Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach Leaves?

We know that the small creatures, guinea pigs like to eat hay, and it is their common diet. But, at times, it may happen that your guinea pig becomes bored of eating the same thing every day. Now, it is your time to add some color to the diet of your pig. And this is the best idea to introduce some leafy vegetables to the diet. And the name of spinach can never be overlooked among all the leafy products. However, you may not be sure of whether the spinach can be the best food for your cavy’s good health. Many experts have researched to know if guinea pigs have the ability to eat and digest spinach.

Spinach is obviously a very popular one, among all the vegetables. The leaves of spinach are either slightly ruffled or flat in shape. At the very early stage, the color of the spinach remains bright green. When they become gradually older, they may transform this color into intense green tone.

The flavor of spinach is quite bitter, and for this reason, there may be 2 kinds of reactions towards the spinach. Your guinea pig may hate it or love it. When we like to eat it, we add it to our salad or cook properly. If your pig likes it, there will not be any problem to provide it because spinach may be available all through the year.

In fact, the spinach can be considered as the super-foods for the guinea pigs. You may feed this on a regular basis as it is very high level of nutrients.

Nutritional importance found in spinach

As everyone recognizes the fact that the leafy vegetable is very healthy, it can undoubtedly be recommendable for the guinea pigs. Now, let us have a view at the contents of the spinach, which makes the leaves much nutritious.

The foremost components, you can find in spinach is the vitamin A, (beta-carotene and lutein). This also has huge quantity of manganese, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium and many other minerals. There are also other vitamins, like K, C, B1, B9 and riboflavin. In addition to it, the water content of the spinach is also very significant. Another good fact about the leaf is that the leafy vegetable has very low amount of carbohydrates as well as fat. One cup of spinach in raw form contains just seven calories along with carbohydrates (one gram). Thus, it may be consumed safely.

It is stated before that spinach is the best food for the small fluffy guinea pigs. The spinach is not only rich in minerals and vitamins but also free of the harmful sugar. This nutritional blend may make the guinea pig strong and healthy. Unlike some other vegetables, it may be eaten on a daily basis without any risk. However, some vets say that very high amount of spinach consumption may lead to the accumulation of the calcium in the body. It may result in renal failure, stones or the liver issues in the pig’s body.

Why high amount of spinach cause harm?

Though most of the part of spinach leaves consists of nutrients, there are some disadvantages to the food. One of the harmful sides is that the leaves have lots of oxalates. They are small substances, which may lead to the formation of the stones while blended with calcium. It is the main reason for which you may better limit the consumption of spinach. You can give it to the cavy one or two times every week.

There is another fact to be taken into account. The guinea pig is not capable of eating the stalks of spinach, thus it may be best to remove them just when you begin to prepare the meal for the little pets. You should always stay away from spinach stalks.

The types of spinach best for the pigs

You perhaps know that there are a number of spinach categories. And you may find all of them in the market. However, if you are shopping for the guinea pigs, then you have to know the type that is best for the pet. In fact, the cavies like to have pleasures from the baby spinach. And you should give only a small quantity of spinach to the pigs because it consists of the huge level of calcium. The spinach is referred to as the baby spinach in order to clarify the spinach. This has been yielded at the initial phase of the growth of plant. This baby spinach includes tiny leaves and has a very soft texture; it is also extremely sweet to taste. Thus, it is likely that your pet will prefer it.

But, take care that you are giving the raw spinach leaves to the cavy. The spinach that is cooked is never suggested for your guinea pigs. These animals are not able to digest the cooked items. In addition to it, you must avoid frozen spinach, because the guinea pigs have no ability to consume the frozen foods. The spinach is also no exception in this case.

Thus, it may be said that you can allow the guinea pigs to chomp the spinach only one or two times every week. This is the most recommendable vegetable. However, you have to give much focus on the quantity of leafy spinach that the pet consumes. You should not want your pet to suffer from any health problem.