White Oak Bark – Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, Supplement

In the search for natural cures for different kind of illnesses you may have across to oak tree, but still most of us hardly ever heard of it. Herbal medicine recognizes this remedy and claims that it can help with many, many diseases.

Herbal medicine also argues that the bark of the white oak (its latin name is Quercus alba which means “good tree”) has been in some countries used for centuries and that its possibilities didn’t reach its full potential yet.

The white oak tree grows in some parts of North Amerca, and it is a tree that is well known for its enormous size (grows tall and spread widely) and longevity (they are some specimens that have lived for almost half of the century). This fact speaks for itself when we discuss qualities that this rather light grayish than white tree have. Something that can survive through harsh weather conditions and that can be the tallest tree in the forest is clear evidence of white oak tree power.

But what is so powerful in this tree? In this oak bark – it has many medicinal benefits.


Vitamin B12, iron, tannin and potassium are among worthy nutrients that can be found in the white oak bark. It can be used to treat a great list of illnesses like diarrhea, cold or flu, and it is all possible because white oak bark has three powerful properties, among others – it has antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory qualities. It can treat anything –from skin problems to eternal bleeding and hemorrhoids. Wounds, eczema, and scars can also be affected by this oil.

Because this oil from white oak is completely natural, don’t worry, you can use it freely and safely. White oak doesn’t have any dangerous chemicals that can potentially harm the human body.

Before more than one century Native Americans already know how valuable is  this potent bark and they have used it on a daily basis. Besides the bark, which is considered to be most dominantly beneficial part of the tree, there is also a possibility to make a medicinal acorn drink for bowel, bladder and ovarian conditions.

1) Diuretic Properties

Oak was primarily used by Native Americans as a diuretic. This essential oil works as a stimulator in the human body. It forces bladder to work more, produce and extract more urine. This way organism can get rid of excess liquid (possibly with toxins in it).

It is a great substitute for all those who have problems with bladder and don’t want to use any chemical ingredients. Diuretics like white oak bark are perfectly useful and natural alternative.  White oak bark working as a diuretic can improve the health of your bladder and urinary tract by eliminating infections and can even help with kidney stones that are caused by the build-up of uric acid in the bloodstream.

2) Antiseptic Properties

White bark oak is famous for its antiseptic properties, all due to a high percentage of element tannin. Tannin works as a binder to a protein that “live” in tissues. Together they are excellent preventive to internal and external infections because they can combat bacteria and harmful pathogens that can sometimes be found in or on the human body.

The antiseptic supplement is also useful in a fight with urinary tract and vaginal infections that are very common these days in the younger population. Internally, white oak bark supplements can be used as a capsule, tincture or even in the form of tea.

3) For External Use

For skin protection, white oak bark can be used externally to treat skin infections, inflammations of any kind (like bee stings and bug bites). Minor wounds, mouth ulcers and herpes, cuts, scrapes, and burns can be easily treated with this fantastic natural herbal remedy.

You can apply oak bark directly on skin or make some liquid from a supplement and implement it on the problematic spot with some cotton cloth. It is only important for your skin to soak it up.

4) Astringent Properties

Because of the high level of tannins that are present in the white oak bark, it has many therapeutic characteristics. Astringents are shrinking the body’s tissues on the inside and the outside.

Internally, they can stop bleeding and diarrhea. From the outside, they can limit bleeding from injuries on the skin and also treat other skin problems, such as burns, bruises, wrinkles, and eczema.

5) Respiratory Conditions

Many of us, especially on winter days, when colds and flu are more often, can use preventively white oak bark supplement. It can be very successful in treating all kinds of infections of the respiratory tract. For this intention, it is best to make a solution for inhalation.

6) Oral Health

What did people do before the invention of tooth paste or dentists? Well, some of them, especially native Americans used white oak bark. It is proven that this bark can treat oral infections and other dental issues like gingivitis, toothache and oral sores. It all possible due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Also, you can use white oak bark as an organic and completely chemical free mouthwash (make one by boiling a cup of water with white oak bark and allowing it to cool. Then take the liquid and use it as a regular mouthwash daily).


