Blackheads and Pimple in Ear – Causes and Treatment

The blackheads and pimples are the common problems that mainly occur on our face. However, sometimes, they may also appear on ear.

Blackhead appears to be flat unlike pimples. It is caused only in the follicles of hair. It is blocked follicle that gets obstructed with dead skin cell and sebum. On the other hand, pimples can be a kind of infection that perhaps crops up at any place on your skin and then extend to the adjacent tissues. If there is excessive sebum, then there may be the accumulation of the bacteria, and it ultimately leads to the appearance of the pimples.

Now, you can look at the different causes of the formation of the ear pimples, such as:

Poor hygiene level

The foremost cause that possibly leads to pimples in ear is poor personal sanitation. This may occur, when you touch your ear with the unclean hands or with filthy cell phones and earphones. Moreover, low quality hair care items, grubby hair and rubbing ears using pin or nails may also give rise to the ear pimples.

Such poor hygiene often brings in bacteria, which needs good grounds for breeding. The dust may also block the pores of your ear, and cause the pimples.

In order to remove the pimples of ears because of hygiene, make sure that you have cleaned your ears (with the special pads) and washed the ears after bath. You should also ensure that the hair remain cleans because it may cause the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Always wipe up the earphones and handsets and punch the pillows on a regular basis. 

Hot and cool weather

Summer season may cause pimples on the ears. High humidity and the extreme level of heat often boost the production of sebum, and so, it may also cause acne on the skin.

Alternatively, the chilly weather during winter season in the outdoor area and the indoor heating may lead to the dryness of skin. While your skin turns out to be very dry in quality, you may suffer from pimples on the ears and also some other parts of the body.

Ear pimples caused because of occlusive garments or helmets

Putting on a helmet and an outfit, which catches moisture, may also lock in moisture in the part, adjacent to your ears, and it creates an environment that is suitable for the development of bacteria. It is observed that while bacteria get trapped in the pores of skin, it may cause acne or ear pimples.

Ingrown pimple

When hair becomes locked under the skin of ear, it may cause an aching ear pimple, that is, a throbbing infected and irritated ear pimple.  The pimple often remains filled with pus, and it looks red. This kind of the issue is very common to all those individuals, whose ear hair is very thick. These people should recognize the way of the right removal of hair from ears.

In order to get rid of the trouble, take out ingrown hair. Allow the hair strands to develop through blockage. Moreover, contaminated ingrown ear pimple may be cured with the use of some antibiotic creams two times every day. Thus, apply the creams and also learn the proper shaving practices. Then, clean the concerned part, using an antiseptic soap or cleanser at least twice daily.

Similarly, the probability of the appearance of the blackheads may also be increased, due to some reasons, like:

  • Extreme production of oil in skin
  • Presence of propionibacterium acne or spots on ears
  • Irritation of hair follicle particularly while the dull skin hasn’t shed off properly
  • Hormonal modifications particularly at the time menstruation, at the time of consuming birth control medications
  • The application of some drugs, mainly lithium, androgens or corticosteroids may amplify ear blackheads

Again, pimples may be of various types:

Blind pimple

Your ears may get affected with this type of the pimples that Ears can also be affected by blind pimple which are very puffy, tender, reddened and much painful with no clogged bump. This kind of the pimple may be pink, purple, brown or red in color. Moreover, it is very often caused because of the face care solutions, stress, diet, hormonal alterations and extra sebum creation.

While you experience blind pimple, you must try to keep away from picking or popping it because it may become more aching and create blemish, while it ruptures. Try to apply anti-acne serums with one to two percent salicylic acid.

Cystic acne pimple

It is seen inside one’s ear. The main cause of this pimple is, in fact, same as that of the above stated pimple. The notable difference, here, is that this occurs while the infection reaches to the deep level of the skin, and creates a red, swelling bump, which has pus.

For this condition, the treatment may be done with the use of the gels and oral antibiotics, which lessen the irritation and manage bacteria.

Ear canal – another part of the appearance of pimple

The pimples can be caused in the ear ducts.  While you suffer from the big sized ear canal pimples, you may have the problem of hearing. Moreover, pimple in your ear duct may be highly painful, and radiates the ache to the neck and jaw parts.

Be very cautious, while you like to burst pimple in the internal ear because this is a flimsy portion of the ear. You may harm delicate area of the core ear. Do not stick any hard thing into the ears for popping the pimples. If there is a serious symptom, you can consult a doctor.

The pimples can be at different parts of your ear.

Pimple at the back of ears

Pimple in the rear part of ears may occur due to any of the above reasons. These pimples may be large or small, painful or painless and also swollen. While they are seen on the scalp at the back of ears, they can be called as scalp pimples.

However, at times, you may have lumps instead of the pimple. Common reasons behind the lumps on ears are dermatitis, abscess, cancer and sebaceous cysts, infection in throat and many more.

Pimple on your ear lobe

You may have the pimples on the lobes of ear. As the pores remain very small, they may be clogged easily, and the pimple occurs on the ear lobe.

Such pimples may be at the rear and front side of the ear lobe. Treatment may be based on the main cause and whether you need to burst the earlobe zits. You should recognize how to accomplish it properly.

Treatment of your blackheads

The ear zits, blackheads or pimples that are really blocked ear holes may make the ears look unclean and also make those pores much visible. When you are suffering from them, there are some ways to remove them with the use of a tool. Though they can become clear naturally, they may also be the source of the serious infection.

Try an extractor tool

While you like to remove all the blackheads of ear very fast, you may think of utilizing tool- blackhead extractor. It is such a tool, which is very effective, works faster and also leads to the lesser damage to the skin. But, contact with a professional, who can assist you because you may not be capable of seeing your own ear properly.


When the ear blackheads or pimples turn out to be very serious, microdermabrasion may be suggested by the experts. Here, the skin is polished with coarse surface in order to get rid of the block, which is perhaps leading to the problem. This is very fast technique, which may offer instant outcome.

But, when the blackheads remain in the interior part of ear duct, you have to allow the specialists to scrap the ears, using specific microdermabrasion stick.

Over the counter medicine

You may go for the different OCT medicines, which consist of the components, like resorcinol and benzoyl peroxide in order to deal with the excessive oil, destroy the bacteria or promote the shedding of dead skin cells.

Some experts recommend that you must apply a retinol on the affected part, using a cotton-made swap with the mild circular motions. This retinol may stop the accumulation of dead cells in the pores, and in turn, it can avert the blackheads or zits.

The ear zits, blackheads or pimples that are really blocked ear holes may make the ears look unclean and also make those pores much visible. When you are suffering from them, there are some ways to remove them with the use of a tool. Though they can become clear naturally, they may also be the source of the serious infection.

Prescribed medicine

There is a different treatment that you can try, and it is the prescription standard vitamin A that contains medications in order to prevent the bungs.

Thus, these are the ways through which you may be able to prevent the blackheads of your ear. Besides, you can also talk to the doctors, if the condition of the pimples or blackheads is in very serious condition.