Eating Nuts Before Bed – Good or Bad?

We are usually told that we should not eat at night because late-night snacks may disrupt our sleep and have a negative impact on our health.

Also, they can add unnecessary calories to our diet and lead to weight gain. Of course, it is best to consume calories earlier because you will have more time to burn them throughout the day. But, it doesn’t mean that you should not eat at all after 8 p.m. Remember that your body will still work even when you are sleeping. If you are hungry at night, you just need to think smart and to choose the right food as your bedtime snack. If you are a professional athlete or if you work out regularly, there are certain foods that are fine to eat before bed. Eating the right protein at night may help you build muscles when you are sleeping.

Also, eating low-glycemic carbohydrates at night may help you control your blood sugar levels and they may also help you regulate your appetite. These carbohydrates will keep you feel full for a longer period of time, so you will not have hunger pangs during the night. There are some snacks that are good if you eat them at night. These snacks can be cottage cheese, a bowl of cereal, Greek yogurt with flaxseed, an oatmeal, an apple with peanut butter, etc. You can eat them at night without feeling guilty.

But, have you ever eaten nuts before bed? Is it good to eat nuts at night? Just continue reading this article and you will get the answers. If you also love eating nuts, this article will be interesting for you. First we will tell you some basic things about nuts and then we will see whether eating nuts before bed is good or bad for your health.

More about Nuts

Most people love eating nuts but they don’t know much about them. In a botanical sense a nut is a fruit that is composed of a hard shell and a seed. The seeds are generally edible and they are also called nuts. The term “nuts” is commonly used for walnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc. Nuts are used in cooking and they can be eaten raw, roasted or fried.

Sometimes nuts are also pressed for oil and they are used in many cosmetic products. Nuts are rich in nutrients and they are a great source of energy. They are high in calories and fats, so it is not good to eat them in large amounts. But, nuts have a lot of health benefits if you consume them in moderation. Studies have shown that regular consumption of nuts can lower the risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease, as well as many other health issues. But, is it good to eat nuts at night? Just continue reading this article and you will find out.

Is It Good To Eat Nuts Before Bed?

Many people love eating nuts at night while they are watching TV. Do you also love this snack? If you do, then you certainly know that nuts have been traditionally considered as a bad snack. Actually, nuts are high in fat, so they are considered bad option for weight loss. But, recent studies have shown that people who ate almonds every night have lost more weight at 18 months than people who didn’t eat almonds.

Also, people who consumed almonds had great improvements in their cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Many experts still believe that nuts are a bad choice to eat at night, while others consider that may be beneficial. So, we can say that the opinions are divided.

Why Is It Good To Eat Nuts Before Bed?

When you go to sleep, your body will be 6-8 hours without food. During this time your muscles will be in a state of recovery and repair, especially if you are on a strict workout program. In this case almonds and other nuts can be a great bedtime snack for you.

They are a calories dense food that is packed with omega 3 fatty acids and healthy fats which need a lot of time to digest. If you consume nuts about 30 minutes before bedtime, your body will have enough nutrients during the night. It will improve your recovery and growth and it will prevent your body from shutting down throughout the night.

What Kind Of Nuts Should You Eat?

If you decide to eat nuts at night, it is important to purchase the ones that are roasted, smoked or plain. Nuts are especially healthy if you eat them in a raw unroasted form because about 15% of healthy fats are destroyed during the roasting process.

You should avoid fried nuts prepared with vegetable oil. Although nuts are a healthy choice, they may become detrimental if you add to them some sugary or salty toppings or mixes. It is especially recommended to eat almonds before bed, but you can substitute them with walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, pecans or some other type of nuts.


As you have seen in this article, the opinions about eating nuts at night are different. Some experts believe that it is better to choose some other healthy snack at night while others consider that nuts are a great choice. There’s no doubt that nuts are rich in nutrients and very healthy, but if you eat them at night you have to be careful.

Keep in mind that nuts are high in calories and fat and they can lead to weight gain if you eat them late at night. A handful of nuts is more than enough as your bedtime snack. If you work out regularly, nothing bad will happen if you eat nuts at night. Nuts may be beneficial for repairing and recovering your muscles throughout the night. Remember that your body never takes a break and it works hard even during the night. If you consume a handful of nuts every night, you will sleep better and you will reduce the risk of many health issues.

Also, you will be full of energy and your mood will be much better. It is recommended to choose raw unroasted nuts because they are the best choice.

As we have already said, you should avoid adding any sugary or salty toppings to your nuts. We hope you have enjoyed this article and you have learned something you didn’t know before. We are sure that you will include nuts in your diet, but you have to be smart and to eat them in small amounts. Remember that moderation is always the key of good health and enjoy nuts as your healthy bedtime snack.