Pressure Points for Migraines

As most of us experience stress due to our everyday busy life, headaches have become a very common problem to us, and to alleviate it, we often go for painkillers.

But, the situation turns out to be more distressing, while we have migraines because the pain in migraines can continue for about a number of days. Lots of people are affected with migraines and headaches.

Possible causes that lead to migraines

You perhaps want to know about the possible causes of migraines; however, till now, no clear proof is found. Some experts think that genetics as well as environmental factors may cause significant impact that leads to migraines.

On the other hand, there are also studies, which ensure that an alteration in brainstem may also result in migraines. In the same way, an imbalance, caused in the chemicals (serotonin) of brain is also perhaps the relevant cause of your migraines. The level of serotonin generally gets decreased while having a migraine attack.

Although no strong information on the cause behind migraines is noticed, there are some recognized triggers that you need to avert. You will have migraines while there is a hormonal modification during pregnancy or menopause.

Other general triggers comprise alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks and food additives. Besides, some medications (vasodilators) and stress may also activate an attack of migraine.

Acupressure and the pressure points

Nowadays, to cure migraines or severe headaches, many people choose acupressure rather than going for medications. Acupressure points are much helpful to relieve the pain. Acupressure is one of the traditional healing processes, originated first in China. Most of the irritations and pains are caused due to vascular imbalance and excessive muscle stress, and thus, they may be treated efficiently with reflexology and acupressure as the pressure points of different parts of the body may be activated with slight pressure.

Now, we’ll discuss about the pressure points, which are related to the treatment of migraines. The points are sited in a variety of parts of your body, and these include-

Forehead part – Every pressure point on your forehead may be referred to as yang pints, which have lots of energy, generating from your face and head to run downward direction.

Third Eye Point – It is such a point, which is placed between your eyebrows, wherein the forehead meets the nose. Application of pressure or stress on this part assists in developing concentration, reducing eye sprain, ulcer pains and headaches. Give pressure just for one minute and shift to the subsequent point on your body.

Bright Light – It is another point, found in an internal spot of eyes below the brows. Use of pressure on these areas may work superbly in decreasing sinus headaches as well as the symptoms of allergy. Besides, it also allows the improvement of vision.

Internal points of eyebrows

By means of the fingertips of central fingers or index, you may use hard pressure on a part, i.e., at the interior part of eyebrow.

According to the experts, firm pressure has to be given on the zones, and fingertips have to be in motion in a circular way. In fact, holding and pressing warns may persuade a spasm.

Temple portion

In this region, you can find a series of points, which twist around your ear. All the points need to be functioned at the same time for successful outcomes. Experts say that in most of the cases pressure point treatment is started from the temple area.

You need to exercise your thumbs in order to softly manipulate the temples. Simple light pressure must be utilized. The intention of such massage is, in fact, to give relaxation to the migraine patient. These massages may be accomplished by any person for twenty to sixty seconds.

Pressure points on your face area

Welcome Fragrance – These are such points which are positioned near the nostril. The use of stress on the points leads to the opening of the sinuses as well as the reduction of headaches.

Neck portion

Wind Pool – It is a point that is traced at the rear part of your head; in other words, this point is intermediate between spine and ear. The application of pressure on this point leads to the release of nasal obstruction and lessening of sting in ears, eyes, throat and migraines. Moreover, this pressure point is also known as the wind mansion.

Shoulder Well – You may find this pressure point at a place, which is between your neck’s base and your shoulder. The application of pressure with finger on the point causes the decrease of firmness of shoulders and neck. In addition to it, you may also heal some diseases, such as, spasms and asthma.

Heaven’s Pillar – The neck zone also includes this pressure point, which is sited just two inches below your skull’s base. The use of pressure at the spot leads to the ease of aching at relieving at the base part of head. The interesting fact is that the treatment of this pressure point may give you relief from cough.


The acupressure point on your hand is termed as Union Valley, and it is situated in the mesh of your index finger and thumb. The treatment of this points leads to the lessening of backache, frontal head pains, toothache and tension on the neck.


On the foot, there are a few pressure points to heal migraines by providing some stimulation to give relief.

Bigger Rushing

You may get this acupressure point, which enables you in controlling the migraines in a better way. This is traced out just on the foot- an area between the second and big toe.

While you use stress at the point, it is possible to have relief from headaches, arthritis, eye exhaustion and foot cramps.

Above Tears

It is also a different point that you may find one inch above the web of 4th and 5th toes. Motivate the point in order to reduce headaches, retention of water, sciatica, hip pain, arthritic aching and tension in the shoulder.

It may be concluded that headaches or migraines can be a very common issue, but, it never means that you may neglect it without any concern.

However, rather than taking pills and medicine, you may better attempt to know something about acupressure or reflexology areas. And then wait to find the result. Try out with different pressure points that are suitable for your purpose as definite pressure points act more efficiently for a definite kind of headaches. Some of the points may give powerful effects whereas others may take much time. Thus, have a trial with every pressure point in order to recognize the points that are perfect for you.