Itchy and Red Bumps on Elbows – Causes and Treatment

Bumps, pimples and bruises are some skin problems, which are very common to most of us. However, it is mainly during the summer season, when we have a higher chance of experiencing bumps and rashes, which often become irritating. Though these skin problems may occur on any area, they are likely to occur more on elbows.

Red or white bumps on elbows are of different kinds, and they may have some symptoms along with the relevant treatment process. The size of elbow bumps may also vary.

In fact, some bumps are so small that they look as only skin rash. Be careful to avoid any mistake. Try to look at your issues very closely in order that you may find that there are number of bumps, clustered in one place. Though there are home remedies for few bumps, you may need medical care in many cases. Appearance of bumps is not much common; however, it may turn out no matter what your age or sex is.

Causes for which you have elbow bumps

Scabies on skin causing bumps

Scabies is referred to as a kind of disorder, which is caused with some small bugs that nestle beneath your skin. Sometimes, you perhaps wear tight fitted clothes, and your elbows get the most stress. Elbows are found to be very common areas, where scabies may occur. In fact, the bugs are the responsible to bring about itchy bumps, which are generally red in colour. Such condition seems to be much infectious as spreads very fast with contact.

Elbow bumps due to eczema

Eczema is also called as Atopicdemartitis, and you know that it’s a red coloured itchy rash. Though it may appear on any part of your body, it is generally common on elbow portion. There may be a change of color on your elbows permanently, and after a few years, the skin becomes thick and dry in nature. This condition is potential, if you have an allergy to gluten. In adults and in children of more than five years, the swollen bumps generally emerge on the interior part of elbows.

Eczema is irritating because of the severe itching it produces. You may try to scratch the area, and as a result, bleeding may start. Although its causes are now yet known, the experts think the following ones to be the possible factors:

  • Genetics
  • Environmental condition
  • Some activities to which the skin is sensitive
  • Skin problems that allow the germs to enter

Bites of mosquitoes

When some harmful mosquitoes bite into your skin, there may be scratchy bumps. For sucking your body fluid, the mosquitoes generally put in proboscis to reach the skin’s deeper layer. Then, it uses its saliva in order to keep away from blood coagulation. The immune system of body gives response to the saliva of insect; as a result, it causes itchy little bumps on elbows. It continues for about two days. However, no healing process is required for these bumps.

Poison ivy

If you have touched any of the parts of this plant, there may be itchy reaction. Generally, anti-itch drugs cure this problem, but if it continues, you have to contact a dermatologist. While you experience uncomfortable red elbow bumps, a home-based solution may be used by blending baking soda and water. Besides, you may also apply pieces of ice on your scratchy area.

Issues in immune system

When this system becomes weak or unbalanced, cells of your skin may become damaged. Reddish bumps also appear on your elbow skin, and this syndrome is referred to as psoriasis.

However, the good fact is it that it is not much infectious. There are several people, who hold the gene of psoriasis, and it is in winter, the disease may turn up. Elbow injury and strep throat are other factors, which may trigger your irritating condition. You can have proper medicines (based on lithium) in order to cure psoriasis. Psoriasis generally turns out to be worse at the initial phases of your disorder. However, after that, the condition may become better with the right treatment.

Exposure to sun

Due to exposure to sun, small sized bumps often come out in various parts of your body, including elbows. They may also be traced in the parts, like chest, stomach or legs as these parts remain in contact with UV rays for a much longer period.

Such rashes on your skin may also be called as tan bed eruption that may grow just after your tanning. These rashes are red and may appear as swellings. Their look is like heat rash, and the eruption may be aching in some cases.

It is to be remembered that people with very lighter skin tone has more tendency to have scratchy red elbow bumps. It can also be seen on the parts, where your skin gets creased naturally. Moreover, if you have applied the tanning cream, and has an allergic reaction to it, you may have bumps.

Elbow rash – A warning of cancer

Bone cancer may emerge in a variety of ways, on the basis of cancer size and body parts. Common signs in this case are swelling and tenderness.

The part that is surrounding your bone cancer is usually aching. And it is at night, when the painful condition becomes worse. While the lump is adjacent to any nerve, the pain may spread in various places. Again, when the formation of cancer is near your elbow, you may have a bump close to elbow line. Thus, talk to your doctor to know if this is something dangerous or normal.

