5 Most Common Old People Problems

Linda , retired nurse, happy grandmother.

When I was younger, I looked forward to retirement, having time to enjoy my hobbies, travel, spend time with my family, grandchildren, and friends. Some people get a panic attack at a very thought of getting old. They are seeing the old age as an undesirable phase of life, yet – unavoidable one.

I was never afraid of aging. My skin was always stretchy and I didn’t have any wrinkles until recently (thanks to my good genetics). Luckily, there were no health issues either, even though I went through some tough and stressful periods.

However, despite the fact the golden years should the best years of our lives, time carries some significant challenges as well. Actually, I didn’t feel the change until the age of 65, when things went down bit by bit.

If you are still in your 40s or 50s, here are 5 most common old people problems, so you can get a clearer image of what to expect as you are getting nearer to the 70s.

  • Facing a fear of losing control over your life

When you are young, you have the feeling that you are in control of everything. You are making choices and bringing decisions, and, even if you make a mistake – it is totally possible to fix it.

On the other hand, being an older person makes you realize you don’t have enough energy for many things you used to do before. You wouldn’t skip that afternoon nap for anything in this world!

I was terrified by the cognition that my brain is aging. The technology ruled over everything, and I wasn’t able to keep the track with it. I started forgetting things as well, so I had to go over the same route for a couple of times.

This really feels like losing control, right?

  • Dealing with chronic pain

No matter how youthful and active you are, there will come a moment when something that seemed like a fleeting pain turns out to be a chronic pain.

I broke my arm while being in elementary school. It wasn’t a big of a deal, but I used to feel some type of discomfort over the course of the years around that area.

Yet, recently, that pain turned to chronic pain, and it is very unpleasant.

Bones tend to lose density over time, while once broken bones will start hurting like hell at some point.

What is more, I am mentioning probably the least serious chronic pain I am dealing with right now.

  • Losing friends

If you still haven’t learned about the importance of your family and friends, you will certainly do as you are getting older.

Some of my friendships dated from the period when I was in kindergarten. Of course, some of them fell apart with time, but the others filled up that space.

We make friends at school, at work, while traveling, even our great loves turn to be our great friends later. And now, you have a situation when you have to say goodbye to some of them.

This hurts, a lot. Loss of lifelong friends has the incredible power of making us feel alone, old, and neglected – even though this is not what is true.

  • Facing limitations on normal lifelong activities

When I was younger, I used to take long walks from my parent’s home to my and my husband’s home. Now, walking this far seems impossible, as I get tired more easily and my legs started trembling at one point.

Running after my grandchildren makes me feel like I did a marathon! Not to get me wrong – I still enjoy every second of it!

Ironing clothes is one of the most annoying activities, but not for me. At least it wasn’t until not so while ago. Now I have to take a break and sit for five to ten minutes after ironing my husband’s shirts and before ironing my dresses.

  • Mobility issues

I personally don’t have any mobility issues, but my husband does. He uses a rollator walker, and, even though this is not a major mobility issue – it still breaks my heart to see him like this in certain situations.

However, as we still love and support each other after 32 years of marriage, I tried to make things as easy for him as possible, and I know he appreciates this a lot.

Despite the weakness in his knees, he still makes me coffee every morning before I wake up.

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