Best Essential Oils For Horses

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in medicine, hygiene and beauty purposes, as well as in food preparation all around the world. Today we cannot imagine beauty applications and massage without essential oils.

Essential oil is a natural compound that is derived from different parts of the plants, such as stems, flowers, roots, seeds, etc. Not only essential oils give great smell to plants, but they also protect them against many diseases and predators.

Essential oils can be used in three different ways. Due to their calming effects, essential oils are commonly used in massage. When you use essential oils topically, your skin easily absorbs them. You can also inhale essential oils or use them in many dietary supplements. Before ingesting any essential oil, you should consult your health provider because not all essential oils are safe to ingest.

There’s no doubt that essential oils have a lot of benefits for people, but did you know that essential oils may be also used for horses? In this article we will tell you why it is good to use essential oils for horses and which essential oils are best for them.

Why Is It Good To Use Essential Oils For Horses?

It may sound strange, but it is true. Essential oils can be very beneficial for horses and most horses simply adore them. You can just put the essential oil in front of the horse and look carefully his reaction. You will see that horses will be attracted by the smell of the essential oil.

Essential oils can be used for the treatment of many equine conditions. The first thing you should know is that essential oils are not toxic to horses. These oils are especially useful for training horses and riders.

Also, these oils are very easy to use. Horses can use these oils the same way as humans. In the case of any physical issue, you can apply the essential oil directly on the horse’s skin. If the horse has a respiratory problem, it is recommended to apply essential oil on his chest and after that the horse should inhale this oil.

There are many massage therapists who may apply essential oils to horses. These oils will eliminate soreness, stress and stiffness from the horse’s body, which will make the horse feel much better.

Also, you can use essential oils in diffusers. This way you can bathe the environment of the horse. You can find diffusers for essential oils everywhere on the market. You should know that diffusers usually work on fire.

But, you should have in mind that not all essential oils are good for horses. You should use only therapeutic grade oils. These essential oils are pretty expensive, but they are very beneficial for horses. You should keep in mind that aromatherapy or perfume quality essential oils will not be effective for horses. Now we will tell you which are the most common essential oils used for horses and how you should use them.

Which Essential Oils Are Best For Horses?

Valerian Essential Oil. This essential oil is especially beneficial in the case of nervousness, anxiety and other emotional issues in horses.

Basil Essential Oil. Basil essential oil is a great insect repellent. This oil will prevent insect bites and improve the circulation of the horse. Also, basil essential oil can be very effective in treating muscle spasms in horses.

Cardamom Essential Oil. This oil can alleviate respiratory problems and stimulate the appetite of the horse.

Cypress Essential Oil. Cypress essential oil is known to alleviate muscle cramps in horses and it is very beneficial for rheumatism. Cypress is also used for healing wounds in horses.

Ginger Essential Oil. One of the best essential oils for your horse is certainly ginger essential oil. This oil is very beneficial in treating arthritis, leg fracture and other similar conditions. Also, this essential oil can significantly improve the circulation of the horse.

Lavender Essential Oil. This oil is one of the most popular oils that you can use for horses. This oil may help in the case of anxiety and nervousness, as well as in the case of sore muscles and wounds. Lavender oil can also treat cardiovascular and emotional issues in horses.

Lemongrass Essential Oil. This oil is also known as insect repellent and it has great effects on muscle tissues of the horse. Also, this oil can be used for scratches and greasy heal in horses.

Sandalwood Essential Oil. Sandalwood essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and great calming effects on horses.

Tea Tree Essential Oil. Tee tree oil can be very beneficial for horses. It can be used for scratches, greasy heal, as well as in the case of abscesses and thrush. You can also make a mixture of tee tree, oregano and lavender essential oils. You can add warm water and Epsom salt to these oils and soak the feet of the horse for at least 15 minutes. This is the best treatment for abscesses in horses.

Vetiwer Essential Oil. This oil is also great for reducing nervousness and anxiety in horses.

Wild Orange Essential Oil. If your horse suffers from depression, then you should try wild orange essential oil.

These are some of the most effective essential oils for horses. You can also use roman chamomile essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil or geranium essential oil. As we have already said, you can also combine essential oils for better results.

Before using essential oils for your horse, you should know that all horses are different. Although most horses love essential oils, there are horses that will turn their heads away when you put the bottle of essential oil in front of them.

If it happens, you should not insist any more. Your horse simply doesn’t like the essential oil you put in front of him. Maybe you can try with some other essential oil. If the horse doesn’t prefer this oil either, you should find something different that the horse will like. Also, if your horse has any serious condition, you should consult a veterinarian before using any essential oil.