer and also fuller. But, before that we will tell you something about the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes. After that it will be much easier for you to understand why your eyelashes fall out and when you should be worried.

The Natural Growth Cycle of Eyelashes

It is known that eyelashes, like every other hair on your body, have their growth cycle which includes three phases: anagen phase, catagen phase and telogen phase.

Anagen Phase. The first phase in eyelash growth is anagen or growth phase and it lasts 30-45 days. In this phase the eyelashes are growing actively.

Catagen Phase. The second phase is the transition or catagen phase. During this phase eyelashes don’t grow and the follicles get dry. You should know that if an eyelash falls out during this phase, it will not grow back immediately. The transition phase lasts about two or three weeks.

Telogen phase. This is the third and the longest phase and it can last from 4 to 9 months. This phase is also called a resting phase because eyelashes fall out and new eyelashes grow in their place.

How To Speed Up the Growth of Your Eyelashes?

There are some natural ways that may help your eyelashes grow back much faster.

Healthy Diet. The most important thing for your eyelash growth, as well as for your overall health, is a healthy and balanced diet. You need to provide your body with all necessary nutrients if you want your hair to grow faster. In order to ensure healthy hair growth on your body, you need to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods, such as dairy products, lean proteins and whole grains.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are crucial because of their vitamin content. They contain large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C and they can improve collagen production which is very important for hair growth. We recommend you to eat avocados, berries, as well as oranges.

You should have in mind that proteins are the most important for re-growth of your eyelashes. Actually, proteins provide our bodies with all necessary amino acids which produce keratin and we all know that keratin will make eyelashes, as well as other hair on our bodies, strong and healthy.

Another important nutrient that you have to take through your diet is biotin because it can also improve the production of keratin. We can find biotin in cauliflower, nuts, whole grain, onions and some other foods.

We all know how much iron is important for our overall health, but did you know that iron can also improve the growth of your eyelashes? If you don’t take enough iron, it can lead to the resting phase of your eyelashes and they will not grow. In order to prevent it, you should eat more foods that are rich in iron, such as seafood, leafy greens, beans, poultry, etc.

Niacin is a nutrient that will stimulate the hair growth by improving the blood flow to hair follicles. And which foods contain niacin? The foods that are rich in niacin are chicken, turkey, beef, peanuts, avocados, etc.

Multivitamin Supplements. If you are not taking enough vitamins and minerals through your regular food, then we recommend you to take a multivitamin supplement every day.

Mascara With a Lash Conditioner. Another way to get longer eyelashes is to use the mascara with a lash conditioner. You should look for the mascara that contains a lipid complex that will improve the growth of your eyelashes.

Eyelash Growth Serum. If your eyelashes fall out, experts also recommend you to try eyelash growth serum because it contains proteins that are necessary for hair growth. This serum may also contain some other extenders and products that can make your eyelashes longer and thicker. But, you have to be well informed before you buy any eyelash growth serum. You should keep in mind that their effectiveness can be different.

Lash Conditioning Treatment. There are some conditioning gels and similar products that may be useful for eyelash growth, such as LiLash and RevitaLash. These products contain ingredients that will speed up your eyelash growth. You just need to apply eyelash conditioner to the base of your eyelashes every night.

But, you should have in mind that the results will not appear during the night. The results may be visible after several weeks or even months. All you need in this case is to be patient and your eyelashes will be much longer and fuller.

Latisse. Have you ever heard of Latisse? Have you ever tried it? Latisse is considered the first eyelash growth enhancer that is approved by FDA. All you need to do is to move the stick across the base of your upper eyelashes. If you ask your health provider for advice, he will probably prescribe you Latisse.

Coconut Oil. Have you ever tried coconut oil for eyelashes? It is considered one of the most effective natural ways to make your eyelashes thicker and longer for a very short time. Coconut oil contains natural fatty acids that can improve hair growth on your entire body.

You can also make coconut oil eyelash serum that is considered the best eyelash growth serum. You just need to mix the bottle of coconut oil with one drop of lavender essential oil and with one drop of lemon essential oil.

It is recommended to use this serum on your eyelashes before going to bed. You should wash your face first and rinse it with water. Pat it dry and apply a little amount of coconut serum to your eyelashes. In the morning you can normally wash your face and also apply your makeup. Repeat this process each night until you notice the results.

Is It Possible To Prevent Eyelash Loss?

If you have problems with eyelash loss, you must be wondering if it is possible to prevent this. In this case, we have good news for you. Yes, it is possible to prevent your eyelashes to fall out. All you need to do is to make small changes in your daily habits.

Try a New Mascara. As we have already said, you may be using the mascara that may not be the best for your eyelashes. You may be allergic to the brand of mascara that you are using at the moment. For example, if now you are using waterproof mascara, you can try non-waterproof mascara. Maybe it will have better effects on your eyelashes.

Remove Mascara Before Bed. It is recommended to remove mascara and other makeup before you go to bed at night. If your eyelashes are coated with mascara during the night, they are more likely to fall out.

Remove Makeup Gently. When you want to remove your mascara at night, you should do it gently, without any rubbing, because it may cause eyelash loss.

Don’t Use the Eyelash Curler. We recommend you not to use the eyelash curler anymore because it can lead to eyelash loss, especially if you are using it while your eyelashes are covered with mascara.

Be Careful When Removing False Eyelashes. If you are wearing false eyelashes, you should be very careful when you are removing them. Remember that removing the glue can also remove your natural eyelashes. In order to prevent it, you should use a gentle cleanser that is based on oil.

These are some of the most common ways how to speed up the growth of your eyelashes. If you have a problem with eyelash loss, we are sure that you will try some of these methods.


As you have seen, eyelashes fall out from time to time and you should not be worried about that. They will grow back without any treatment. But, if you notice that your eyelashes are falling out excessively, you will need to try some of the treatments to speed up their regrowth.

However, if you think that the cause of your eyelash loss may be some more serious condition, then you should seek medical help. The doctor will determine which is the underlying cause of your eyelash loss and he will prescribe you the best treatment.

We hope you liked this ultimate guide to eyelash growth and we are sure that you will find the best method to prevent your eyelashes to fall out. If you have already lost a huge amount of your natural eyelashes, we hope you will try some of our methods that will speed up the growth of your new eyelashes.