Dreams About Dinosaurs – Interpretation and Meaning

Anyone who encounters a representative from a country before our time in the dream, probably spend just a rather restless night, because usually synonymous in Hollywood films such as “Jurassic Park” predominantly the aggressive carnivores among the dinosaurs thematized. The reptiles died out over 65 million years ago and are taught to us as powerful and gigantic animals against which humans would have no chance in battle.

It can be correspondingly disturbing when a dinosaur from the bygone age of the past suddenly visits your dream – but what does the dream symbol “dinosaur” mean?

Dream Symbol “Dinosaurs” – The general interpretation

A human being would hardly ever be able to control a dinosaur, so huge and incalculable were these primordial animals. Nevertheless, the size and strength of these animals is a fundamental fascination for us. To this day, there are many different types of children and adults in many museums to admire, and in movies they like to focus on invincibility and human arrogance. In this respect, it is normal for the dreaming to be filled with fear and terror when he suddenly encounters a prehistoric being in the dream.

From such a “Dino”, as dinosaurs are often called abbreviated, especially children often dream. They are fascinated by these strange creatures, who can scare them at the same time: When a child dreams of an attacking T-Rex with razor-sharp claws and teeth, it often wakes up crying from this nightmare and would like to go to bed right next to the parents crawl and tell them about the terrible monster that persecuted her.

In children’s dreams, the primordial creatures symbolize the forces and energies that are currently taking place in one’s own developing child’s body. Even the parents themselves can appear in the dream as overpowering dinosaurs; The children process the authority of mother and father in the watch world.

Most likely, the person travels 65 million years back to his own past and discovers, among so much debris and rubble, past emotions that have little to do with his everyday life. Surely he will connect both the long-buried feelings and the aggression that generally emanates from a predator with the question: what does this fear have to do with my real life, with my everyday life? Where are there existential fears?

To interpret this situation, it is helpful to remember details from the dream. Being followed by a dinosaur indicates that you are being persecuted by your own past. To hide from the dinosaur may mean to be afraid of the past becoming present again.

Dream symbol “Dinosaurs” – The psychological interpretation

Even in the dream to be this kind of predator symbolizes the desire to be bigger, stronger and more powerful than before. But the dreaming does not know how to reach this goal. He likes to feel bigger than he really is. In the interpretation of the dream, it is also crucial to pay attention to the feelings during the dream: What was important to the person concerned? What did he rather react to in the dream world, to the size or the power of the animal?

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The dreamer has in such scenarios made contact with a part of himself that is original, a part of himself that has been a part of the past for a very long time and which, given the fact that the dinosaurs are extinct, is considered a fossilized part of the personality.

Dream symbol “Dinosaur” – The spiritual interpretation

In retrospect, a person can still positively influence his supposedly still moving, intertwined and chaotic past, in which he makes better decisions in the present and leaves the old in peace.

Dinosaurs are beings from times long gone. Although they died out many millions of years ago, or perhaps because of them, these creatures still fascinate us today.

The lifetime of the dinosaurs was long before our time. It never came to meetings of humans and dinosaurs. Nevertheless, there are dreams in which the primeval giants come to visit us and often spread fear and terror.

What do these dreams want to tell us?

Interpretation of dreams of dinosaurs

Dreams of dinosaurs are usually very disturbing and accompanied by negative emotions. After all, the primeval beasts are huge animals that we would not stand a chance against in reality. Size, strength, invincibility, fascination, past, but also fear and terror are the associations that arise when you think of or dream of Dinosaurs.

However, dreams are all of a sudden where dinosaurs are encountered, as are all dreams depending on the context and the personal attitude towards the animals. For example, dinosaur rooms for a paleontologist who deals with fossils and giant lizards every day are certainly more important than anyone who has just come from the new Jurassic Park film.

In addition, the dream interpretation depends on whether one meets in the dream a harmless herbivore such as the Triceratops or about a dangerous predator like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Roughly one can distinguish between two different interpretations of dreams of dinosaurs.

The journey into the past

Dinosaurs are known to have died out many millions of years ago. Its existence was probably triggered by a natural disaster that led to the mass extinction and ultimately extinction of the prehistoric giants.

The dinosaurs dream symbol can express suppressed or repressed feelings, especially aggression, that have their origins in the dreamer’s past. The Dino draws attention to the fact that in the subconscious there are still some negative emotions, which should be recalled by the dream in the memory.

Even fears, especially existential fears, can express themselves through the Dinosaur dream. But here, too, the trigger of these fears is to be re-located in one’s own past. If one is followed by the dinosaur, the Dino symbolizes the past, which in reality pursues one. Hiding from the animal expresses the fear of facing the past.

Dreamer standing in front of such a scenario should wonder why the threatening dinosaur is occurring right now. What special life phase or problems are leading to the dream? What unprocessed and repressed things want to surface? What thoughts of the past do I find threatening?

Myself as a dinosaur

If you transform yourself into a dinosaur in the dream, then this can have two meanings: Either this is a compensatory dream in which the desire for more strength or assertiveness expresses itself. The dino encourages the dreamer to be more courageous and not to be intimidated by his fellow human beings.

The other possibility is that you feel bigger than you actually are. An exaggerated self-confidence and self-image is expressed here. As an archetypal dream symbol, the dinosaur can represent the fossilized part of the personality, that is, the part of the ego that actually belongs to the past.

Special case: T-Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was the king among the predators. His razor-sharp teeth and claws, coupled with his mighty size, earned him respect and made him have no enemies. He counted as an aggressive carnivore, who was not afraid to flatten everything that got in his way.

Even in our dreams, the T-Rex is closely linked to emotions such as aggression, strength and power. In the dream he spreads fear and terror and therefore ensures a rather restless sleep. Often, he represents a threat that puts the dreaming in panic and fear of death.

As a dream symbol, the Tyrannosaurus may represent a flesh-threatened threat from the reality. Most likely you feel in the realm of anyone or anything so threatened that you, him or her, visualized in the fiction of the dream in the form of an overpowering dinosaur. Unlike the giant dinosaur, you feel powerless and small. Here it is necessary to find out who or what the threat poses in reality.

As with all dreams of extinct animals, the T-Rex can also allude to the dreamer’s past.