Queen of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

The Queen is the equally proud and empathetic ruler of the Fire Kingdom in the Tarot Card world. On a magnificent golden throne adorned with lions and sunflowers she sits opposite you on her card, the regent in the realm of willpower. Dressed in gold and silver, of course with a crown on her head.

However, the lady looks a bit arrogant, because she does not pay any attention to you. Instead, she looks sideways into the distance. Before we do her wrong: Maybe she has discovered something in her realm that worries her and what she needs to take care of? She is ultimately responsible for the welfare of her subjects.

In her right hand the queen holds the green wand of her dominion, in the left a sunflower. The sunflower is a sign of their love of nature and joie de vivre, but also a symbol of the zodiac Leo, which, astrologically speaking, rules the midsummer when these flowers bloom. In addition, the golden lions on the armrests confirm the strength and determination of the Queen.

In front of the throne, at the feet of the regent, sits a little black cat. Black cats have always been well-known witches’ wives, right? In fact, some magic is already in play here. “The Queen of Wands” is a master at harnessing the secret powers of the subconscious mind, intuition and intuition for the benefit of all.

General meaning:

On the Tarot card the Queen of Wands there is a woman sitting on a lion-head decorated throne. The savvy Tarot card reader, or the Tarot card fortuneteller once again recognizes the fiery temperament of the Wannd series on these symbologies.

The dress of the Queen of Wands seems to be woven of sunshine, a sign of her life-affirming attitude and the warming healing power of the sun that she embodies. Sovereign she holds her wand in one hand and a sunflower in the other hand. The black cat has long been known as the symbol of protection of witches, it symbolizes supple intelligence and it stands for protection against evil surprises.

As a daily card: If the Tarot image “Queen of Wands” stands for you

Well, you are a very active and attractive, passionate and lively woman who convinces in just about every situation. Everyone knows that – but you know it too? Do not doubt any longer: you are strong! You are sovereign! Or do you still need a role model? Then you will probably encounter a very energetic and dynamic woman who will motivate you to be who you are and to be able to learn a lot about self-confident behavior.

Today is the right day to confidently stand by your wishes and goals. You give yourself combative and know what you want. Use this day to advance your own projects. But watch out for your emotions, you are very spirited, because sometimes the horses can go through with you. But all in all, you meet your fellow human being warmhearted. They enjoy listening to you and appreciate your emotional intelligence

As a Love Card: If the tarot card “Queen of Wands” stands for your partner or your relationship

“The Queen of Wands” embodies an equally strong-willed and emotional personality that does not necessarily have to be a woman. Your partner can also be blessed with these beautiful human qualities. It’s probable that you are wearing the pants in your relationships. Simply because you are more in control, more determined and dynamic. But that does not matter to him, he likes to entrust himself to your gentle, loving guidance.

In Tarot, the Wand stands for the spheres of life occupation, career and talents. They symbolize our creative energies and are assigned to the element of fire. The queen can also stand for a specific person in the Tarot interpretation. However, this does not always have to be the case.

Importance of the Card

The tarot card Queen of Wands can stand for a person in our environment or for ourselves. It symbolizes the female side of the fire element and indicates character traits such as warmth, passion, independence, willpower and compassion. We have an inner strength and pride.

The queen of Wands is committed to her goals and fellow human beings and does not hesitate to get involved actively and actively where help is needed. We have a good intuition for situations and people and can be a good support to others. Our business sense is distinctive and brings us material benefits.

Even a queen of the Wands has its dark side. If this is drawn, we tend to respond dramatically and to impose our will on our fellow human beings. We give ourselves egocentric, self-loving and vain.

In love, the Queen of Wands stands for a phase in which we know what we want. We want to live our dreams and work hard to realize them. We give our family strength and keep the community together. We are passionate and live out our sexuality self-confidently.

Meaning for job

In the professional field, we can activate our entrepreneurial skills. We are astute and recognize a good business idea immediately. The Queen of Wands is the card of self-employment and freelance activity. We are ready to work independently and enjoy being our own boss.

