12 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses of Pink Himalayan Salt

In the very begging of the world we know today, more than 200 million years ago, two continents had met; the land of modern India and the great massive of Eurasia. Their collision created one of the greatest mountains massive in the world, the Himalayas. The salt, which was deposited at the bottom of the ocean, had rose more close to surface, as a result of crystal movement during the process. The salt had simultaneously mixed with magma, getting enriched by a variety of valuable compounds. Due to this interfusion,

Himalayan salt got its amazing pink color and a sulfur smell. Thanks to its rich composition, this type of salt had became one of the most precious and beneficial types of salt on the planet.

Pink salt from Himalayas have been known for its amazing healing properties since the ancient times. It was deeply appreciated by physicians and healers in many great civilizations of the Old World. The mother of all medical lore and practices, ayurveda, calls it “kala namak”, which stands for the “black salt” in Sanskrit, because of its black, slightly reddish color it has in the form of raw stone.

According to historical findings, wonderful properties of Himalayan salt were known amongst royal families in India and their physicians, as well as amongst great rulers of the ancient Eurasian world. Alexander the Great, for example, valued the use of Himalayan salt in his empire.

Himalayan salt has been considered precious far back into past. It was used even as an exchange good, in Korea and Rome, for example. This “white gold” was a rare and extremely valuable ingredient in ancient times. Nowadays, its popularity grows. Himalayan salt is one of the healthiest forms of salt known to modern society, as well. With modern trends of a great return to Mother Nature, Himalayan salt gets more and more used in our nutrition and for other purposes, as well.

Himalayan salt composition and color

A lot of medical and scientific researches confirmed its advantages over other types of salt we commonly use.  It is metabolized more rapidly than refined table salt we usually use; it also does not increase the concentration of potassium and sodium in our blood, which is of great importance for normal blood pressure level. This is just a hint of its amazing health benefits.

According to research data collected from various studies, Himalayan salt contains 82 to 92 trace elements. It is a rich source of precious compounds, compared to common table salt, which contains only 2. Among all of the valuable substances that could be found in Himalayan salt, some of the most important are iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and others. Thanks to its iron content, Himalayan salt is of a beautiful pale pink color.

Himalayan salt versus other types of salt

Himalayan salt is known to be the most beneficial type of salt for our health. Our organism does need a certain amount of sodium, but we usually overdo it. Common types of salt we use in cooking consist mostly of a single component sodium chloride. It takes up to 99% of its composition. Since most of the people are unaware of their actual salt intake, they end up with really worrying amounts of salt in their common dishes, snacks etc. Sodium chloride is extremely dangerous for our overall health, if taken in larger amounts. Himalayan salt is natural and enriched with valuable trace elements. It contains sodium, of course, but has other amazing and very beneficial compounds.

Too much of sodium causes all sorts of cardiovascular diseases; it puts a strain to our kidneys and retains fluids in our body.  People often argue about usage of salt and particular types. Rock salt and sea salt is often considered a healthier option over table salt. However, all of these contain almost 100% sodium chloride and they are equally dangerous to our health.

Moreover, we get salt from some viands we eat; pre prepared food, snacks and other ‘unhealthy’ viands, in the first place. We usually take this for granted.

Health benefits and uses of Himalayan salt

However, there is a solution. Try pink Himalayan salt over common types. Pink Himalayan salt comes from salt mines beneath Himalayan massive. Its amazing healing properties and beautiful rose color are obtained from volcanic magma, which had flowed over the mountains to the sea water, millions and millions of years ago. Volcanic magma had saturated sea salt with various trace elements and valuable minerals, making Himalayan salt one of the great riches of Nature.

Himalayan salt has amazing healing properties, unlike any other type. In fact, while salt in general isn’t so beneficial to our overall health, Himalayan salt is found to be even healthy.

There are many ways of using it in medicine and various healing practices. Thanks to its content of up to 92 trace elements, Himalayan salt is more than salt, actually. Here are some of the most amazing healing properties and uses of Himalayan salt.

  1. A treasury of minerals

Himalayan salt is the rich source of valuable minerals. According to some researches, it contains at least 25 mineral trace elements, which are good and necessary to human health. The list includes iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and iodine, all of them preserved in their natural form. Our body can metabolize Himalayan slat much easier than other types. All those mineral are absorbed by our body by 100% at cellular level, without being subjected to processes of transformation. When you use pink salt, you get minerals in their pure natural form. It naturally contains iodine, while table salt is artificially iodized. Regular use of Himalayan salt provides the body with all the essential minerals and trace elements.

