Does Dairy Cause Acne?

Everything that we eat  or consume from our diets can have some sort of affect on our body. It can do him good, or it can make things worse. Our skin is probably the best indicator that something is not okay in our body. We will have breakouts and bad skin conditions, as a way of our body telling us something is not right and we need to take care of it.

Dairy products are especially hard ones to process for certain people. They are well known to be high on the list of foods that are intolerant for certain people and sometimes can cause problems, even though they are very healthy and important in our diets.

Skin on our face is very sensitive and every change in our body can make it breakout and show us cnages in our bodies. Acne are a very serious condition, and harder to get rid of than pimples or zits we get regularly. So, many of us have asked ourselves if food that we eat has anything to do with this condition and making it worse.


Acne or acne vulgaris is a long term disease that happens due to clogged hair folicles. They get clogged with dead skin cells and they are characterized by blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. These areas are also very greasy, and make us highly uncomfortable and helpless. Most people even get so depressed and hopeless that they don’t like to see their reflection in the mirror, and have hard time even functioning normally in society.

Acne can be also genetic. If someone in your close family has had problems with acne then this might be the reason why you are struggling with them. Another reason are hormones. expecially in the menstrual cycles and puberty can make the situation even worse and increase the intensity of acne. Bacteria called anaerobic bacterium is also consiceder to contribute to acne development  but the the way this bacteria contributes is not yet clear.

They are extremely hard to get rid of, some people don’t even suceed to do so their whole life. And if they do, scars are left behind. There aredifferent medications and other treatment options to consider but none of them guarantee the full recovery. In most cases it is necessary to make changes to your diet to keep your skin from breaking out, and dairy products are probably the first thing to look at after fatty foods and sweets.

Connection between acne and dairy products

Some case studies have proven that dairy products do cause acne. They don’t point fingers on sweets, fatty foods or something else, but to milk exactly. In these case studies it has been shown that intake of milk raises the incidence of acne. The participants that have drinked milkturned out to be more prone to acne than the non drinkers.

Participants were also asked to keep track of their food intake and breakouts so that they can make the connection between food and skin conditions. The ones that had more dairy products had more breakouts and the ones that didn’t calmed their condition.

From all the dairy peoducts, milk had the most impact on the skin. Chocolate milk and cheese had negative effects on the skin but other dairy products didn’t seem to have a negative effect. Skim milk also caused more breakouts than whole milk, so the content in milk isn’t the main reason. Paritcipants that took vitamin D supplements didn’t have problems with their skin.

Fatty foods also didn’t seem to triger any breakouts, as well as pizza, soda and fries, that are considered to be the causes of acne, didn’t have a negative effect.

Testosterone is an androgen hormone and it is linked to acne. Most people think that this is a man hormone but women have it also, but in smaller amounts. Testosterone creates dihydrotestosterone that stimulates sebaceous glands and makes our skin oily which is then more prone to blockage and pimples. Milk is filled with hormones like DHT so this mightbe the case why milk causes acne. Hormones in it trigger the acne and they appear more when we consume diets filled with dairy products.

Also farmers add additional hormones to the cows so they can grow faster, and produce milk quicker. They need full grown cows that can provide milk, so they need to speed up the process of their growth. This can also add up to the unhealthy factor that is making our skin worse. Our body is reacting to the unhealthy supplements i our food and warning us.

High milk consumption was linked to the hormone of growth and skim milk was associated to the higher amount of this hormone more than whole milk. Proteins are also added to the milk and other dairy products to make them more creamier in texture and more pleasent for the consumer. All of these additions can make our body react negatively.

Drinking milk every day won’t make your skin to breakout. Certain people are more prone to these changes than others and the ones with normally clean skin won’t have a sudden breakout on their faces just because of the small amount of dairy products. All of the studies I have mentioned show only a possible connection to dairy and pimples and not the certain one.

Some doctors still suggest that dairy should be removed from diets in people that are prone to acne breakouts. Acne also goes away on it’s own so you can try to remove some of the foods that you have noticed to have a bad influence on your skin condition, just to see is the situation getting any better.

Acne treatments

There are many acne treatments avaliable. Some of them work good and some don’t. This also depens on your skin type and how bad is the condition. Medications that you get over the counter can perhaps help you mildly but to get the best results you should ask your doctor for prescription acne medications.

Medications used for acne treatments are Retionoids, Benzoyl peroxide, Antibiotics and Hormones. they are the best and with the use of these medications, acne can be removed forever.

You can also try to remove certain foods from your diet to track the progress, and reactions of your body. If the situation gets better then definitely remove the „problem foods“ from your diet to keep your skin clean.

A low glycemic diet is recommenden for improving acne, and milk is considered to be best avoided in this case.

Every skin reacts differently and we have to make sure we find the treatment that is best suitable for us. Some medications and treatments won’t work on us like on others. As far as dairy goes, it is best to do a test. Try to remove dairy from your diet and if the situation gets better you will know that they are causing the trouble.

Studies have shown the possible connection to dairy and acne breakouts, but keep in mind that this goes for people that are already prone to acne. So if you have clear skin drinking milk won’t make you suddenly breakout. Dairy products are extremely healthy, but always try to find organic options, that are not been supplemented with different hormones and supplements that are not healthy for us.

In any case try to clean up your diet not only because of acne, but to keep your body healthy and vital. A lot of conditions are caused by poor diets and low consumption of vitamins ,minerals and proteins our body needs. Eat healthy and avoid fatty, sweet and dairy products and track your improvement.

Our skin is just trying to warn us that something is wrong and that we need to find a solution. Whatever you do don’t give up and keep on trying out different options for treatment.