Queen of Wands presents emotionally mature woman. It has the exceptional ability to balance feelings and logic. Nevertheless, it has very intense emotions. She always “loves to the end”. Of utmost importance are her home and family. She or he has strong beliefs and attitudes, but also has an understanding of others’ attitudes. She is a visionary and when she wants something, she can not hide anything from the path to the goal. It is very realistic and is committed to its beliefs regardless of the consequences. Often it happens that she chooses to do what she loves, even though she is much less paid than the jobs she offers, but she does not care.

The Queen of Wands likes to be surrounded by people who are in some way dependent on her. People are considered trusted and confident. She is very loyal and faithful as wife and parent. She is communicative and generally hangs out with women. The family environment is very important to her. You like to spend time decorating the home and buying things that make it feminine, but also safe. It is equally capable of silencing what is mournful and fully expressing its feelings. He likes to meditate and wants to connect with something he considers to be higher than himself. She is often interested in spiritual and religion.

The negative side of Queen of Wands card is disloyalty and pre-ambition. Its excessive energy can sometimes be turned into anger and scandal. It happens that she completely “eats” her huge ego. It can be stubborn, educated and intolerant for others’ attitudes.

Upright Position

Queen of Wands is as ambitious as her “couple”, King of Wands. It represens energy, ambition and communication. This woman is capable of many things, but she tries to maintain a balance and work equally as much as her family. Independence is very important to her. Usually he is in the center of attention and wins others with his charm. When this card appears in the opening, it usually represents a balanced, mature woman who can offer you useful advice.

If you have asked a question about a job, this card refers to your energy and motivation. In that case you can expect a successful outcome of your venture. Focusing on what you do will easily separate you from the masses and you can expect praise for a well-done job. It is possible that you are in a period when you have a lot of new ideas and a lot of enthusiasm to put them into action. Now is the time for action.

In love matters, the Queen of Wands indicates that your relationship is in a very solid state and that you are quite happy. If you are alone, this card is a sign of new experiences, getting to know new people and probably a new beginning. The link that this card predicts will surely be very passionate. The more open you are, the greater your chance to get to know someone important. If you are already in a relationship, this card indicates that you will improve your relationship.

  • emotionally mature woman
  • business ambitions
  • the ability to do multiple things at once
  • passion
  • recognition for a well-done job
  • good advice from some woman
  • new ideas and creativity
  • competence

Reversed Position Meaning

In a reversed position, the meanings of this card are mainly related to stubbornness and “walking over corpses” in order to achieve the goal. When this card appears in the opening, it can predict the emergence of a dominant and manipulative woman. It can also represent a person who is totally distant from people. In this case, it is usually an indicator that it is precisely the independence of a particular person what is hindering in achieving better relationships with others. You may need to consider where you feel insecure. It is possible to conceal the uncertainty with cruelty and apparent self-confidence.

In love questions, the invisible Queen of Wands can represent a woman who tries to get involved in your relationship. It can also mean that your self-sufficiency prevents you from getting close to (potential) partner. It can often represent a wicked woman.

  • dominant or manipulative woman
  • unselecting funds in order to achieve the goal
  • egocentricity
  • cruelty
  • unbelief

Meaning for Love

This card represents a mature woman who sits. She is wearing a armor with a flaming stick. Her eyesight is straight. Interestingly, the pose of the left hand. It’s like every moment will jump, grab the shield and go to the battle. The dresses on the queen are raised, which means that this woman is independent and that she can deal with men without any problems.

In another tarot, this card is painted with the queen sitting on the throne. The chair is placed in the foothills of the lion, symbolizing the element it represents. The most interesting detail on this card is the black cat sitting in front of the queen. Symbol of witchcraft or interest for occult.

And the queen of Wands, like all other queens, signifies a person, but also a certain quality. In the context of love this is a pretty positive card. This would be the woman’s energy of fire, which would mean a person who is in a position to be in great support. Women presented with this card are warm and hearty. But they are extremely stubborn and independent. No queen can cope with the desire of the queen to stand her own boss. This is someone who is openly advocating for the rights of women.

When a card appears in the opening, it indicates that there will be a lot of happiness on the love plan. With regard to the aforementioned black cat, it is possible that the pie will reach for a small rite or a plant for the purpose of “pushing” the love life in the desired direction. If the question concerns getting to know a new person, the answer is positive. If the wanderer is interested in his wife or mistress, especially if he is born in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius is advised not to enter into excessive discussions with her. These are the women of action, not the story. Too much talk can cause the opposite effect.