Lemon and Cayenne Pepper Cleanse – Recipes and Tips

In modern times, when our overall well-being is highly affected by astounding technology development, both in good and bad way, our race gets more and more aware of the damages we do to our body, mind and soul.

The ancient Latin proverb, suggesting we need to keep our body in good shape and our health in the best condition possible, in order to save healthy and clear mind, gets a deserved attention nowadays. It seems human race seeks for an exodus from our fast, stressful and burdensome city life. We may have got many benefits from technology advancements, but it takes its price. Urban people spend their time in offices and running in between. We think we care for ourselves, but often overlook the nutrition, the sleep, the exercise and many more of the essentials of a health, long and fulfilling life.

Nowadays, there are many popular diet trends, all of them based on gifts from our Mother Nature. The long time we’ve spent turning from her is now over, it seems. Organically grown vegetables and fruits, animals naturally fed and grown, pure natural products and general avoiding of artificial ingredients are a planetary trend these days, it seems. Maybe all of that sounds as a well sold commercial trick, but there is a lot of real need within. We need to get more aware of the effect our urban way of life has on our health.

Detox time

There are numerous and various toxins that enter our body on a daily basis. Chemicals from surroundings, compounds in the meals we have and many other sources are all around us. The way we sleep, work, exercise, how we spend our spare time and how we behave generally all affect our body chemistry. We need a good detox after heavy partying, for example.

We need a good detox plan if we’ve decided to change our habits in order to get our health back and/or keeping our organism in good condition. Detox plan could be a part of our regular routine and something we should take from time to time, to cleanse our body from harmful material and get revitalized and refreshed.

Many people willingly decide to take up a detox plan, even f it means they should give up some of the things they’ve very much enjoyed. In modern days, people decide to take up this step more frequently than before. The threat of contemporary diseases and health conditions, such as cardiovascular problems, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many more made us aware of dangers of unhealthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Lemon and cayenne pepper detox

This popular diet plan is usually titled simply “lemon diet”. While its original purpose implies the overall well-being, many people have taken it as another weight loss plan. Lemon diet would make you lose weight, for sure, but it is not its main purpose. It is not designed to lose weight, but to get your body free of harmful and unnecessary materials. A significant amount of waste and toxic substances regularly remain in our colon, due to poor nutrition and unhealthy living habits. We often take this for granted and don’t pay any attention, until we face some more serious health issues. Lemon and cayenne pepper cleanse is meant to reduce and eliminate all the toxic waste from our system and get our organism function properly.

Recipes and tips

Lemonade and cayenne detox plan is quite simple, so you could star right away. You don’t need fancy and expensive ingredients; Mother Nature took care of them all, so you can find them easily. You can grow lemons and peppers in your own garden and simply get the rest of the material.

The basic cayenne pepper detox lemonade recipe requires only a few natural and beneficial ingredients. To make this miraculous elixir, you’ll need lemon juice (freshly squeezed), cayenne pepper, organic maple syrup and fresh water. To make one glass of this delicious cleansing drink, you’ll need:

  • About 30 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • About 20 ml of maple syrup
  • About 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • 250 ml of pure water

You can use more of cayenne pepper if you can handle it, of course. The water should be distilled. You could also make the drink by batch of 3 liters and store it in the fridge the entire day, since it is a daily amount according to the cleansing program. If you decide to make it that way, you’ll need:

  • 3 to 4 lemons for freshly squeezed juice
  • 150 ml of organic maple syrup
  • About 2 to 3 pinches of cayenne pepper
  • 1700 ml of distilled water

How it works?

This detox plan eliminates the intake of solid food for minimum about a week. This drink would replace all meals for the period, so it is important it provides the body with components that would keep it functioning as normally as it could. Keep in mind it is a detox plan, not a regular diet plan.

Any cleanse program should never be taken for long periods of time, since they are all restrictive. It would help your body and organism get rid of waste, toxins and all unnecessary elements, to rest from heavy food and get revitalized. It only works for certain recommended time; if you go overboard you could get yourself more damage than help.

Freshly squeezed lemons are known for their miraculous antioxidant purposes. They are full of vitamins and also act as an immune booster. It is important to always make it fresh, on a daily basis. It is recommended to use organic lemons, if you can. Organic fruits are free of chemicals and other impurities.

The maple syrup certainly makes this drink sweet and delicious, but apart from that, it also acts as a toxin eliminator. You should use rich organic syrup for excellent results; common maple syrup products you could find in supermarkets are often artificially enriched and thus not so healthy.

The cayenne pepper is the vital ingredient of this detox drink. It is known cayenne pepper contains elements that increases the number of calories burned. Moreover, thanks to these substances, calories are burned directly from fat. They also thoroughly clean the intestinal walls and colon, forcing the waste materials to get out of the body. They improve bowel movement and speed up the metabolism.

The water needs to be distilled, not mineral. If you use common tap water other ingredients won’t mix well. Besides that, distilled water is free of all impurities and thus ensures you better results.

Cleanse modes and tips

There are three types of this detox plan to choose from. The amount of lemonade you would drink varies depending on a mode of detox. There is a full body detox mode, which is intense and restrictive. You’ll need to cut down all solid meals from the menu and drink at least two liters of such made lemonade. There is also a relaxed version mode, which allows you to have a normal lunch and drink about two to three glasses of detox lemonade, for full result.

The third mode is half and half. You’ll drink two liters of lemonade for three days. The next two or three days you drink it for breakfast and the next three days for dinner. The last three days you get back to drinking only two liters of the drink per day. This mode is less challenging, but effective as well.

The lemon and cayenne pepper cleanse could be quite difficult for the first few days, especially to the individuals who’ve used to eat heavy food or have hunger binges. However, according to experiences, this method is efficient and beneficial in long term.

Before you take up the cayenne pepper lemonade cleanse, you should check your body and health condition and not misuse the detox plan. Seek for an expert’s advice and see if your body is ready for a restrictive diet. Follow the advices and don’t go overboard. If you do so, you’ll experience the best of this popular detox.