Gardenia Essential Oil – Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Try to imagine yourself lying in a field of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They are white, pure and have a delicate and seductive smell. Sun is shining; it’s warm spring morning, everything around you is alive and vibrant.

The most amazing smell surround you, and you feel alive more than ever. You feel calm, relaxed at the same time filled with positive energy. Exact that feeling can occur when you smell the lovely floral scent that belongs to one of the herbal medicines most precious essential oils – Gardenia essential oil.

Gardenia flower is one of the most delicate flowers in the world. To make just one milliliter of the gardenia essential oil takes a lot of gardenia flowers. Its origin is somewhere in China, it can be found in many Asian countries, and it can come in different colors, but the most famous are white gardenia. Not only beautiful white petals have potent properties, but roots and green leafs are miraculous too.

They can be used to treat fever, and it has proven that can detoxicate the body from bad materials and poisonous toxins. Flower petals are sometimes used to make a herbal tea, and it has such comforting and delicious taste(try it with some organic honey).

Its petals are very fragile too, and to make gardenia essential oil, they are soaked in fat. The fat is then mixed with alcohol, and after separation, you are left with oil.Gardenia essential oil is extracted directly from the flower. Usually, Gardenia jasminoides are used.

The fact that gardenia oil is a little pricier than other herbal oils doesn’t change the fact that they are worth the money. Any we should also consider that takes a lot of work to make just one milliliter of this flower – power oil.

Note: Please, make sure you are always buying high-quality gardenia oil because only then you can be confident that you are getting gardenia oil as powerful as it can be.


Aromatherapy experts say that gardenia oil is one of the most potent and basics oil and it is often the main ingredient in other aroma compounds. Its advantages are almost endless.

It can treat infections, anxiety, and insomnia. It can reduce swelling and bladder infections. Some say it can even reduce some tumors. It is excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant essential oil.

Gardenia oil is known to relieve stress and to work as a mild sedative, thanks to its distinctive smell. Some like to mix it with cinnamon, jasmine or any citrus oil for a more potent combination.

Antibacterial, Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory

Gardenia essential oil can fight a variety of bacterial infections, including sepsis and tetanus ( in this case it is best to dilute it with water). This flower oil antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties prevent the free radicals to make oxidative stress in the human body.

As a result, on the long run, this essential oil helps in preventing cancer and other illnesses that form due to toxins roaming in the body. It can help with migraines, headache, and fever.

Also, it can be used abundantly for cosmetic purposes; it can clear the skin and reduce scarring; it nourishes the hair and stimulates its growth.


Some claim that gardenia essential oil has mild sedative effects, which can help prevent epileptic seizures, work as a hypnotic(some aromatherapists use this method to stop their patients from nicotine addiction) or can relieve body and mind from accumulated stress.


Because it’s seductive smell, it is believed that this oil has aphrodisiac qualities. For aphrodisiac purposes add a few drops of this luxuries oil into a hot bubble bath (oil should be diluted with water). It is highly recommended for women to use gardenia oil as a perfume, because it stimulates males, forcing them to produce more sex hormones.

Skin and injuries

Antioxidants in this flower oil are perfect for nourishing the skin. It leaves it healthy, glowing and incredibly youthful. This oil also removes signs of aging or damages from sun burn. It can help with wrinkles or stretch marks, wounds, blisters, etc.

Digestive Problems

For the stimulation of digestive activity and probiotic efficiency, this oil can be used to enhance and maximize nutrient uptake.

Simultaneously, usage of gardenia essential oil can be a high-quality prevention of spreading certain bacteria and other pathogens in the stomach.

Respiratory Issues

Inhaling this essential oil, via aromatherapy, oil diffuser, or simply by inhaling it from the wet and warm cloth it can provide efficient and immediate relief from many uncomfortable conditions like sore throats, clogged sinuses, and overall respiratory infection and inflammation.


