Page of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Activity, valuable person, imaginative, optimistic, impulsive, lively, animating, stimulating, curious, carefree, enchanting, sometimes not doing business thoroug due to inexperience, unreal, exciting, full of expectations, fun are the general representations of this card.

Message and interpretation of the tarot card

The Tarot card The Page of wands is passionate in nature, by the power it invests in carrying out its will, it is stronger / powerful than the Knight of the Wands. This person is ambitious, unwavering and persistent on the road to his goal. His / her nature contains many defects, and even when it is quite clear that he is defeated, he does not rest with his position.

The Tarot Card The Page of Wands is a skilled speaker and is happy to discuss everything and everyone. He always finds arguments to defend his attitudes, and sometimes it seems that these arguments are merely a philosophical out-of-competition that is far removed from the underlying theme. But the attention of the wands is very intelligent, possesses a magical communication of cunning and charm – these are his main weapons that ensure him victory in many verbal battles.

This person knows how to draw the attention of the person in her surroundings, she at the same time scares them, but also enchants with her fearless and fiery temperament. It has a large amount of erotic charisma, but at the same time it springs from the child’s side, and that’s what people always like. He always has original ideas for all fields of life.

In business, as well as in private life, she definitely wants to be in a position that will enable her to freely express her creativity, who will not stifle her rules, but give her unrestricted freedom.

However, this person has not yet developed the psychic function of feelings that would make her creativity more refined. But, for years, she will calm down a little and become more sophisticated.

The person represented by this tarot card is an independent person from an early age, it should not be encouraged to learn, because itself recognizes that success in education is one of the first life opportunities for self-expression and gaining respect for the environment. Being very passionate, when she finds herself in a conflict, she can be very unpleasant. However, it is always positive and is trying to avoid any tension, so people love it and it is desirable in society.

Meaning for Love

In the tale of the Light of the Soul, this card is painted with a red-haired girl standing on a reddish-brown ground, ready for movement, for action. On her dress there is a torch, a symbol of fire. The card is shown elsewhere by a young man holding a stick in his hand at the top of his watch. Behind him are three pyramids or hills. He wants to go on, he wants to conquer.

The attention of the wands as well as all other attentions are young people or those who are young spirit. Since it is a court card, it signifies specific people, but by itself contains certain qualities. When the attention of the wands is observed in the context of love, it is about people who are inexperienced in this field, girls or boys, anyway. In my experience, this card should be taken into account even when the question was raised by an older or more experienced person because it symbolizes the state of mind of that person or the other person concerned.

This means that the year is not important to a person. He wants to live full lungs, without any restrictions. This so-called cardping symbol symbolizes fear of the unknown, lack of clarity, irresponsibility and neglect. He advises you not to risk too much and to think well before any action. It warns you that due to the fear of the unknown, you miss many of the opportunities offered to you.

A page of wands represents our desire to be young and full of enthusiasm. There is no place for skepticism here. Life is taken as it is. The card represents openness, sincerity, optimism, the desire to meet new people, to see new places and so on. Here we are inspired. In love, we want a new one next to us. The years are not important; it’s only important that a person is not casual and boring. Children’s enthusiasm is strong and easy to manifest.

When a card appears in the opening, it means two things; concrete person or state of mind. Whether one or the other will depend on the context of the issue. For example, if the questioner is interested in knowing a new person, friend or lover anyway, the answer is positive. The person will probably be younger than the question, and in the event that there will not be a young spirit, a little wild and irresponsible. There is no big hope here, because this new person will not want to tie. If the question is about leaving a relationship or marriage, the answer will be positive. The guy will no longer want to endure the partner. He will energically take on himself and the speed of lightning disappear from his or her life.

A page of wands is a complete adventurer. It’s very passionate and energetic. She adores excitement and challenges face boldly and enthusiastically. The sting of the wands is always ready for something new. He quickly fell in love and quickly hesitated. He is a good friend and will be with you whenever you need him. A page of wands is a person who is impulsive by nature. Learning exclusively through your experiences. Everything easily gets bored and so he has a problem to successfully complete his tasks.

