Best Essential Oils For Dandruff

Our hair, for both sexes, is significant esthetic and health issue. It is a crown on our heads.

We like it to be shiny and glossy, to look healthy. But, sometimes you just can’t have it – often there is dandruff.  Very annoying and anesthetic problem. Dandruff can occur for many reasons, often includes stress or bad hygiene. Dandruff is a big issue for people who have it.

Due to visible flakes, especially on dark hair and clothes, self-confidence decreases, and the individuals who have it feel unattractive and untidy. Itching often occurs in saboreal eczema and causes people to scratch their heads.

Inadequate hair care, dust deposits on the hair and pollution also lead to the occurrence of dandruff in the hair. People often misunderstand dandruff as a hair problem, but the fact it is a skin problem. Excessive enlargement of dandruff can additionally lead to hair loss as dandruff weakens the hair root.

One in every five people have dandruff

The epidermis on our heads regenerates every four weeks when the cells are lifted to the surface and broken into individual cells. In some cases they are invisible. On others, people who have dandruff – the skin renewal process is accelerated, leading to a faster cell division and irritation of the upper layer of the skin.

In addition to these visible flakes, redness and itching occur on the scalp. It can happen when the hair is not washed frequently enough or when a person has some fungus which causes excess production of sebum and subsequently producing dandruff. Certain experts say that some people are genetically predetermined to have dandruff.  One in five people have dandruff, and it usually appears in puberty and remains a problem in middle age.

Also, men are more likely to have dandruff.  The weakened immune system also causes the production of dandruff.

Dandruff is a cosmetic problem, not a disease, and it can be solved.

It is usually caused by fungi

It’s not true that only dry hair and skin causes dandruff. This condition can appear in the dry and oily skin of the head. Since fungi feed on lipids from the sebum of the skin of the head, they reproduce if the skin of the head is greasy. In persons with dandruff, the head skin barrier is damaged and therefore is prone to irritation. Ambient conditions can also affect on appearing on dandruff. Even though stress can’t cause dandruff, it can worsen an already bad situation.

Dandruff can worsen from hair products and chemical treatment. Aggressive shampoos, hair products that contain alcohol, then blushing, dyeing, mini-wave and chemical treatment weaken the natural barrier of the skin of the head – and can accelerate the formation of dandruff. That’s why, you should choose the best organic, natural remedy – essential oils. People have been using it for thousands of years, and not without reason.

Why essential oils?

The problem with using shampoo for dandruff is that they are usually costly and filled with chemical ingredients which are very bad for you long term. Also, often anti- dandruff shampoos only work while you are using them, and at the moment when you stop – dandruff appears, even more, and aggressive than ever. A solution- most natural, organic and cheap – essential oils.

Essential oils are a great alternative as a natural remedy for some of the common health problems. There is a broad range using essential oils in natural medicine; From antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to analgesics, intensification of the digestive system and antidepressants.

Although essential oils are not substituted for professional medical care, they can indeed be successfully applied to remove and alleviate minor health problems. These are some essential oils that successfully fight dandruff, nourish the skin of the head and protect it from any problem.

Top 6 essential oils for dandruff

TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL – Long time ago, people noticed that tea tree oils have wonderful antiseptic properties, it has wide range of antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal properties that have been confirmed by modern scientific research. Tea tree oil can be used for small local injuries, but also as an ingredient for oral hygiene products. But its primary focus is that it can be used in cases of fungal infections or acne. Therefore, it can be used in dandruff treatment. Proper usage of this oil leads to hair growth and cleaning dandruff. If you have a problem with a significant amount of dandruff, a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with a couple of drops of olive oil can resolve this issue.

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL – this essential oil has powerful properties, and it can be used for wide range of problems. It is well known for its anti -inflammatory characteristics (it is very efficient in removing burns). The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender were crucial for the beginnings of modern aroma therapy. Therefore it can be used in treating dandruff because it accelerates the healing process of the skull and reduces sebum. Lavender oil also can calm inside and outside. The best tip to use this oil – use unabsorbed lavender oil and rub it on problematic area.

GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL – This multi purpose oil has a perfect floral aroma and geranium is also known as a sedative, and some say it has aphrodisiac properties. The essential oil of geranium is especially good for women. It stimulates natural beauty, instantly raises the clear mind, but it also works well on female physiology, uterine and breast health, and alleviating various characteristic problems in menopause. It can help remove the skin problems – and as we know that dandruff is the problem of the skin. It is shown excellent results in fighting this condition.  It is best used in combination with other essential oils, even only in combination with high-quality olive oil.

ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL – Rosemary essential oil can be used as a physical and mental stimulant, either when using a spray or in a morning bath. It has distinctive spicy aroma and warming effect. It is well known that this essential oil helps with cold and flu. In the middle ages, people used it to prevent infections. And, women used it often for cosmetical purposes – it fights dandruff, improves hair growth and can even help in some cases of alopecia.

THYME ESSENTIAL OIL – this oil has potent antiviral, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. This oil, experts say, can use even children. It is proven that this oil removes toxins from inside your body and also from outside. Very important is to use this oil diluted before local application. The essential oil of thyme is proven to help to restore hair growth and strength. Also after a couple of months of usage, it reduces dandruff.

CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL – Chamomile oil is well known in aroma therapy. It is mighty when it comes to relieving tension, and is also used in a wide range of nerve disorders. It can be used with children when the first teeth begin to break out. There are two kinds of chamomile oil – Roman and German, and both have amazing anti-inflammatory properties which are a necessity when it comes fighting dandruff. It is recommended to use this oil in combination with other essential oils for the best possible results.

How to use it?

Put 5-10 drops of oil on your head. Rub it gently. Wait around one hour,  then rinse it. Also, if you have a huge problem and a lot of dandruff use more drops of oil – 15-20 and leave on your head/ hair for a night. Use essential oil two to three times a week.

IMPORTANT: You can experiment with essential oils so you can use a combination of two or even three. The mix with olive oil is always a right choice.

Will it work?

It will! Treatment with the essential oil will remove sebum from the skin on the head; it will reduce inflammation and most importantly, it will control the development of creating more dandruff. Essential oils are natural – so they are suitable for everyday usage. They have cosmetic effects, and also they nourish hair.

After use, the hair should be shiny and smooth to comb, especially the longer hair.

Also, your hair will smell amazing – natural and gentle. No need for expensive shampoos filled with chemicals, mother nature already gave us a solution.