When Do Girls Stop Growing?

The pants and frocks that you purchased last year for your daughter, is now too short for her. Is it normal? As a parent, you are possibly surprised to see how fast your little girl is going to outgrow her adorable outfits. On the other hand, some mothers may be concerned on the slow growth of their daughter.

So, the parents of almost all girls have one common question in their mind: At what age does a girl generally stop her physical growth? In fact, girls are found to grow quite faster than that of the boys; however, when does a girl attain her maximum height? The short answer of this question is that it depends on the age, when they have their initial menstruation.

Still, there are several other factors, which may affect the growth and height of a person, for example, environment, genes and lifestyle. On average, an American woman’s height is about 64.3 inches, while the stature of the women of some other races may be short. So, now, read on and find more exciting facts on the growth of girls.

Average growth of girls and puberty

In many instances, girls may stop their development at the ending part of sexual growth or puberty. It is because nutrients and hormones, required for development, during their period, achieve their utmost potential.

Thus, most commonly, girls hit the maximum growth shoot prior to the beginning of menstruation. With the initiation of a period (generally at the age of 12), girls generally add about 2 inches of their height every year. They often get to their ultimate adult stature, when they are 15 or 16; however, these ages may differ, according to individual cases.

Development of other parts together with height

It is highly important to recognize that the changes are seen not merely in the height of your girl but in some other prominent physical parts also.  Some modifications, which bring about the growth, are

  • Feet and hands – A girl’ growth spurt may have an effect on the feet and hands.  For most of them, hands may become wider, while the feet may turn out to be longer.  It is practical to believe that the feet and hands don’t stop and start developing simultaneously.  In the same way, you may find that just after twenty four months of puberty stage, girls may keep on growing and have increase of height.
  • Some other parts of body – With the external and internal alteration undergone by the body of a woman during puberty phase, it isn’t any surprising fact that some radical changes may be found in waist (become bigger or thinner), ears (become larger), face (grow wider).  When this puberty is over, all parts of body need to be completely proportional.
  • Development of breast – It is another major growth of a mature girl, and it may start between the ages of 7 to 13. The specific time differs, according to an individual. Breasts usually discontinue its growth, when the girl is about 17 or 18, though it completely depends on every individual woman. The amount and rate of their growth, and also the time of development- everything depends on hormone level and genes. It is moreover not rare that the breast of a woman becomes bigger during breastfeeding and pregnancy. However, since all women do not have babies, the standard age, when the growth of breasts may stop is usually believed to be during the late teenage years.

Is growth possible after puberty?

When the puberty of your girl is over, you perhaps like to know if she has any chance to develop more. Though in many cases, it is not usual for an individual to keep on growing after puberty, you may find a few instances, when it is possible. The factors, which may be related to those cases, are

  • Plate Power – A child with complete puberty and sexual development may not discontinue their growth, and it is very common in mainly boys as their growth plates may stay released for about twenty four months more than any girl.
  • Developing glands – Pituitary glands are accountable to produce the HGH, which encourages development during puberty. Individuals, who possess a very active gland, may have longer growth periods. Moreover, excessive production of HGH may hold up the termination of growth plates.

Tips for having maximum growth

Now, you have perhaps understood when your girl has the possibility to stop her growth. Most of the modern girls like to be as tall as modelers. There are some things, which your teenage girl may do in order to increase her potential of growing during the adolescent period-

Have a balanced diet

Be careful of maintaining a balanced diet that comprises a good blend of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, zinc, calcium and some other minerals that assist to enhance the growth. Besides, give your daughter minimum 3 meals every day or 6 smaller meals all through a day, whenever possible. Try to make a routine of the meals so that you can follow it daily.

Do physical workout on a regular basis

There is, however no proof to show that stretching and exercise will raise the height of a girl after the growth plates gets closed. But, when she is still increasing in height during puberty, it is better to do regular physical exercise, like yoga or swimming as it may enhance the growing procedure.

Have adequate sleep

The tissues of the body grow at a striking rate, while you remain asleep. For this reason, it is recommended that developing teenagers should sleep for almost 11 hours every night for maximizing their growth. A sound sleep at night will surely encourage the formation of HGH most proficiently during profound sleeps.

Keep away from all growth-arresting factors

Alcohol, cigarettes or steroids may affect the height and growth. Prevention of such substances may assist you to get to the maximum height.

Besides, caffeine may prevent a person sleep; it means that you may not be able to have enough rest. Since regular diet has an important role in the growth of teenagers, unhealthy intake or malnutrition must be avoided completely.

Practice proper posture

Does your girl have the habit to stand improperly? It may affect the development of spinal cord and also her height. So, be sure that she is maintaining a good stance to stimulate growth. It means the spine must be erect and the chin is to be high.

Besides, try not to slouch and hunch while walking or sitting. No matter whether the growth is stopped, good posture may enable one to appear taller.

Thus, now, it may be concluded that a girl’s growth depends on a number factors, which include not only the genes and hormones but also one’s individual efforts.