How to Reduce Pimple Redness Fast?

We have all had problems with those annoying pimples.

They usually stick for couple of days and we can’t seem to fight them. Or can we? We will try to explain how they are created and what can you do to prevent or get rid of them.

How pimples are formed?

Pimples or zits are medically known as papules. Another term is pustule. They appear when our skin is inflamed or when dirt and other substances get stuck inside pores on our skin. Pimples contain a lot of oil, dirt, bacteria and other things that inflame our skin.

Another way pimples are formed is when our Sebaceous glands start to be overactive. This usually happens during puberty, so our skin is more prone to acne and breaking out during this period. Depending on your skin type, problems with pimples can be bigger or smaller.

Sebaceous glands are mostly located on our face, neck, shoulders and back. This is why most pimples break out in those areas. These glands are actually connected to our hairs. Sebaceous glands can cause acne, hyperplasia, sebaceous adenoma, sebaceous cysts and sebaceous gland carcinoma.

These conditions are followed by severe breakouts so they require serious treatment unlike pimples.

Pimples can form from dead skin cells that are caught in our pores by sebum inside our skin. Yeast infection is another way pimples can from, and they mostly appear on our forehead and chest.

However they look, pimples are not infectious. You can’t transfer them to another person. It is important to know that our skin condition can depend on our genes. So, if your parents had problems with acne or pimples in any phase of life, there is a good chance you will too.

Usual symptoms of pimples are: redness, itching, in some cases mild pain and swollen skin. From all pimple types, acne are the most common ones. They appear in 80% of teenagers and sex of the person doesn’t make a big difference.

Treatment for pimple redness

Most annoying side-effect of pimples is redness. Somehow not even the best make-up can cover it up. Depending on the size of the pimple redness can be stronger or weaker. We will try to propose few ways you can get rid of this redness with home-treatment. And here they are.

Tea bags for redness

Tea seems to be very helpful in many ways. Since it is made from different herbs and plants, the healing effects of it help us from inside and out. The way you can use tea bags is by dipping them in warm water and squeezing out the liquid after you remove them from water.

The best tea sort for reducing redness is the one that has anti-inflammatory effect. For this you can use chamomile tea bag. But, if you don’t have it any sort will be okay. Apply the tea bag to the pimple and hold it for few minutes.

Tannin inside the tea bag will help you to reduce swelling and redness, so you can use them for under eye bags.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is another great way you can get rid of pimples. Citric content of the lemon will help you clean your skin and remove all of the bacteria and microorganisms. They are the main cause of pimples. This citric corrosive will help you clear your skin from oils that can also cause breakouts.

This acid can be used for lightning up the skin. So, your redness will be removed by applying lemon to your skin. The results can show up after some time, but they will be there. Just make sure not to use this method too often. This acidic content can damage your skin, so when you are using lemon juice for cleaning skin or as a mask, always mix it up with something.

Ice cube treatment

We all know cold is great for swelling and inflammation. Even though the inflammation is inside the skin, you can place the ice cube outside on the troubled area. This way the cold will go through your skin, up to the inflammation center.

Low temperature will also reduce swelling and you will get rid of that pimple ASAP. This method can be used on any part of the body, just make sure you don’t hold on the ice cube for too long.

Toothpaste treatment

This method is very popular and you have probably already heard about it. It requires you to apply toothpaste on the pimple, and leave it there for a while. The reason why this method might help you is because toothpaste contains ingredients like triclosan, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

These components individually can be very helpful for treatment of breakouts, but combining them together is even better. The pimple will dry up after you leave the toothpaste for a while and not only the redness but the whole pimple will be gone.

It is better to use toothpastes and not gel toothpastes because of the ingredient content.

Eye drops treatment

Eye drops contain tetrahydrozoline inside eye drops can help you reduce redness and swelling of the pimple. You simply apply few drops on the inflamed area, and wait for the miracle to happen. You can also put few drops on the cotton swab and hold it against the pimple.

Another method is to freeze a Q-tip dipped in eye drops and apply it to the pimple. This will give you the same effect as ice cube but with a little bit of extra healing power.

Aspirin anti-inflammation effect

Aspirin is usually used as anti-inflammation drug. We drink it or take it orally, but there is another way you can use Aspirin and get rid of pimples. Take an Aspirin and put it inside a small glass. Add some water, enough for you to make a paste. Crush the Aspirin and make a paste.

You can now use this paste on the inflamed area. He will reduce redness and size of the pimple, and prevent further inflammation. Applying it right before bed is the best idea. This way you can leave the paste on longer, and wake up without that annoying pimple.

Aloe Vera

Another way to get rid of pimples quickly is by applying some Aloe Vera on the infected area. This plant has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. So, just what you need to remove that pimple. This plant can also be used in its natural form by applying the juice inside the plant directly to the skin and inflamed area.

Aloe Vera is used in many different products. You can find ones that are meant for your skin, and apply them when you have breakouts. Aloe Vera is great for maintaining clear skin and for healing of those acne and pimple scars.

The healing effect will come quick and your pimple problems will be gone.

If none of these products help, then try finding out your ideal face cleaning products. Spend a little bit more money on quality products, especially if your skin is sensitive. Apply these products regularly and try to clean your skin from all of the make-up and bacteria that get caught up inside your pores.

Prevention of breakouts and pimples

Our skin is very sensitive and it is not enough to treat infected skin, you also need to prevent breakouts. If your skin care or hygiene is not that great, breakouts will occur more often. This is why you need to make sure you keep your skin moisturized and clean.

If you wear make-up every day, then you need to find products that will help you remove all of the make-up. Spending more on good products is important because once your skin gets ruined, it is hard to regenerate it. Never sleep with your make-up, because it will irritate your skin.

When you have pimples or breakouts, never squeeze them or touch them. There are enough bacteria inside and touching them with your hands (especially if they are not clean) will only make it worse. If you pop a pimple all of the inside content (bacteria) will spread around your skin, and you will cause more damage than good.

Washing your face might sound simple but it is the best way to keep your face clean. If you don’t have sensitive skin, this and make-up removal will be enough. During winter and summer days our skin needs to stay hydrated so moisturizer will be required.