Dreams About War – Interpretation and Meaning

Obvious associations on the subject of war are acts of violence, conflicts, the attacking of powers, as well as suffering, loss, and drama. But even a country such as Iraq is quickly associated with the term “war”.

The dreaming is invited to first consider the “theater of war”, and to ask oneself the question, which conflict he may even carry in himself. What are the momentary forces within me that fight against each other or cause mischief? For example, if a dreaming man observes army mobilization, it shows his acute inner tension. It could be a warning sign to step down in the awake life.

In general, all images, objects, persons, and acts that appear in a war-torn dream are of importance for an in-depth analysis. Did you see guns and a trench in your sleep? Then make a note of them.

If you do not (yet) use a dream diary: Try to remember in detail!

Dream symbol “war” – The general interpretation

Images of the war in the dream point to a conflict. This is where the destructive element of fire comes in, which at the same time plays a role in the reordering of things. The conflict has more far-reaching effects than a duel and wants to persuade the dreaming to become more aware of the consequences of his actions for others.

Likewise, he should realize that he is a party to the conflict, and that this was not born out of nothing, but has been deliberately brought about. The internal conflicts come from opposing qualities that require reconciliation in order to restore the inner mental balance.

The war also symbolizes the fear of being confronted with something that contradicts one’s own will. If there is an injury in the dream, this is an indication that mental wounds have healed only superficially, and that further processing of the events is required.

If you see a submachine gun, which is often used as a weapon in war, this symbol shows great aggression. Maybe you are so mad at someone that you absolutely want to hurt him? Rethink your actions.

The war in the dream can also have to do with real, yet unprocessed war experiences, but he usually points to fundamentally unmanageable events in the past of the dreaming.

But even if there is a war situation on the outside, the dream can still be an indication of a conflicting interior of the dreaming. The dreaming, who classifies his conflicts in everyday life as insignificant, is made aware of such a dream on the deep agonizing decision issues and conflicts.

Further interpretations in connection with a war dream:

Indication of repressed conflicts with business partners or the spouse

Warfare at night: the danger threatens the unconscious

Bombs or grenades: destructive thoughts from uncontrolled spaces that fall upon the mind; Obsessive thoughts, debilitating ideas, flashing disturbing ideas; Threat to existence; Question: Did something like a bomb hit my life?

Warplanes: thoughts chase through your head, jets overhead; can and meet with their projectiles

red war plane: sexual and unconscious thoughts

Uniforms and helmets: a fight with savages who seem to be overpowering

to be a fighter yourself: actively fight the inner conflict.

Dream symbol “war” – the psychological interpretation

War is always to be described as one of the original experiences of life. The essence of war can be seen as a parable of all strong and inexorable conflicts and conflicts. However, this is never conveyed in a dream. The war-dream is always filled with gravity and sincerity, and is considered a bitter transit point to grant the soul a higher unity, which is still in the conflict.

Even soldiers can play a role in the dream. The anonymous soldier embodies a collective, uniform duty. It is subordinate to a law and an obligation whose origin is not founded in itself. Individual soldiers or marching groups are subject to this single purpose. This aspect can be a valuable clue for individualists.

Wars are carried out with weapons. If the dreamer himself owns or uses a weapon, it is usually about a mental decision. A sword or similar is the most common dream symbol. Sudden decisions that are not necessarily intentional are symbolized by shots.

Many weapons are seen as a sexual symbol, which, however, may have meaning only secondarily. If you compare the male sex organ with a revolver or pistol, the reference seems obvious. Here hides a symbol of sexual tension. Even an ancient lance can occur in this sense in a dream.

Similar dreams:

  • Bunkers
  • Mobility
  • Anxiety
  • Blood
  • Bombarding

The helmet is considered in the dream as militant thought, under which the dreaming poses. At the same time this offers him protection. The soldier, like man, is burdened with something that equips him with what is necessary for the struggle for life.

Dream Symbol “War” – The Spiritual Interpretation

From the spiritual point of view, war in the dream is symbolic of the spiritual decay. Here, the dreaming should ask the question of what is currently crumbling in his life.

Not only in times of armed conflicts or real wars do people deal with weapons and violence. Human history has been shaped by wars, which continues today.

Since wars and weapons are among the things humans have been dealing with since the beginning of time, it is not surprising that dreams of wars and weapons are not uncommon. To interpret dreams of wars and weapons is not always an easy task, because both their meaning and their origins can be of different nature.

So it makes a big difference, if and in which position you are involved in the war, whether you fire a weapon, hit or not, or if you are threatened by a weapon. Of course, the type of weapon is important, because it does not matter if it is a cannon, a pistol, a rifle or a sharp knife.

Dreaming about war and weapons

Although there are many different meanings of war and weapon dreams, the simple basic statement of such dreams is almost always the same. A war is always a conflict, which can be transferred to the interpretation of dreams.

Dreaming of a war, this is usually a dream symbol for a kind of conflict. It can be an inner conflict of the dreaming or conflicts in its direct environment, such as a dispute with the partner or with colleagues.

With the help of weapons, one’s own interests should be enforced. A gun dream usually deals with attack or defense, in terms of something you want to enforce or protect yourself from. Many dream interpreters often interpret weapons in dreams as signs of sexuality.

Dream symbols and interpretation of war dreams

As already mentioned, war is in almost all cases a dream symbol of the conflict. This applies at least when it comes to war dreams without direct connection with real war experiences. To experience war for most people is a traumatic event.

Many people involved in the war, including both soldiers and civilians, have psychological problems after a war, develop depression or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) throughout their lives, which also affects their dreams. Such dreams, which are usually nightmares, will not be discussed here. Those affected should go into psychotherapeutic treatment to get rid of these war dreams and finally process the experience.

War dreams without this reference can be interpreted in many ways. It is important in the interpretation of the dream to analyze the entire scene, because the focus of the dream act is usually a good indication of what the dream is all about. The same applies to the units participating in the war such as tanks or military aircraft.

In dreams of war everything revolves around internal or external conflicts. However, these are stored very specific, because unlike other conflict symbols, such as struggle or dispute, a war is not a spontaneous event. A war takes place between the conflicting parties after careful preparation and not “in the affect”, like a typical brawl.

The preparation shows that a war is deliberately brought about to solve a problem with armed force, and if possible quite quickly. The fact that people, including those who are not involved, are harmed or suffer death is accepted with approval. In dream interpretation, a war therefore means that the subconscious of the dreaming deals with a problem that has existed for some time and wants to know it quickly and aggressively eliminated.

Often these are purely intrapsychic conflicts. Carl Gustav Jung developed the theories of the collective subconscious and the archetypal dream symbols. The basic message of these theories is that each person carries within himself a deep subconscious that is not only individual, but primarily a common subconscious of all humanity. It’s like the inheritance of DNA. The DNA of each human being is unique. Nevertheless, each of us still carries in it genetic information of the first humans.

The individual personality of a person is only one manifestation of the collective subconscious. Certain character traits are more pronounced than others, but the psyche as a whole is in equilibrium. If this balance gets out of hand, for example if certain properties are not perceived or even deliberately suppressed, this is shown by archetypal dream symbols. As such, one can also designate war, for, considered psychologically, he is the awakened conflict between different aspects of the very personality.

Who dreams of war, should think about why his soul is not in balance. Wars are caused by the people themselves, which is why the imbalance is mostly due to the fact that you deliberately defend against some of its traits. You may not want to admit certain behaviors or consider them wrong.