Acupressure Points for Anxiety Relief

Alternative medicine and healing practices often prove very useful in treatment of various modern people health conditions and issues. Ancient techniques for stress management, designed and created in order to get our body, mind and soul into balance, have been effective and beneficial for generations and generations of people, millenniums ago.

Acupressure is one of the best known ancient Asian techniques to improve our health and clear our mind in a gentle way, with long lasting effects. Taking care of our health consists of several important components.

In order to be agile, vital, youthful, of a good health and good mood, we need to dedicate certain attention to all things that make us living and thinking beings. Just as the old and famous Latin proverb say – a sound body for a sound mind.

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is by far one of the best known alternative ancient techniques for management of all sorts of health issues, both physical and mental. It originates from ancient China and has been practiced for about five millenniums till present day. Acupressure technique appears a gentle and relaxing treatment. Practitioners use the sensitivity of their hands and feet to press special points on a patients body, called acupoints. Acupoints are special spots on a person’s body that connect different parts of the body itself. They lie along the meridians of a human’s body. Ancient Chinese have developed this practice believing that through these meridians (some sort of invisible channels) flows our vital energy.

When some of the channels gets blocked for some reason, vital energy cannot flow freely throughout our body and supply all the organs and parts of our organism with an appropriate amount of needed life force. Acupressure works on unblocking the obstacles. This is a bodywork technique in which a healer uses his fingers, palms, elbows and feet, in order to release our ‘chi’ by pressing certain acupoints.

According to acupressure knowledge, there are twelve meridians in our body, connecting our brain, organs and all parts of an organism. Acupressure and acupuncture are based on the same foundation, only acupressure doesn’t use needles.

Acupressure for anxiety relief

Acupressure is known to be very effective in relieving all sorts of pain and maintaining good overall health condition, bringing our organism into a balance, make us feel calm and relaxed. The touch of an acupressure expert improves blood circulation and lowers the tension in our muscles, allowing our body to relieve stress, both mental and physical. It is surprising how much an average modern individual is unaware of the accumulated tension in their body, before subjecting to an acupressure treatment.

Since acupressure is a gentle and very practical technique, you could learn to practice it yourself. In our busy, anxious world, there is hardly a person who doesn’t suffer from some level of nervousness. Anxiety is an upgraded nervousness, in a way. If you find yourself constantly worrying about completely irrational causes or just feel tense and always in a ready-to-run-away state, you’re probably suffering from anxiety. Acupressure is a good way to manage your anxiety and nervousness yourself or at least reduce its intensity.

Instant acupressure stress relief points

The main advantage of acupressure techniques for stress relief is that you could practice it everywhere and you only need your own hands. You can use it at work, at home or wherever and whenever you feel the need to reduce tension and get relaxed.

Ears – This is probably the easiest and the most practical instant acupressure solution for stress and anxiety management. Our ears are very sensitive to touch. Acupressure technique uses their sensitivity to reduce our tension, soothe us and make us relaxed in short time. Use your thumbs and forefingers to give your ears a gentle massage. Unlike other acupressure points on our body, ears are an acu-area, with no specific point. Gently massage the inner surface of your ears, for a couple of minutes. Do it with both ears the same time. This simple and practical technique is the best way to instantly reduce nervousness in any situation.

Heavenly rejuvenation – Heavenly rejuvenation or TW 15 acupressure point is located on both sides of your shoulders, on the back side. It is placed one half inch below the upper line of your shoulder, dividing the way between the neck and outer line of shoulders. These points are best accessed by placing your right hand on right shoulder and do the same with your left side. Use fingertips to press the points firmly, breath slowly and deeply. This instant anxiety treatment helps reducing neck tension and stiffness and could significantly lower the feeling of nervousness.

Inner Gate – Inner gate or P 6 is very good point for instant stress relief, anxiety treatment, palpitations reduction, wrist problems and pain treatment and nausea. It is located on the inner side of your wrist, two and a half one finger from the beginning of your palm. The best way to apply acupressure is to firmly press it with your index finger. Hold the pressure for about one minute and breathe slowly and deeply. It could be applied on both hands.

Spirit Gate – Spirit gate or H 7 is also very functional point to get instantly relieved from tension and anxiety. It helps a person to overcome the anxiety condition in ling term, bring their mind into balance and generally feel more calm and relaxed. It is also located on the inner side of your arm, at the wrist crease and beneath the little finger. Press it firmly with your middle finger and hold for one minute. This point is known to be very effective for treating emotional tension, nervousness, anxiety disorder, reduce fear and memory loss. It is also good for reducing sleeping problems, cardiac and chest pain and similar conditions.

Third Eye Point – Third eye point or GV 24.5 is an acupoint located midway your eyebrows. This point is considered spiritual and associated with an inner insight, wisdom and so on. It is also effective for anxiety relief. It is best stimulated by placing both your pals together and pressing the point with your middle and index finger. Hold for a minute and take long, deep and slow breath. This point is good for relaxing the whole body and reduce all anxiety symptoms and side effects.