12 Amazing Health Benefits of Golden Turmeric Milk + Recipe

Many of the devoted drinkers of tea end their everyday busy schedules, simply by having some warm golden milk. This is a very soothing drink and it can better be taken before going to bed. Some others also want to enjoy this drink in every morning.

But, what this golden milk is. In fact, this is a blend of milk with turmeric spice. The milk can be coconut milk or any other milk, according to your preference. Turmeric is recognized mainly for its application in most of the dishes; however, this has gained its popularity as the powerful medicinal item.

Milk and turmeric possess some natural antibiotic features. If you can include the two effective natural components in the daily diet, it can avert infections and lots of diseases. While turmeric is blended with milk, it may be extremely advantageous for some health issues. In other words, it is one of the powerful remedy for fighting harmful environmental toxins or detrimental microorganisms.

Diseases that can be cured with milk turmeric mixture:

Respiratory disorders

Turmeric, combined with milk, can act as antimicrobial component, and it can prevent all the bacterial or the viral infections. This is much effective in curing the ailments, which are associated with your respiratory organs, as the spice can give heat to the body, besides giving a fast relief from congestion in lung or sinuses. It can also be an efficient remedy for curing bronchitis and asthma.

Cancer prevention

The blend of the turmeric and milk can also stop or prevent the development of cancer in any body part, like the colon, skin, breast, and lung and prostate, because this possesses some anti-inflammatory characteristics. It does not allow cancer cell to destruct the DNA. At the same time, it also lessens the negative effects, related to chemotherapy. Thus, the health benefits of golden turmeric milk are amazing.

Anti-Inflammatory function

The golden turmeric milk can also act as anti-inflammatory item. It may protect or stop the growth of stomach ulcers and arthritis. This drink can also be considered as the natural aspirin, mainly in the field of Ayurveda. It may treat headaches, pain and swelling.

Cough and cold

Cough and cold treating with TurmericMany people have the tendency to suffer from cough and cold very often. In that case, turmeric milk may be the most excellent remedy that they can get at their home. Because of the antibacterial and antiviral properties, this milk has the ability to offer immediate relief to your cough or sore throat.


Milk with golden turmeric may also be applied to healing arthritis as well as treating the swelling that results because of rheumatoid arthritis. This drink, in fact, enables you to make your muscles and joints more flexible with the reduction of your aching.

Pains in other body parts

Golden turmeric milk offers an incredible good result to get rid of pains and aches. It is also competent to support joints and the spine of your body.


Turmeric milk is an excellent source of antioxidants that fight free radicals. It can cure many ailments.

Natural purifier of blood

In the Ayurvedic domain, the golden milk may also be referred to the outstanding cleanser or purifier of blood. This may also refresh and improve the circulation of blood in your body.  This also acts as blood thinner as it can purify your lymphatic structure as well as your vessels to remove any impurity.

Detoxification of liver

Turmeric milk may also work as the best detoxifier of your liver. As a result, it can also improve the function of your liver, by strengthening your liver.

Health of the bones

Health of the bones with Turmeric milkTurmeric milk can be the best source, from where you can have calcium. It is important for keeping the bones strong and fit.  There are some sportspersons, who drinks such milk on a daily basis to have excellent health of the bones. Turmeric milk reduces the loss of bone or osteoporosis.

Stop the digestion problem

This golden milk is one of the effective antiseptics, and it can enhance the intestinal condition. It can cure the colitis and stomach ulcers. Besides, the drink may also assist in improved digestion and avoiding indigestion or diarrhea.

Prevents menstrual pains

Turmeric milk has an important role in acting as the antispasmodic element. It can alleviate menstrual pain and cramps.   The women, who are pregnant, must drink turmeric milk to complete the delivery very easily. Besides, the drink may also be best for having better lactation, as well as quick tightening of ovaries.

Remove Skin Redness and rash

Take a bath with turmeric milk to have soft, flexible or radiant skin. You have to wet a cotton cloth in golden turmeric milk. Then, apply this for fifteen minutes on the area that is affected. It can lessen the redness of skin as well as discolored patches. The golden milk may make your skin quite healthier than before.

Loss of weight

It is another benefit from turmeric milk as this milk can break down fat of your diets. In this way, it is useful to control your weight.


The hot turmeric milk generates tryptophan or amino acid. Thus, you can have a blissful and peaceful sleep.

Recipe for healing skin problems and other diseases

Golden Turmeric Milk RecipeAs the turmeric milk can give lots of positive results without the side effects, you obviously want to know the way of preparing it. The recipe of turmeric milk is very simple. A turmeric piece of about one or half inch is to be heated for about fifteen minutes. Mix the milk (8 ounces) until this liquid is boiled. Sip the mixture after letting to get cooled down for some minutes. The simple formula may relieve diarrhea, inflammation (find milk with no fat), support the bones or remove free radicals.

To have a wash or a mask, take one forth cup of milk to add half teaspoon turmeric powder. Then, use a clean cloth; immerse it in the blended milk and use on affected part of the skin. Wait for ten minutes prior to washing it off.

Turmeric milk recipe for curing cough

For this formula, you need to have half teaspoon turmeric powder along with one spoon ginger and water. Blend them properly. Boil or microwave this mixture for some minutes until your milk gets heated. Leave this mixture to help in combining the ingredients. To it, you may pour jaggery, honey or sugar for having the right taste. Re-heat this for some minutes. Twist this mixture in order to remove the turmeric and ginger pieces. If you wish, you may also add some peppercorns with ginger and turmeric. Peppercorns may help in improving the assimilation of turmeric.

To have a bit different taste to this turmeric milk, you can have some more additions. For this, the inclusion of some cardamom pods along with some saffron to mixture of water and milk prior to boiling.

A further variant of the golden milk formula is to relieve you cough. Get some milk and put sugar for having good taste. Then, heat this for a few minutes. Mix some carom seeds and re-heat it until it becomes chocolate colored.

Prepare a paste

There is another tasty formula of milk and turmeric. It is a turmeric paste, which you can preserve in your refrigerator for one month.

Thus, to prepare this turmeric paste, you have to find best quality powder of turmeric ((¼ cup) along with water (½ cup). Blend both of these items and heat it until it takes the forms of some paste.

While the mixture becomes very dry, you need to pour some more water. Switch off your oven and allow the mixture to cool prior to pouring this into a glass jug. Store it in the refrigerator.

In order to prepare some organic turmeric milk, you can take one spoon of this turmeric paste that you have prepared and mix with milk. You may have the milk of goat, coconut, cow, almond, soy milk or some other kind of milk. Then, allow the mixture to be boiled. Some maple syrup or honey can also be tasted. Besides these, you may add some almond oil. And now, the turmeric milk mixture is completely ready to be served.

Precautions for consuming turmeric

It is always better to remember some precautionary measures before having the turmeric milk. Pregnant women should not make use of the turmeric, because turmeric is anti-inflammatory component and may lead to the ulcers in stomach.

Generally, the turmeric, used in cooked food, can be safe. But, as it works as the thinner of blood, it should not be consumed by those persons, who are going to go through a surgical treatment. They must not take turmeric in any form. They have to be stopped some weeks before surgical procedure. Turmeric may have reaction with diabetic pills.

So, prepare the turmeric milk if you do not have diabetes or any other stated problems. This is the best remedy at your home and thus, you can quickly prepare it at any time.