Upright Position Meaning

When the Page of Wands appears in the opening, it represents a new chance, news or a new adventure. Since it is related to creativity, the Page of wand can be a new venture. In this period you can easily realize your ideas and plans. You have unlimited potential. Page of wands can also represent a new stage in your life. You can suddenly become very motivated and committed to changing your life completely.

In some cases, Page of Wands may represent competition or challenges, but this will not pose a problem to you. You are fully prepared to stand up and fight with all the challenges. In business matters, you can get an interesting business offer that could prompt you to make a big change in your career. If you have already considered the possibility of some upgrading or retraining, now is the right time to deal with it.

In love matters, the Page of wands represents a passionate and powerful lover. It’s charming, exciting and unpredictable. If you have set up a love question, this card says that there is a passionate relationship at the pier, but it will still be more adventurous than promising something lasting. Still, it will be something that will completely kick you off your feet. Satisfaction is guaranteed, but beware of it, because Page of Wands very quickly loses interest. His curiosity keeps him moving, and it’s hard for him to deal with one person.

  • good news
  • passionate connection
  • new adventure
  • enthusiasm and courage
  • new business chances
  • creative ideas that lead to promising endeavors
  • unlimited potential

Reversed position Meaning

In the opposite position, the Page of Wands is a signal of insufficient focus. Although you have a lot of creative energy, you’re not steering it properly and you’re feeling torn apart. Do not make quick decisions. In some cases, the reverse Page of Wands can talk about lethargy and pessimism. The challenges you face are too difficult for you and you can not get enough courage and energy to deal with them.

The reverse guardian can also be a disturbing news. Communication with others goes pretty rough. Someone who is important to you right now is unfair to you or does not take you seriously. Be careful who you are talking about with confidential things, because you can easily come across a person who will use it against you. In some cases, this card represents gossiping and revealing some unpleasant secrets.

In business matters, the reverse Page of Wand can be a loss of work or a stagnation in a career. The job that worked for you very promising now is scaring you, or you’ve put too much effort into something that has not paid off at all.

In love questions, the reverse of the Page of Wands usually represents a partner who does not want to tie or is dishonest to you. Sometimes this card indicates a painful breakdown.

  • lack of focus
  • inability to direct energy
  • bad news and poor communication with others
  • someone does not take you seriously
  • loss of work or failure of the project
  • a partner who does not want to bind
  • lethargy

Attention symbolizes a life journey and reminds you to enjoy your own life, in its fullness. Lute to the world seeking the truth and harmony. He is energetic, ubiquitous and intelligent. It does not control your instincts, breaks the order and sets traps, but sometimes it helps. With its appearance, it provokes disorder, joy and joy. The appearance of this card advises you to devote your relationship or your own “i” instead of being focused on the material. Indicates a new beginning.

Meaning for Job

At work you will be faced with misunderstanding and disapproval. Make more efforts to refer your associates to your intentions and goals, allow your surroundings to meet you. There will be a younger woman who can be of great help to you.

Meaning for Love

You are not yet ready for a serious relationship with you. Do not marry other people’s comments, if you feel unprofessional then do not enter into your own will. Fun is still in the first place. If you are related, you and your partner will have the will and the desire to work on solving the problem. You will pay off.

Meaning for Finance

The appearance of this card indicates gain and progress. Work for business, invest effort and will definitely pay off.

Meaning for Health

Observe the injury. If you have a health problem, check the physician you are visiting because your competence might be questionable. It is time to improve the quality of life: start healthy eating in general and develop habits of healthy lifestyle.

Spiritual Meaning

You are in the phase of exploring various religious approaches. Your family and friends will have no understanding for your wandering, but do not let this dumb. Show everyone not to give up easy just about everything.

Card facing upside down

This so-called cardping symbol symbolizes fear of the unknown, lack of clarity, irresponsibility and neglect. He advises you not to risk too much and to think well before any action. It warns you that due to the fear of the unknown, you miss many of the opportunities offered to you.