  1. Purity of Himalayan salt

As we mentioned before, Himalayan salt is the cleanest type of salt in the world. It is extracted manually and it is not subjected to any sort of artificial treatment. Himalayan salt is not subjected neither to thermal nor chemical processes. This way all useful compounds get to our system in their original form. All other types are treated artificially, so they lose their valuable compounds and get chemicals we don’t need. To put things simply, the less purified and processed salt, such as Himalayan, is more useful to our body.

  1. Detoxification

There are two substances that play great role in our body detoxification, on a daily basis. Those are salt and water. You certainly know that after is of the major importance when it comes to cleansing your body of toxins and other unnecessary material. However, salt plays a role of a vehicle. Salt helps your organism to transfer toxic material from cells to bloodstream. Once they get there, they can be easily extracted out of your organism. Thanks to its rich composition. Himalayan salt is proved to be very efficient detoxification device, far better and less harmful than its white relatives.

  1. Himalayan salt for cardiovascular health

Well, this may sound wrong or confusing, at least. Himalayan salt does contain sodium chloride, just as other types of salt, of course. It is known high sodium level is responsible for various cardiovascular problems, such as high blood pressure. On the other hand, Himalayan salt contains lesser amounts of sodium chloride, compared to other types. Moreover, it is rich in other elements, which are actually of a great help when it comes to regulation of blood pressure. It contains potassium, which is very important for lowering blood pressure. Since our body can absorb it fully from Himalayan salt, we need much smaller doses of it to actually benefit from its healthy properties. Your blood pressure will lower gradually. Keep in mind it is still a type of salt, so don’t overdo it. If you replace table salt with pink one and keep a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition, you’ll surely notice the difference. Never go over recommended maximum daily intake, which is 1500 mg of sodium.

  1. Himalayan salt as an energy booster

It is commonly advised to eat something salty if you feel fatigued or foggy. The thing is you most probably deal with a loss of electrolytes and salt. This condition is also pretty common in people with naturally low blood pressure. Himalayan salt is the best option to restore your organism and get it needed nutrients. Moreover, the unique composition of Himalayan salt makes it more absorbable to our system, so you can feel its amazing boosting effect immediately.

  1. Himalayan salt against respiratory problems

Himalayan salt is known to be an excellent natural remedy fir sinus issues and other respiratory tract problems. You could make a solution of Himalayan salt in hot water and use it for inhalation. This healing solution could help people dealing with various conditions, even asthma. Just dissolve half a cup of Himalayan salt in previously boiled gallon of water. Lean your head over the vessel cover it with a towel and breathe deeply. Pink crystals of Himalayan salt also emit negative ions, so your respiratory system won’t be compromised.

  1. Himalayan salt for nice sleep

Himalayan salt could even improve your sleep. Pink salt supplies your body with useful minerals, needed for your muscles to get relaxed, just as your mind. Switching to pink alt instead of other types is beneficial itself. You can improve the quality of your sleep by making a healthy supplement of it. One teaspoon pink salt mixed with five teaspoons of organic honey make a real sleep elixir. Keep it in a glass jar and take a teaspoon of this mixture and dissolve it under your tongue, before bed.

  1. Himalayan salt as an elixir of youth

Himalayan salt literally rejuvenates the skin. It cleanses it and makes it bright, smooth and soft. Thanks to its power of detoxification, Himalayan salt leaves the skin even more clear and tender than before. There are recipes for face toners and you can also simply use it in a bath. Mixed with warm water, its precious compounds will benefit both your skin and your respiratory system, refresh your body and make you feel more energized.

  1. Himalayan salt for strong bones

Pink salt is packed with valuable minerals and trace elements. Since it is easy absorbed to our body, it benefits our bones, as well. It strengthens them and makes them more resistant to injuries. It is very important for growing children, in the first place.

  1. Himalayan salt relaxing bath

We’ve already mentioned pink salt refreshes and energizes our muscles. Moreover, it could significantly help people who suffer from muscle crams and similar conditions. The best advice is to include it in your regular diet, instead of common table salt and also use it to make a relaxing bath. It is proved Himalayan salt bath significantly reduces cramps and muscle tension.

  1. Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt lams are quite popular these days. They could get you various benefits, since they are natural generators of valuable negative ions. Negative ions have many useful purposes. They affect oxygen in the air and increase its flow. It is extremely beneficial to our brain health. The better flow of oxygen is, we get more energized, clear minded and aware. Moreover, Himalayan salt lamps are natural air purifiers; they cleanse the air in rooms we spend time in, making it free of germs and other sources of pollution. These are just some of the amazing properties of Himalayan salt lamps.

  1. Cooking with Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is very good for use in cooking.  Do a research and try some interesting recipes with it. You could make various dishes using pink salt instead of table salt. Your meals would be healthier and enriched with valuable minerals and other compounds your system can easily absorb and make use of it, to boost your organism and revitalize it. Use it in preparation of meat or fish dishes, salads and baking products, making them delicious and healthier.