Acupressure Points For Eyes

If you are seeking a way to improve your Eyesight, or better your vision, you’ll probably want to start with some facial acupressure. There are several points, around your eyes, on which you can apply pressure to, and fix your problems. Acupressure is known for a long time, and it is a technique that has healing effects. It heals any problems in the our bodies by simply pressuring certain points on it. This goes for eyes as well. Acupressure points improves our eyesight and makes our eyes healthier. Because of that, when acupressure points are being pushed, they release a  flow of energy in our bodies and circulation in our blood vessels.

Acupressure points to improve eyesight focuses on most of active areas that tend to be connected with eyes.  Acupressure, being the well known technique for applying an amount of pressure to your eyes, is a technique that can be self applied. Aside from eye sight and better vision, acupressure points tend to heal our eyes and ease down problems like eye pain, lazy eye, eyestrain, and many other problems.

Acupressure is not alternative medicine. It is an actual scientific methods being used in today’s society, and it improves and cures many problems around the eye area. Aside from mentioned eyestrain, which tends to be a common problem in this technological era, this acupuncture technique can recover Short sightedness. The muscles around the eye area and the muscles around the neck area are very much correlated. For this reason, when neck problems occur, like neck muscles start to get stiff or still, the eye muscles are also being affected by this. Acupressure points for eye sight will work on few pressure areas that are being used to correct and improve eyesight. They give better vision and cure many of the eye related disorders.

And the best thing of all is that acupressure points technique is a very easy technique to learn. It can be applied as a self treatment, but as well as a technique applied to others. And the most important thing to remember is, that acupressure points for our eyes helps healing eye’s many problems, disorders and defects and improve our vision in a natural way. This technique is also very safe, and no harm will be done to you by doing this on yourself or on someone else.

The main points for acupressure are: nostril points, inner edge of the eyes point, bridge of the nose points, third eye point, thumb tips point (which can be found on both hands) and first toe point (which can be found of both feet). Further along, the pressure points will be explained with more detail.

Nostril points

Acupressure nostril points tend to be helpful when it comes to healing your eyes. These points can be found in the near proximity of your nostrils. That means the both sides of your nostrils, near your nostrils. When you successfully find them, apply pressure on these points with fingers, on both sides of your nostrils.

You should remember that when you start massaging the points, you should massage the points on both nostrils simultaneously. A tender pressure should be applied on the both nostrils, and the massage should be practiced in a time period of five minutes. You should practice this every day for best results. It will also be great for bettering your nasal problems, such as sinus congestion, and reduction of headache. That is besides the improved clarity.

Inner edge of the eyes acupressure  points

Acupressure of the inner edge of the eye points is good for many things, including eye muscles. The points on the inner edge of our eyes can be found on the inner edge of the eyes and close to the bridge of your nose. These inner edge of our eyes are places where a gentle pressure should be applied.

This should be done on both sides of the nose simultaneously. This massage you’re doing on your eye points should be done for a couple of minutes, every single day, to achieve greater results. Applying this gentle pressure at inner edge of the eyes points will be helpful in improving clarity of your vision and also for calming down the muscles that are settled around our eyes..

Bridge of the nose points

Acupressure of the bridge nose points are pressure points that are used when you are trying to remove eyestrain. The points around the bridge of your nose are located on our nose bridge, on each side. You can easily find the points of the bridge of your nose just below the eyebrows, and outside of our eyes. You will need to find the points on your nose tip and start to apply gentle pressure.

This should be done on both sides of the bridge points, and it should be done simultaneously. That means at the same time, on both acupressure points it is best to use your thumbs, since they can apply the most pressure. Doing this, and applying pressure to these points regularly, every day, and with the time period of five minutes, you can help recovering your eyestrain, as well as eye fatigue and many other eye problems you are experiencing.

Third Eye acupressure point

Acupressure of the third eye point is one of the most popular pressure points all-around. They are mean to be helpful in recovering and improving vision. You can better locate this third eye point by finding the exact center between your two eyebrows, but also if you follow your nose bridge up to the eyebrows.

You should be able to find this spot easily, and then start to apply pressure on it. Again use your thumbs for this massage, and you will see that it is not to hard to find this spot. The point should be massaged with gentle movements. This acupuncture and pressure applying should be done for only couple of minutes for best results.

Depending on how much your eye sight seems to be lacking. Doing this acupuncture of the third eye every day will not only improve your vision, but also reduce the stress your eye is receiving and get rid of your constant head pains.

Acupressure thumb tips point

Acupressure of the thumb tips points are a very good point for improvement of your eye sight. The points on your thumb tips can be located on our thumb ends. Remember to find the points on both hands, the left and the right. The exact location of the points is on the very tip of the thumb. Try applying pressure on these acupressure points on your thumb tips.

Important step is sitting in a relaxing and comfortable manner. You should be completely calm. After that, identify and apply the massage on the both of the tips of your thumbs by another hands thumb. This can of course be done only on one hand at a time, unless you have help from someone else. Doing this, and applying pressure every day should relax muscled found on your neck, which are then, connected to your eyes. Pressure should be mild if you want to get the best results, and make your eyes healthier and also if you want to improve their vision.

Acupressure first toe point

Acupressure of the first toe point is used when trying to cure disorders that are related to our vision problems. The points of the first toe are found on your first toe, next to our big toes. You should be relaxed and be in a sitting position before applying this technique and applying pressure. Use your thumbs again for applying pressure, since they are the easiest ones to control pressure amount.  This process should be done on both feet, on daily basis. Appling this kind of pressure will help you heal variety of the disorders and sickness of your eyes.

Acupressure is a powerful tool, used since the ancient times. It continues in today’s society and has been even used in scientific purposes. The main acupressure points on your eyes are: nostril points, inner edge of the eyes point, bridge of the nose points, third eye point, thumb tips point (which can be found on both hands) and first toe point (which can be found of both feet). If massaged regularly, on a daily basis, it can be a helpful tool combating eye sickness, eye disorders and better your eye sight and vision.