Best Essential Oils For Rosacea

Rosacea is a very complicated and persistant disorder that can cause a lot of trouble in our lives. This disorder has become very common and many people have trouble dealing with it. This disorder is also known as adult acne, since it makes our skin flare up and red, and it usually after puberty and even adolesency. The most common places for Rosacea are face areas but it can also appear anywhere on our skin.

So, it is not unusual for it to appear on the chest and other areas of the body. When it is in the higher stadium blood vessels become more noticeable and if not treated, Rosacea can become hump like and cause acne, and our skin might become so inflammed that it becomes uneven. In some cases Rosacea also causes vision trouble and it can make us irritated and annoyed.

Treatment of Rosacea should ease down presence of flare ups and redness on our skin. This condition can also be avoided by certain lifestyle changes and just overall a healthier lifestyle options. There are many products and medication out there that help with this condition but there are also natural remedies that can be used to ease down this disorder.

Essential oils in this case are very helpful since they contain anti inflammatory effects and make conditions like this calm down. They have been proven as very effective in fight against Rosacea and cooling effect of Essential oils can reduce swelling and itching, and most importantly inflammation.

Rosacea symptoms and causes

Rosacea can be caused by many different factors. Some of them include genetics, sun damage, inflammation of the skin connective tissues. Also people that have light and sensitive skin tend to have more problems with Rosacea than ones with darker skin. It is also more common in women than in men, and this has been shown as three times likely to happen in women than in men.

If you are in doubt whether you have Rosacea or not, and you are thinking about going to the doctor, then some of these symptoms might be a good indicator. Rosacea symptoms also vary depending on the type of Rosacea, but certain signs are redness on the skin, especially in the center of the face and on the nose area. Also you will have spider veins, which are actually visible broken blood vessels.

Your skin will probably be swollen and pinful to touch. Also sensitive skin will react easily to sun and different skin care products. You will experience higher intensity symptoms when you are sweating or feeling hot. Another clear symptom of Rosacea is also stinging or burning of the skin. Skin will also start to peel of or feel dry and lifeless.

If you blush easily when embarassed then this might also be caused by Rosacea. You might also experience acne like bumps and thickening of the skin around your nose, chin, forehead and ears.

This condition can start as a small redening around different parts of your face or body, and slowly develop into more serious condition. This condition is not contagious so don’t be afraid or making other people around you sick. It is recommended to avoid too much sun exposure and also check your diet to see if anything on it can be triggering your Rosacea. If it is not treated then Rosacea can be very persistant and hard to get rid of, so it is best to start your treatment as soon as possible.

There are also different types of Rosacea and you should check in with your dermatologist to be sure which type you have. We have 4 subtypes of this disorder.

Dermatologists treat Rosacea differently depending on these types, but some of the ways they do it is by cleaning out our diets so that any possible allergies or food sensitivity is excluded. Also using prescription medications topically on the skin or as a food supplement. They will also advise you to stay away from sun, and always use sunscreen, which helps prevent irritation and redness.

Skin treatments from doctors include dermabrassion, emolents, laser therapy and other forms of therapy where they use lights and lamps. Also taking eye medications and drops are a must with ocular Rosacea.

Best Essential oils for Rosacea

There are variety of Essential oils today. They can be used as remedies in many cases, but they have been proven as very effective in fight against Rosacea.

Jojoba Essential oil – Jojoba oil comes from jojoba plant. It is actually made from jojoba seeds. This oil has similar consistency like our natural skin oil and that way it is very beneficial for it. This oil can be used as a supplement in our diets but and it can also be applied to the outside of our skin as a remedy for conditions like Rosacea. This oil doesn’t have irritating effects and reduces loss of water from our skin so our it stays hydrated at all times.

Borage Essential oil – Borage Essential oil is made from a plant called Borago officinialis. This Essential oil contains GLA or fatty acid. Our bodies don’t create these fatty acids so that is why we need to consume certain foods to get beneficial components found in these acids. Borage oil can be applied as a food supplement that our body needs or it can also be applied on the outside as a remedy for our skin that is damaged by Rosacea. Anti-inflammatory effects of this Essential oil are very effective in fight against Rosacea and it also reduces redness and makes our skin healthier.

German Chamomile Essential oil – This Essential oil is processed by steam distillation of flowers. Besides it’s many uses, treatment of Rosacea is one of them. He soothes affected areas and reduces itchiness or redness caused by this condition. It also helps our skin to rejuvenate and heal.

Lavender Essential oil – This oil is also made from flowers of the plant. Similar to other oils it is made by distillation. Lavender oil can be used even if you don’t have skin conditions, to keep your skin healhty and glowing but for the ones that have Rosacea, it is very beneficial. It also has anti inflammatory effects and it calms our skin. We can also use it as anti yeast and anti microbal remedy as well.

Rosehip Essential oil – This oil, has a very big amount of fatty acids. And these acids are important for keeping our skin membranes healthy, as I mentioned earlier. Rosehip oil can be used on skin affected by Rosacea to ease down any conditions that are caused by this persistant disorder. And it is also used as an antiseptic that stimulates sebum production.

Primrose Essential oil – This oil is also made from Primrose. It is used as a food supplement and can also be taken by digesting. If you have Rosacea, you can apply this oil damaged skin areas. It will sooth any itchiness or redness.

Rosewood Essential oil – This oil makes our skin be more flexible, makes it rejuvenate, and this is why it is an excellent solution for skin in older people that is also affected by Rosacea.

Sea Buckthorn Essential oil – Sea Buckthorn Essential oil is used as a remedy for many skin diseases, and one of them is Rosacea. It has anti inflammatory effects and supports re- growth of our skin cells.

Rosacea treatment with Essential oils

One way to treat Rosacea with Essential oils is by inhalation. Use only few drops on cotton, of any Essential oil that is good for Rosacea treatment, and inhale. Don’t touch the cotton with your nose when inhaling so the oil doesn’t burn your skin.

Massage is also one of the options for treatment of Rosacea. 15 drops of Essential oils for Rosacea should be mixed with one ounce of oil and used for massaging the whole body, or areas that are damaged by Rosacea.

Mix of 7 drops of oil with one oz of moisturizing product, can be used on the skin especially after washing your skin when our it gets dried out by hot water.

Essential oils can also be used as a room spritzers. Distilled water with 20 to 25 drops of Essential oils can be mixed and used through spritzer bottle to freshen up any room and also help our skin get better. Just avoid spraying the mixture near your eyes.

This persistant condition can be treated. Whether you decide to use natural remedies or medications, you should be more persistant. As I mentioned in this article, there are many different Essential oils that can be used for Rosacea. They can both be used as a food supplement or for topical appliyng.

Essential oils and their benefits are well known for hundreds of years, and this is just one of their powerful effect. Always make sure to handle Essential oils the right way so you don’t hurt yourself. If you are not sure about these types of treatments, then avoid them. And if you are ready to try something natural and effective then you won’ be disappointed.