White oak bark extract can be used in several ways: in the form of a capsule( recommendation is to take one gram daily with a meal). As a liquid supplement, you can consume around 50 drops diluted oil with water two or three times each day.

This powerful supplement can be applied directly to the skin to help with skin conditions and minor wounds. By forming an antiseptic layer that protects the skin, it can stop bleeding and allow quicker healing.

Also, this compelling mixture can kill bacteria and lower the risk of infection. The tannins that are found abundantly in oak bark have strong antiseptic properties, and they prevent the disease from developing or progressing. This property mixed with diuretic property make white oak bark a traditionally effective treatment for bladder and urinary infections.

Aneseptic properties can also help in boosting memory and brain stimulation  Many athletes are familiar with tree bark extract because they use it in healing their sports inflicted injuries.

White oak bark acts as a diuretic when it is internally consumed because it allows the body to flush out excess fluid as well as removing kidney stones and curing bladder infections.

Some of the most famous herbalists claim that white oak bark can maintain liver and kidney health by regulating mucous quantities that are frequently found in them. But please note, this remedy doesn’t cure this symptom but can make them less severe.

A big problem for some people is the existence of parasites in humans stool. Well, oak bark can resolve this issue too. It contains tannins in large quantities, and they are well known for flushing those parasites (like worms, etc.) from the body.


As a capsule, tincture or tea, white oak bark can successfully fight bladder, urinary and vaginal infections. On the inside, or on the skin, white oak bark can fight chronic skin infections( the best way is to add oak bark into bath water or by applying an infusion or extract to the problematic spot).

As a diuretic supplement, it is widely recommended for helping people who have bladder, kidney or liver related conditions. This natural product is also very effective against parasitic worms such as pinworms which can invade the intestinal tract. In the treatment of upper respiratory infections, white oak bark supplement can clear respiratory canals and remove infection, mucus, bacteria, etc.

For eternal consummation, the white oak bark is treated similar to coffee or cocoa beans – roasted first, then ground to powder and finally infused into warm water. It is an excellent quick treatment for some symptoms like bleeding from minor cuts. This blend can help in some cases of diarrhea, bleeding from the nose, heavy menstrual bleeding and vomiting.

Daily Dosage

The recommended daily dosage of the powdered white oak bark in capsules is approximately one gram when you take the supplement internally with the meal.

When you take it in the form of extracts, the dosage varies depended on the strength of the product( usually 30-60 drops of supplement diluted in water and taken 2-3 times daily.) If you applied white oak bark topically or externally, you could use it as many times as you need it.

Side Effects

Like in every supplement on the market, there can be side effects. As we talk about white oak bark, it is considered to be natural and organic, so it is in most cases consider to be safe for use (oral and topical). Of course, you should always follow some general instructions. Precaution is always a good idea. Following the dosage and instructions is a must.

Two weeks at the time is a longest possible period in which you can safely take white oak bark extracts, and that is only applicable to certain conditions. For treating uncomfortable conditions like diarrhea, you can consume white oak bark supplement up to 3 consecutive days. If you take a higher dose than you should, there is a possibility to experience some side effects:

  1. Some of the side effects that rarely occur are nausea, headache, kidney or liver damage, and stomach problems. People who already have some kidney or liver disease should not take white oak bark.
  2. Pregnant women and mothers who breastfeed should avoid using white oak bark supplements in any form.
  3. Consuming white oak bark extract is not suitable for children.


The White oak bark can be indeed called the great supplement in the world of herbal medicine, because of its multi- beneficial properties. This supplement has a long history of utilization of many different cultures and nations that come across it through the centuries. It is particularly true in the North America where is a natural habitat for this tree.

Herbal medicine recognizes benefits of the white oak bark for years, and it is used as an herbal remedy for centuries.

In nowadays, modern science also recognizes its healing characteristics and is making some supplements that are based on its active ingredients. Most beneficial ingredient in the white oak bark is a high percent of tannins (it is somewhere around 15- 20 percent, much more than in any other similar supplement).

A wide variety of conditions, states, and injuries can be treated with white oak bark. For picky eaters, it can replace some iron rich food like spinach because it is filled with this element, among many other nutrients( like potassium and vitamin B12 ). It is important as always before you start regularly using any supplement, to consult your doctor or pharmacist.