Cajeput Essential Oil – Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Besides, to be beautifully scented in most cases, essential oils have a therapeutic, psycho-emotional and energy capabilities. That is why it is necessary for them to be as quality and natural as they can be.

On the today’s market, there are different quality essential oils, some of them are chemically produced forgeries, and some are even mixtures of quality oils with cheaper oils of similar scent. In your search for superior essential oil to fill your herbal cabinet and you come across cajeput essential oil, don’t hesitate, purchase it! Even small quantities can do wonders.

Cajeput oil, when it comes to advantageous elements, is very similar to eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. As eucalyptus, cajeput oil also has a significant amount of eucalyptol( this constituent works as an analgesic and has a numbing effect).

Besides eucalyptol, cajeput oil has anti –inflammantory components also known as terpenoids. You can always tell apart cajeput oil from the other essential oils – it has pale yellow color and distinctive camphoraceous odor.

The cajeput essential oil is in most cases distilled from the white wood tree, it is most efficient in curing respiratory issues, and it is usually made into balms, lotions, and salves. It is made from twigs and leafs of the white tree that commonly live in Australia and some parts of Indonesia and Malasia.

Because cajeput, tea tree, and eucalyptus essential oils have almost the same building elements, they naturally blend well together to make more compelling and mighty essential oil. Spice oils like rosemary and lavender essential oil also can be a good blending choice.

Nine unbelievable benefits of cajeput essential oil

Work against infections and as an antiseptic

If you have problems with different types of bacteria, fungi or viruses, this is the oil to look for in your medicine cabinet. The cajeput oil has antiseptic and antibacterial abilities. You can apply it topically on an infected wound or internally via inhalation. Some herbalist even recommends this oil for treating psoriasis and scabies, but it can be astonishingly useful for anyone who has chronic problems with skin (like rashes or acne).

Before around 50 years ago there was a study that showed that cajeput oil could heal wounds more rapidly than many others. The same survey revealed that cajeput oil could be used even in combination with some antibiotics for better effect, but please before even considering doing so, speak to your doctor.

Work as and natural analgesic

When something is seen as an analgesic, it means that that supplement is your best friend when you are in pain. Tooth pain, headache, migraine, abdominal pain, joint pain, pain caused by injury – you can use cajeput oil.

Help you get rid of annoying insects

Insecticidal properties of the cajuput oil are so productive that not only this oil will drive the insects away, it will eliminate them forever. Mosquitoes, ants, bugs, are no longer going to bother you. You can lit a cajeput oil candle to drive away tedious insects with its smell, or you can rub oil into your skin.

Help with respiratory problems

Just like its older brother eucalyptus oil, cajeput oil can help you deal with problems of respiratory channels and organs. It can bring instant relief in congestion of the nose, throat, basically anything that is clogged with infection ( bronchitis, laryngitis, etc.). By inhaling cajeput oil, you can free your airway passages. This method is appropriate during the winter months when there are frequent respiratory infections. For this purpose, it is recommended to inhale cajeput essential oil, but be very cautious when doing so, as the vapors can be very robust.

It has warming effect

Warming effect that is produced when you rub cajeput oil on your skin is stimulation of endocrine glands which cause the body to sweat and to release the toxins –  this is extremely healthy. This attribute is also useful for fever because, by sweating, the body cools itself and lowering its temperature. Warming can also stimulate circulation forcing blood to stream faster.

Cajeput oil can be exploited for cosmetic and aromatherapy purposes

It can be utilized as a purifying tonic for cleaning and opening the pores of the face or as a night creme. You can even wash your face with cajeput soap. It’s cleansing and compelling natures way to healthy skin.

When you want to relax, you can inhale it, for quick restoration of energy and balance, or you can lit a candle for same fresh and uplifting effect.

Help with the digestive problems

Gas in the abdomen can occur for many reasons – bad diet, infections, etc. Regardless what the problem is, cajeput oil can resolve it because it has carminative properties. It removes gases from the intestines. This smelly and multi – purpose oil can even stimulate secretion of digestive enzymes that absorb food nutrients.

Helps with neurologic problems

Any neurologic condition is no laughing matter, and it should be treated as such. But it is well known that aromatherapy is used as a secondary or better say additional remedy for anxiety, stress, etc. When the human body is under a considerable burden for any reason, body and mind are not working as they should.

Natural remedy or easy, on the go, every day help can be in a bottle of cajeput oil. It will relieve the pain in virtually every part of your body; it will awake you, bear your thoughts and calm you down. It will stimulate blood flow through organism so that you will feel better right away.

For faster effect – inhale diluted oil. If you have more time to give for yourself, you can enjoy a hot bath in water that you previously infused cajeput essential oil(you can lite a candle while you bath).

Uses of Cajeput essential oil

Chemical element cineole is an ingredient that gives power to the cajeput oil. It can be best described as a warming agent that relieves the pain. This property can come in handy when you need a quick natural solution for tooth and gum pain, cold or flu, migraines, headaches, for muscle and joint pains, for a cough or different types of infections.

1.Cajeput oil can be used as a medicinal aid in situations like blocked nose. In this case, it is in the form of a nasal inhaler, and you should take a few times a day.

2.When its purpose is relieving pain from injuries, wounds, etc. it is in the form of balm or lotion.

3.It can treat infections (both bacterial and fungal) is well known natural insect repellent for mosquitos, bugs, and flyes. You can rub your skin with cajeput essential oil or can even wash your mosquito net in this oil.

5.Capejut oil is used both in a cosmetic industry (for making perfumes) and in the chemical industry (for extracting various types of chemicals). Cajeput essential oil can work as an antibacterial cream in a daily beauty routine. It can be used to prevent infection and diminish blemishes.

6.You can even use cajeput oil to flavor your food or drink, just don’t use too much. Some say that this oil is edible, but it can only be used as a spice to your dishes. To use any essential oil in your daily meal preparation, you should have in mind that essential oils are very intense —one or two drops will go a long way. The tip is to use them at the end of the cooking process, so their therapeutic properties stay unchanged.

The cajeput oils should, as all herbal oils, be stored in the dark area, because the light disintegrates oils units. It is also important that the bottles are thoroughly closed, so the essences do not evaporate. Better buy smaller quantities, because essential oils should not be consumed much, and do not stay long fresh if not kept properly.

Side effects

The main rule to go by in this case is to watch for quantities of oil that you use. Because of its strength, cajeput oil when used excessively, cause irritations, and it should always be diluted first.

It is not recommended to be used by pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, small children, and babies because it can cause worrying breathing problems. It is not recommended for those who have chronic asthma because it can cause attacks. As all herbal supplement this to can cause allergic reactions, so be careful.

Medicinal qualities of cajeput oil are one of the strongest and most practical that can be found, herbalists say.


Therapy with cajeput essential oil is an inseparable part of natural medicine. Although, some nations know this oil for a long time, in the middle of the twentieth-century modern scientific research on the composition and effects of cajeput oil began. Especially important it is its bactericidal and antiviral influence in suppressing infections that are resistant to conventional medicine methods.

Some claim that cajeput oil can encourage the recovery and growth of healthy cells and also regulate the physical, emotional and psychological balance of a person. Regeneration of the whole human biosystem is an ultimate goal, and it is speculated that cajeput essential oil has that elemental virtue.

Some studies have shown that this oil is impressive when it comes to its antioxidant potency, and that is enough to use only a couple of drops for neutralizing dangerous effects that can occur from free radicals.

When you buy this oil, look for the one that is said – 100 percent cajeput oil, and that means that is extracted just form cajeput tree without any additional elements. Storage this oil in a cold and dark place, in a properly closed container.