Is the Brain a Muscle?

Can Our Brain Be Compared To Muscles? Know Some More Thrilling Facts On Brain!

Our brain is perhaps the most complicated organ and an intricate creation in the universe. Its structure and function have baffled and amazed many people; and lots of scientists have dedicated their lives to know the way how our brain functions. We can compare our brain to storage box that holds most appreciated memories of a person.

Moreover, the personality of an individual is also affected with the brain. Our brain is such a part that helps in our cognitive and physical abilities. However, there are lots of brain-related facts, which are not known to us.

Can brain be considered as muscles?

One of the confusions that may arise in our mind is whether we can consider our brain as a muscle or simply as an organ.

In accordance with structure, our brain cannot be termed as muscles in technical terms though it has muscles inside it. Our brain generally has gray and white matters that are components of neurons. They are absolutely different from the tissue of muscle and do not function as muscles.

But, in a few ways, brains have similarity to muscles. Just as the muscles of your body, you have to make use of brain regularly. Otherwise, you may lose a number of its function. With more usages, the brain gets strengthened.

Muscles become stronger while using them as our own body produces fresh motor proteins, which lead to a higher contraction of muscle. There are some proofs to recommend that your brain functions in the same manner. Mental motivation will develop the role of the brain; it will decrease the possibilities to develop cognitive holdup as well as other kinds of disorders.

With more exercising of the brain, you may also be able to participate in lots of daily challenges that are needed to face. You may pay attention to many things and also control the systems of your body. You have to remember the fact the major difference between muscles of your body and the brain is never dependent on the way of its response to any exercise; however, it relies on the amount of things that we recognize about the effectiveness of exercise.

The function of the brain is integrated; thus, deliberate modifications are quite tricky to develop. Body muscles are detached and the course to higher strength, speed and skill is much precise.

You may exercise your brain’s muscles in some ways:

Deactivate GPS

The application of GPS lessens your spatial intelligence. Rather than utilizing GPS, support your abilities at reading the map. Bring one map and make use of it to observe the place where you want to visit. Taxi chauffeurs, who do not generally utilize GPS, possess significant gray matter.

Never use a calculator

This device may complete all mental calculations which you need to do using your own head. Instead of using this tool, you must practice mathematical issues with brain. It will lead to a more powerful brain, which may carry out mental computations easier.

Play chess

The game of chess may bring your improvement to your brain. It may enable your thinking ability. There is, in fact, a good link between the higher IQ and chess player.

Now, let us discuss about a few more interesting truths on our brain-

Left and right brain – Not same

Our brain has 2 balanced hemispheres; though they work jointly, the left part helps in more logical, systematic thinking, whereas the right part is more conceptually and visually oriented. One of the weird facts is that even when you lose one part of brain, you may be competent to stay alive without it.

Sorry guys – Girl’s brains are little bigger

Some say that men have more smartness than that of women. However, all the dudes may consider the fact that though the brains of women’s are quite smaller in size they possess more number of nerve cells as well as connectors.

Moreover, there is a part in the brain that is called as straight gyrus, accountable for cherishing, feminine attributes, and it is quite bigger in women.

Your brain – More dynamic during your sleep

It is the night time, when your brain may process any activity, which has been performed during the daytime. According to scientists, this is the main reason for which we dream.

Some people think that it is an option for processing the complicated interactions and emotions of our everyday lives, while others think that it works as a computer. A latest study proved that this may assist to lessen trauma. Those, who have very high IQs, are likely to dream much more.

Yawning – Why it happens?

Yawning is, in fact, a way through which your body may cool down your overheated brain.

Besides, while the brain doesn’t get the proper level of oxygen, yawning is found to offer rest of the part of oxygen to your brain. One of the brain injuries, anoxic brain disorder, is caused due to shortage of oxygen flow. With no oxygen, the cells of brain may start dying after 4 to 6 minutes.

Lots of neurons on brain

During pregnancy, brain of the fetus grows up at a remarkable speed. There are almost 251,000 neurons that are attached on each minute. According to this fact, there may be about 1,000 to 10,000 synapses on one neuron.

Moreover, the cells may keep on developing for lots of years after the origin. The part responsible for learning and memory, i.e., hippocampus, may also put in fresh cells all through a lifetime.

Neural paths

Making neural paths and reshaping the present neurons is known as neuroplasticity. It is the way of brain to be more effective and quicker at accomplishing works. With the aging of the brain, neural paths become stronger. A variety of tasks depends on diverse pathways; such pathways possess the capability of changing and growing.

Loud reading has an effect

Reading loudly is the cerebrally appealing experiences that a child may have. Watching television for more than 15,000 hours generates activities of brain of almost thirty minutes. But, with loud reading, it may stir up the brains of children as they need to make use of their thoughts and imagination. Such activity rouses the brain’s electricity, enhancing the development of brain by toughening the pathways to brain.

Chronic jetlag

It may affect a brain’s part, responsible for memory and it may boost up stress hormone production. Besides, it can also decrease the size of temporal lobe.

So, these are some uncommon facts that are not known to you. Moreover, the above stated truths about brains may remove all the complicacies and doubts of your mind.