Last but not the least usage of gardenia oil is in the production of soaps, candles, perfumes and some other care products. This oil gives products sweet smell, simultaneously relaxing and calming the mind and body.


Gardenia oil has many, many ways to use it and each they herbal medicine is discovering a new one.

Maybe the best and most efficient way is through inhalation. It can be e inhaled from hot compress, hot water (steam), or diffuser. The recommended dose is ten drops for respiratory issues, headaches, and sinus afflictions.

Second, evenly efficient way to take in all those great materials is with compress. Take a soft cloth and soak it in this solution of ten drops of Gardenia Essential Oil and four ounces of hot water. Soaked compress should be applied to the affected area for a few minutes, then repeat the process. This method will help with muscle aches, bruises, wounds, skin problems, and dysmenorrhea.

The third way is to take one long and relaxing bath in warm, not hot water that you put essential oil mixed with salts. These baths are ideal for resolving skin problems, respiratory issues, blood pressure, stress, insomnia, muscular pain, and menstrual pain as well. After this bath, you don’t need any perfume or body lotion – you will be clean and smell gorgeous, pain-free, and relaxed.

The fourth way is to inhale it through a facial steam. You will need a cotton towel and hot water. In water add five drops of Gardenia Essential Oil. Place the towel over your head and let the steam hit your face and inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This method can be used primarily for headaches, migraines, stuffed nose, bad sinuses when you have the flu or cold. You can even use this method for maintaining facial skin health.

The fifth way is to get a massage with gardenia oil. It is a perfect stress relieving therapy, that can move your whole body and mind. You can make massage oil by adding a few drops of Gardenia Essential Oil to a moisturizing lotion. If you are giving yourself a massage, the extra tip is to rub your hands together to generate heat before putting the gardenia oil in your hands.

And last and the quickest way is by direct inhalation from your palm. You should take a few drops of  Gardenia Essential Oil in your palm and rub gently together, then inhale deeply. You will feel better right away, filled with power and energy.

An additional way is to use it for aromatherapy in the form of candles, perfumes, and potpourri. A lot of people who love lighting candles in their home knows about gardenia scented candles and their calming smell. When burned, this candle produces a vibrant smell that stimulates all senses. This oil can be even mixed with other essential oils such as jasmine, cinnamon leaf, orange, and lemon to make even greater aromatherapy candles.

A lot of perfumes nowadays have in itself gardenia building component. Gardenia scent, when is on the pulse points on the wrists, at the temples, behind the ears, on the knees, chest, ankles, it releases the potent but delicate smell.  This sweet, floral scent is similar to Oriental Jasmine fragrance. It is easily combined with other essential oils.

Gardenia essential oil is quickly dissolved into a flower soap, but it still keeps its scent.  This flower oil can be blended with other essential oils such as rose or jasmine to create stronger soap. Why only make soap, when can you make natural potpourri?Gardenia gives potpourri its pleasing aroma but also works as a strengthening agent for the other aromatic elements that are used in the potpourri, like other flower, herbs, citrus juices, and peels, etc.

Side Effects

Gardenia essential oil is incredibly safe. Of course, when you use anything for medicinal or cosmetic purposes you should always first check if you are allergic to that product (the best way is to try on your hand).

The other mandatory rule is that like many essential oils; this oil is not recommended for use with children or pregnant women. You should watch not to apply it near the eyes or any sensitive area. Always make sure to dilute oil first before usage. Don’t consume it in enormous quantities.


When we look at the all of the characteristics of this oil, we can conclude that its high (or higher) price is justified because gardenia oil has a lot of benefits and very few flaws. And we can say right away it shouldn’t be used by pregnant women and children and very rarely it can cause skin irritation.

Benefits: from reducing inflammation and optimizing digestion to improving mood and healing wounds. This essential oil can be used in many different ways, from topical applications to aromatherapy. Asian nations that are considered to be most healthy use this oil for centuries.