How Much Apple Cider Vinegar Per Day for Beter Health?

Apple cider vinegar has many uses. From house cleaning to health beneficial components, it is highly recommended for everyday use.

Many of them are not so well known, so we will be presenting beneficial aspects of Apple cider vinegar and giving you a closer look to this amazing substance.

Homemade Apple cider vinegar (organic version)

This health beneficial substance is a very good option for everyone who likes their ingredients to be natural and organic. Apple cider vinegar can be made at home, and the process itself is not that complicated.

Choosing the right apples can be very important, since not all sorts work that well in this case. You will need at least 50% of sweet apples, 35% sour apples and 15 bitter sorts. This ratio is important because it will give your vinegar that special taste it requires.

Apples should be cut to quarters and if you can peel them or just leave them as they are. The next step is to leave the apples on the air so that they can dry and turn brown. After this process is finished, apples should be covered with water and left in a dark and warm place for 7 months. You can cover your bowl with cheesecloth.

After 7 months, clean the germs of the surface of the water and leave it to rest for another month or two. After this time period, you will have your own Apple cider vinegar, organic and free of any supplements.

Beneficial uses of Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, like I said, has many different uses. We will list some of them and explain how this vinegar can help you.

If you have troubles with hiccups, then your solution might be Apple cider vinegar. We already know that drinking liquid when we have hiccups can make it stop, but this vinegar sort prevents it from occurring again. Apple cider vinegar sends a signal to our nerves which are in this case responsible for hiccup. Spasms in our throat are controlled by nerves, so their stimulation is necessary for hiccup to stop.

Apple cider vinegar can be used for reducing high cholesterol. It has been used for this purpose for a long time, and many people have confirmed it’s amazing effect, in lowering high cholesterol and keeping our cardiovascular health in order. Acetic acid that we can find in Apple cider vinegar have been used on rats, as a part of experiment, and the results were astonishing. Their cholesterol levels have been reduced significantly and their overall cardiovascular health was improved by the end of the experiment. Never the less, this effect has also been noticed in humans too, and a lot of people suffering from high or bad cholesterol, use this vinegar sort effectively as a remedy.

Sore throat can also be treated by Apple cider vinegar. Since it has antiseptic effects, this vinegar will destroy all of the germs in our throat and prevent them from getting back. The way you can treat this condition is by gargling ¼ cup of Apple cider vinegar with ¼ cup of water every few hours for few minutes.

If you have problems with indigestion, then try drinking one spoon of Apple cider vinegar mixed with honey, before every meal. This way you will keep your gut flora in control, so that bad bacteria don’t take over.

When we have cold, stuffed nose is something we have to deal with. To ease this condition and prevent it from happening again, use Apple cider vinegar. Acetic acid will stop virus development and open up your nasal canals, so that you can breath with ease. Simply mix one teaspoon of this vinegar and mix with hot water to scare the germs away.

Apple cider vinegar can be very helpful with weight loss. Again, acetic acid is in control of this effect, and the way it acts is by increasing your metabolism and prevents your body from keeping in the fluids. Apple cider vinegar prevents our body’s starch digestion which means less fat.

Apple cider vinegar cleans our scalp as well. It can be used by itself, in mix with water or even our regular shampoo. Your pH levels will be restored, and everything you have to do is to use this remedy regularly until your condition clears out.

Whenever you feel lack of energy, try drinking some Apple cider vinegar. Since it contains enzymes and potassium, it is a powerful remedy against this condition. Tablespoon or two will be just enough to feel the boost of energy  that you need.

Leg cramps not only wake us up, but they can also be a sign that your body is struggling from serious potassium lack. Apple cider vinegar provides potassium to our body and that is why it is a perfect solution for this condition. Mix Apple cider vinegar with honey for better taste, and feel the relief coming in.

For bad breath, try mixing Apple cider vinegar with hot water, get rid of bad breath and prevent it from recurring. If your goal is having whiter teeth, you can gargle Apple cider vinegar in your mouth for about 10 minutes. This will help you get rid of bacteria and keep your gums healthy.

Having sensitive skin can be very problematic, because every bruise is visible and waiting for them to go away can take a lot of patience. In this case try using Apple vinegar cider directly on your skin by dabbing and see the miracle effect of this amazing remedy.

High blood sugar can also be controlled by consuming Apple cider vinegar regularly. People who suffer from type 2 diabetes, can drink about two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar per day, and prevent their blood sugar level from increasing. You can also mix vinegar with water and drink this mix half an hour before your meal. It has been proven that people who did this, had lower blood sugar levels after eating a carbohydrates.

Daily dose of Apple cider vinegar

If you use Apple cider vinegar then you don’t have to worry about your daily limits. Every dose is acceptable, unless it is too much for our stomach to process. Since it has a very strong flavor, you won’t be able to consume too much of it. However, this natural remedy is highly recommended for everyone to use, since his beneficial effects are numerous.

Depending on your health state, on or two tablespoons are enough for the day, but if you use it for gargling your throat or applying it topically, then there is no limit.

Since it is very acidic, Apple cider vinegar is best used in mix with honey or hot water. This is also important for your esophagus, which can be damaged by drinking pure, unrefined Apple cider vinegar. If your goal isn’t lowering your blood sugar or cholesterol, then make sure your measures are moderate. Going overboard might make you feel sick, and cause you to lower your potassium levels too much.

Acid from the vinegar can also destroy your teeth enamel, and that is why it is important to use it in mix with water and avoid using it more than few times a week.

Overall, Apple cider vinegar is extremely healthy and we need to consider consuming it whether or not we have medical issues. It will keep our body healthy and provide is with enough energy and beneficial components for the day.

Use it as a condiment or pure to achieve best results. Apply it topically on injured spots and witness the amazing effect of this vinegar sort. Make sure not to go overboard and hurt your digestion with too much acid, and measure the amount depending on your condition. You will surely stay healthy, and scare away all of the germs and viruses that are already wandering through your body.