Period Twice in One Month – Is It Normal?

Menstrual cycles of all women are intimately related to reproductive organs and other health-related aspects. When periods occur on every month at the right time, there is nothing to be concerned.

But, the problems come up, while you’ve periods twice or more than that. At this situation, you are likely to ask one common question – Are the multiple periods within one month normal? Before knowing about whether there is any risk, you must learn about the menstrual cycle.

Menstruation and some related facts

The duration of menstrual series generally covers twenty eight days.  It is determined from initial date of menstruation to the first date of subsequent cycle.

But, it is only in case of 15 percent women, you may find standard cycle, i.e., twenty eight days. Some other basic facts about menstruation should be known to you:

  • Menstruation series for teens and adults generally covers forty five days, though this time period gets shortened in due course.
  • When your age is between twenty five and thirty, your cycle may become most regular
  • If the age is about forty or forty two years, many may face irregularity.

Many experts have proved that it is quite normal to experience two periods within thirty days. But, a particular cycle may be for thirty five or twenty one days. There are some chances of having period two times in a month, while you’ve a series of twenty one days. Many women experience almost thirteen periods yearly, and it means that 2 periods are possible at least in a specific month.

The term- normal menstruation, in fact, is not same for all women. For instance, the length of your menstrual cycle may be same or different on each month. On the other hand, some women have normal or painful periods.

Are you a teenage? Then irregularity is normal

As we talk about menstruation, irregularity denotes that you have multiple periods on single month or experience periods after interval of few months.

However, in due course, your body is likely to get accustomed to all the modifications. After some years of your initial menstruation, everything may become normal.

When you must be serious about irregular periods?

Generally, you may need to consult a doctor, if the gap between you two periods is quite limited. In many of the cases, these frequent periods are not risky thing. But, when it reaches the extreme point, you have to take action for diagnosis. It may help you to keep away from severe problems, including anaemia. In a few instances, the sex-related disorders and blood coagulation issues also cause huge amount of bleeding and irregularity in periods.

The disorders for which you have periods multiple times

There are different causes of menstruation for multiple times within one month. For instance, if the amount of progesterone and estrogengets destroyed, then you may have irregular periods. Such condition is common, when you have reached the phase of menopause or is at the point of puberty. At these times, your body attempts to get accustomed to the major alteration that it is undergoing.

But, there are some other reasons that lead to metrorrhagia. Periods may be disturbed due to loss of weight and anorexia nervosa.

Besides, there are some exceptional cases, in which, you may have heavy bleeding consistently with the interval of 2 weeks. These are usually caused because of some abnormalities in your uterine.

However, they are not much risky. For some of the rare cases, your unusual bleeding is associated with some kind of cancer. So, you have to discuss with doctors, while you have any such problem.

Pelvic inflammatory disorder, which is a kind of infectivity, may also cause abnormal menstruation. In addition to it, some other potential causes of periods at odd time are-

  • Failure of your ovary – This is a malfunctioning issue of the ovary. In this condition, the usual function of ovary may get damaged before you have reached the age of forty years.
  • Thyroid issues – The lining of your uterus may become thicker, and so you may experience bleeding as well as multiple periods.
  • Mental pressure – Many of you have personal concerns about financial matters and careers. It may also affect on menstruation cycle for short periods.

Though these possible causes, you must speak to physicians to identify the condition, which is relevant to your problem.

Some options for solving your menstruationrelated problems

Do not get worried about menstruation twice in a particular month. There are some simple solutions with which you may regulate the cycle on every month:

  • Try to consume vitamin rich foods – Obviously, most of green veggies and fresh fruits have iron and vitamins. They are best for your controlling your irregular periods. Due to extreme bleeding, as you loss iron, these plant products are much useful.
  • Maintain proper hydration of your body- Intake of enough water may be helpful to you to stay fit after considerable bleeding.
  • Regular light workout is good- You may do exercise every day, and in your exercise routine, you can include walking and yoga as the good options. It can not only maintain periods but also reduces your tension.
  • Look for some natural supplements- For many diseases, we prefer herbal solutions, and in case of menstruation also, aloe vera or ginger may act as healing alternatives.
  • Note down the date of your period- You may better write down the dates, on which you are having periods on every month. It may easily warn you if you are experiencing irregularity in your menstruation cycle.

It can be concluded that women with the ongoing problems of more than one period must take medicines. If the same condition continues for about 3 months, you should contact a doctor.

Though all the advices of doctors have to be considered, you must also follow the above stated instructions. Some problems in menstruation are related to issues of reproductive system, and so, a physician’s recommendation is always essential.