Bursa irritation

This is a kind of inflammation on your elbow, and is commonly called as bursitis. In some of the instances, a heavy blow may harm your bursa. Generally, blood starts flowing from your bursa sac as the channels inside bursa tissues get distorted. As a result, your bursa may become full of water and bulge like a balloon.

The inflammatory condition is caused because of blood; at the same time, bursa walls can become clotted and painful after the absorption of blood by the body. Such puffy condition of your bursa sac may be called as- olecranon bursitis.

Bursa may also get attacked with infection, and it usually happens with no alarm. It is also caused after minor wounds and skin infection. At this situation, your bursa may get stocked with pus.

Elbow bumps due to parched skin

Many of us have a problem of dry rough skin, and some red spots may appear because of dryness. Such spots obviously give you quite itchy feelings. The parts, which are usually affected, are elbows, abdomen, soles and ankles. Since the dryness of skin turns into a more serious condition, you may experience fissures and cracks.

Injury – Another cause of elbow lump

A bump is always an unusual condition that appears on an area near elbow or on your elbow joint. Elbow bumps may come out on your skin, if you have previously some severe injury on that place.

These bumps are caused because of swelling, improper treatment of any fractured bone and the growth of skin. Inflammation on your elbow may be the effect of bursitis, tendinitis and strains. The bumps may be either harmless or dangerous.

Dermatitis herpetiformis – for raised bumps

DH is the major cause for which raised bumps are created on your elbows, and it is also known as Duhring syndrome.

Intolerance or allergy to gluten is obviously the potential cause, for which, this kind of disorder turns up. DH has, however, hereditary feature, and this is identified mainly by the patchy, raised bumps. If you want to scratch it, the colour becomes purple. It is a condition that may not stop and can also reappear on buttocks and elbows. At the same time, intestinal injury also comes up.

There is a special treatment available for it, and this is generally done with the help of dapsone. However, immunosuppressive drugs are also recommended for some patients.

Are all the bumps cause itchiness?

All the bumps on elbows and knees may not be itchy. Granuloma annulare is one of the possible causes of such bumps. Due to this condition, the surface of your skin becomes red, and there are circular rings, which may appear on it.

This type of bumps is likely to happen mainly on the joints, while the emerging rings stay at the mid portion. The rear part of your hands and also your fingers may get affected. However, such condition arises mainly in your ankle and foot.

Very often, this problem is seen in case of teenagers and children (mainly girls). The major reason behind granuloma annulare has not been clear now. But, you may remain free of tension because it gradually fades away within some few months. There is, however, a chance of recurrence of such condition.

Generally, medications are not needed for this syndrome. If you are too much concerned on the beauty of your skin, then it is better to use steroid ointments, which may alleviate all the lumps. Besides, you may also try Cryotherapy. And while you go to physicians, they may inject steroids to your body. Moreover, some light drugs, recommended by doctors may also be applied.

Some effective and simple ways for avoiding elbow bumps

Banana skin is very useful for curing your elbow bumps

Take one banana skin, and then rub it on your elbow bumps. Move the peel in some circular way in order to decrease the desiccation on your skin. According to the researchers, bananas have lots of vitamin C that may assist you in the treatment. There is scientific evidence that this skin consists of antibiotic and antifungal components.

Do exfoliation on a regular basis

Keratosis pilaris is one of the conditions, when bumps occur, and for curing it, you may exfoliate daily. Though the condition is not much risky, you may need to get concerned on it. The texture of your skin on your elbows may get affected with this disease. In addition to elbows, thighs may also have an effect.

In this context, it is to be said that keratin is one of the varieties of protein, used to develop perfect hair and skin. It may also grow in the pores, and lead to bumps. Do the process of exfoliation in a very gentle way so that it helps you in softening your skin. Besides, some lotion (that has lactic acid) may also decrease the distress on your skin.

Apply milk or other moisturizing lotion

To get a soothing sensation, milk is the best option. Besides, petroleum-based gels and moisturizing solutions are perfect for skin issues. It is better to apply it for almost two times every day.

Some other options, relevant in this case, are the lotions with hydroxy acids and urea. So, resist your bumps by using these lotions. Besides, the oil, extracted from jojoba, can also be applied on the dry skin of elbows. Moisturizers work best for your condition.

When the above home remedies do not seem to be helpful for you, it is essential to talk to a doctor. From the above brief discussion, you can perhaps understand that elbows are one of the common areas, where you may have bumps. Whenever you find any scales and irritation on the skin, you must try to heal it. Do not overlook the condition. Or else, it may become serious in few cases.