Coconut Oil for Cats and Dogs

The newest trend in the healthcare field is the use of coconut oil that is proven to be very beneficial to our body, as the oil can help in weight reduction and improvement of the immune system. Besides, this oil is antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Some researches reveal that application of coconut extracted oil can help kill virus and bacteria and also cure atopic dermatitis of the skin. And the oil also works as the best moisturizer.

However, can coconut oil be effective for treating diseases of the animals? There are some evidences, which support coconut oil for any creature like dogs and cats.

Coconut Oil – Benefits of Using for Cats and Dogs

Healing the allergy of skin – One of the common reasons for which coconut oil can be used for pets is the allergy on skin.  Some pet owners have reported that their small pets have no itchy feeling after its use for a number of weeks. If the pet suffers from regular allergies, you can keep away the allergens from skin. It can lessen the discomfort.  Using a thin coconut oil layer to the coat of layer after the bathe may prevent allergens.

As the moisturizer to cure dry skin – For this, you have to cleanse your cat or dog, at first, and apply the oil on the parts and manipulate it very deeply- from their ears to the tails. You must avoid placing the pads on the base of feet. Allow setting the oil for about 5 minutes, and re-bath them in order to eliminate the extra oil. Rinse them fast.  This process offers a calming massage and increases hydration of skin.

Fighting against bacterial diseases – Coconut oil has high amount of lauric acid, which is recognized for the antimicrobial features.  The application of this oil for slight abrasions may help avert the infection.  You know that this oil is suitable for consumption, thus it is harmless to use when a cat or dog licks the part, where it is applied.

For healing mild gingivitis – The swelling of gums, which is also called as gingivitis, is an oral disease that is very common to the dogs and cats.  Rubbing the best coconut extracted- oil on your pets’ gums on a daily basis may help to decrease the pain and inflammation.

To clean the folds of skin on breeds, such as pugs or bull dogs – Such breeds have creases on their facial skin as well as the body, which often remains moist, and causes irritation, stink or disease.  Cleaning these creases by using coconut oil may enable you in removing bacteria, calming and moisturizing irritated parts or lessening the odor.

To improve the power of brain – Medium-Chain Triglycerides can bring an improvement of metabolism of the brain energy.  Coconut oil has full of MCTs. The aged pets can have advantage from these MCTs, present in the oil because the cognitive roles will be boosted.  Take one-fourth teaspoon for every 10-pound weight of the body two times every day.

Oil to get rid of the constipation – In case of the soft stools you may provide your pets with about half spoon of natural coconut oil (extra-virgin). Make certain that it is the food grade oil. Apply one or two times every day.

For supporting thyroid system – MCT can be the best option for those dogs that are experiencing the thyroid disorders. It is also helpful for reducing the excessive weight. MCTs of the oil, derived from coconut, can assess the thyroid, allowing the loss of weight and energizing the dogs that fee less active.

As the hairball cure – Traditional hairball remedies have oil, and coconut oils are quite more nourishing and are not based on petroleum. This lubricant is suitable for cats that have hairball issues.

How to use coconut oil to cure skin issues of pets?

Sometime, you have perhaps seen that you have applied the coconut oil on the skin of your pets for treating the wound or the dryness. But, your pets attempt to lick of the oil. In this case, you may try to wrap their skin with a towel or rag for some minutes in order to allow the saturation of the oil before the pets have the opportunity to remove it.

Various coconut oil brands may have diverse tastes, starting from a mild flavor, to very intense coconut flavor and the buttery taste. Besides, you may do some experiment using different oils that may be pleasing to you.

How to use the oil in food?

Coconut oil can also be applied on your pets food. If you start adding coconut oil to your pet’s meal, you have to increase the amount very slowly. Giving high amount coconut oil hastily may lead to detox problems and digestive issues.

If you give your dog huge level of oil from coconut, it may lead to greasy stools and diarrhea. So, you need to begin with only little amount, for example one forth teaspoon everyday for puppies or small dogs. For adult dogs, it can be one teaspoon or only dab when the constitution of your pet is very sensitive. While the dog appears to be weary or painful or suffers from diarrhea, you have to curb the amount for the time being. Regularly increase this quantity every day.

Many of the cats like the tang of coconut extracted oil. They will consume this with no trouble. With some similar kinds of supplements, when the pet do not have it in the meal, you only have to pour some coconut oil drops on the paw after or before taking the food.

Common sense and sensitivity should be applied to decide on what may be perfect for your dear pets. Any chunky cat or dog may need more, whereas a fit and strong one will not need so. Puppies and kitties grow very fast and you have to feed them properly. Besides, coconut oil can also assist in digestive health and overall fitness. Thus, use coconut oil and proper diet for your cat or dog so that you can ensure the better health of your pet.