Can You Reheat Noodles?

It usually happens that we have prepared too much food, so we don’t know what to do with the leftovers of our lunch or dinner. If you love eating noodles, you may be wondering what to do if you have some noodles that you cannot eat at the moment. Can you reheat them in the evening or the next day?

Noodles are a common food in cuisines all around the world. They can be made in different shapes, but the most common are long and thin strips. However, noodles may be cut into strings, waves, tubes and many other forms.

Noodles are commonly cooked in boiling water and they are usually fried in deep oil. This staple food is usually served in a soup or with a sauce. It is very important to store noodles properly. If you have some leftovers of noodles, you can place them in the fridge, but they will not last too long.

In this article you will have the opportunity to find out if you can reheat noodles and what is the best way to do that. If you eat noodles often, then this article will be certainly useful for you.

Is it Possible to Reheat Noodles?

If you have leftovers of your noodles, you don’t have to worry. Noodles can reheat and they will save their taste and texture. If you want to prepare dinner quickly, then it is great to have some cold noodles that have been left after the lunch. Not only plain noodles may reheat, but also the noodles prepared in sauce, rice noodles or egg noodles.

It is a very good idea to prepare a bigger amount of noodles for lunch, so that you can eat them for dinner or the next day as well. But, you have to know how to reheat noodles properly and how to help them keep their freshness and soft flavor.

Below you will see some instructions about how to reheat noodles. We will give you some important tips and we hope they will be useful for you.

How To Reheat Noodles?

In the microwave. If you have plain noodles, you should first place them in a container that is microwave safe. After that you should add in it two tablespoons of water. When you have done that, you can put the container in your microwave.

The container should be covered, but it is recommended to leave a little air in the container. You can simply cover the container with a plastic wrap, but you should leave a part of the plastic wrap open. Keep the container in the microwave for about half a minute.

After that remove the container from the microwave and stir the noodles. Then you can heat the noodles again about half a minute and stir them again. You can repeat the process twice or three times if your noodles are now warm enough. Instead of water you can also stir in your noodles a little olive oil or sauce in order to keep the moisture of your pasta.

If you don’t want to reheat plain noodles, but you have noodles with sauce, then you can also reheat them. If it is a tomato sauce, you can simply add water and place the container with noodles and sauce in the microwave. After 30 seconds you should remove the container from the microwave and stir it. You can repeat this process until your noodles are warm enough.

On the other side, if you have noodles with a cream based sauce, then you should add milk instead of water. In this case the milk will help your noodles warm better. It is recommended to use medium-low power of your microwave. Otherwise, your pasta could be mushy.

In the pot. There is also another way how to reheat noodles. You just need to boil a pot of water, but you have to be sure that it will cover the noodles that you want to reheat. You should not add the noodles to the pot immediatelly. Wait until you see that the water is boiling. Meanwhile, we recommend you to place the noodles in a metal strainer. When you have done that, you should add plain noodles in the boiling water.

After that, you need to stir it and to let it boil about a minute. If the noodles are very thin, then it will be enough to boil them about half a minute or even less. Sometimes 15 seconds will be enough. After that you just need to drain your noodles and you can serve them.

In the frying pan. You can also reheat your noodles by frying them on the stovetop. Actually, one of the easiest ways to reheat pasta is to fry it on medium-low heat. You just need to add oil to the frying pan where your pasta is. Heat it and stir it from time to time.

If you think your noodles are too dry, then you should add some more sauce. If you want to reheat noodles prepared with wine sauce or with cream sauce, then you should heat them on low heat. Frying pan is the best option to reheat lasagna.

In the oven. Also, you can reheat your noodles in the oven. It is especially recommended if you have noodles with a sauce. You just need to place the noodles in a baking dish. If they are very dry, we recommend you to add a bit of milk or some extra sauce. It will maintain the moisture of your noodles.

The next step is to take foil and to cover the baking dish. Your noodles should be in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. After that you can serve the noodles and you will be delighted with their texture and flavor.

Summary and Conclusion

In this article you have seen that one of the best ways to keep your noodles for the next day is to reheat them. You can reheat plain noodles, but also the noodles prepared with sauce, so there are many ways how you can do that. You can reheat them in the microwave, in the oven or maybe on the stovetop. You can  reheat noodles in a frying pan or in a pot as well.

Now when you know how to reheat noodles, we are sure that you will follow our instructions. There’s nothing better than reheat the leftovers of your noodles and eat them the next day. They will not change in texture and taste, so you don’t have to worry. But, it is important to reheat them properly and to follow our tips.