Best Spiritual Meditation Retreats in the UK

Meditation is a form of relaxation, healing and time we especially devote to ourselves. To be able to meditate you don’t need any equipment, no supplement or anything else. All you need during meditation is yourself and a place to sit down and relax.

If you are someone who meditates regularly or you simply feel like you are ready for a nice getaway where you can meditate in peace, then it is best to look for places in nature or even meditation centers. In the UK there are many meditation spots and centers you can visit.

We will list few examples of places especially made for meditation and also nature spots that are breathtaking and ideal for meditation.

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

This monastery is located in Cheshire. With his authentic Buddhist surroundings this retreat is ideal for peaceful getaway. You will be able to fully commit to your meditation without any disturbance and connect with others who share your love for meditation. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about meditation and spirituality in general.

Buddhist monks and nuns will introduce you to the proper process of meditation, and teach you how to reach higher levels of consciousness. This way you will be able to grow your vision of the world and expand your horizons.  Nearby forests are a natural deer habitat and during the winter, this center is a truly perfect place to be.

Dhanakosa Centre


Dhanakosa Centre is a converted farm located in Scotland. This center is also Buddhist and it offers its guests a chance to meditate in peace while surrounded by beautiful Scottish Highlands. Amazing nature and peaceful oasis is everything you need and more. Although it is a Buddhist center it is open for everyone.

Beautiful nature around Loch Lomond and Trossachs National park will offer you an amazing opportunity to experience meditation like never before.

Besides meditation, this center offers yoga, hillwalking, alternative health, artistic activities and Tai Chi. Meditation practiced in this retreat is meant for the ones who practice it more often and who have already reached a certain level of progress.

Dhamma Dipa Vipassana Meditation Centre

This meditation center offers you a chance to participate in a 10 day long course in Hereford. These teachings are a part of Burmese Buddhism, so if you haven’t had a chance to explore this kind of meditation it will be a life changing experience for you.

Vipassana is a word that comes from Indian language and it means to see the world like it really is. This means, opening your eyes to reality through the art of meditation. You will learn how to transform your mind and your body by the process of self-observation. This center has the capacity to accommodate around 130 students at the same time.

Herefordshire is a breathtaking place with valleys, rivers, forests and hills. You will be able to give yourself in to the nature and fully embrace the art of meditation without disturbance.

London insight meditation

There are few of these centers around London, and they are meant for people who have busy lives and who don’t have a lot of time for meditation. They offer peace and quiet, and they are ideal for everyone who needs some time alone and their homes are overcrowded.

Teachers in these centers are there to help you improve your meditation techniques and to show you how to fully embrace the art of self-observance. London insight meditation combines modern surroundings with authentic meditation techniques so that they are aligned with our busy lives.

Mindfulness based stress reduction

This meditation center is founded by a psychiatrist and it uses study based meditation together with secular system. It is also located in London, in Covent Garden.

This meditation technique is especially beneficial for those who have trouble controlling their stress levels and keeping them in balance. Stress is something we can’t avoid in our busy everyday lives, but there are ways to control it and reduce to a minimum level. This is why mindfulness meditation offers their participants group based courses. For the ones who are living far away, there is even a possibility to participate via phone and listen to the course.

Participants will learn how to avoid stressful situations and how to stay mentally healthy and stable.

Samye Ling


Again, Buddhist center devoted to this form of meditation. It is located in Devon and besides meditation, it offers its guests a chance to enjoy fine arts and natural living.

This center was founded in the 1967 and since then it has been a perfect retreat for all of the meditation lovers. This center is also the first center founded in UK, and it offered Tibetan Buddhist meditation courses.

You will be able to learn secrets of meditation from monks who have devoted their life to meditation and its practice. Beautiful and peaceful nature, with forests, rivers and valleys will be your dream getaway.

Aruna Ratanagira

This meditation center combines Therevada Buddhist meditation with Thai Forrest tradition. During the year you have few options for retreats from which you can choose the one best suited for you.

Center for world peace and health

This amazing retreat center is located on an island and surrounded by peaceful waters. This monastery is the biggest Buddhist monastery in the West and this retreat is available for everyone. Because of the beautiful nature around it, this monastery has a special policy devoted to saving the nature and keeping it safe for the future generations.

This center only works from April to October, so in the winter you won’t be able to visit this magnificent place. Island has few areas and they are especially made for flora and fauna of the island.

Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey

If you are someone who likes going somewhere remote, where you won’t be disturbed by a lot of visitors then this center is perfect for you. It is located in Northumberland and classes are taught by monks.

This retreat offers classes of Japanese Buddhism and weekend retreat is necessary before you can stay longer in this center. Form of meditation taught by the teachers is a Reflection meditation method. This form of meditation helps us to get connected to ourselves on a higher level and participants will be able to deepen their already learned knowledge.

Turvey Abbey

This Bedfordshire meditation center is located in the beautiful countryside next to the River Ouse. During the winter, a beautiful forest surrounding the center will give you an idyllic feeling of peace and calmness.

This meditation center is actually a Roman Catholic community. If you prefer meditation in form of practicing your own religion, then this monastery is the retreat you are looking for. Spiritual music, remote location and peace all around you will be enough for you to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Maenllwyd Retreat Centre

This center is located in Wales. It is safely hidden between Welsh hills and you will be able to experience remoteness in its fullest. There is no electricity no phone signal. You will be able to fully commit to your meditation and relaxation.

Since our everyday lives bring stressful situations and there is really no way around this, peaceful getaways like this are necessary for everyone. Center is actually a converted farmhouse and participants are accommodated here.

There are no rules about participants so everyone can come and practice their meditation in peace.

Manjushri Kadampa Centre

This former Augustinian priory was built in the twelfth century. ¸participant are able to experience Buddhist meditation techniques together with the help from teachers who live and practice meditation there daily.

There are many different classes from which you can choose from, depending on your goals and meditation experience. It is located in Cumbria.

Madhyamaka Kadampa Center

This meditation center is located in Yorkshire. Meditation center is actually inside a Kilnwick Percy Hall. This is a center of modern Buddhism and it is open for everyone who is interested. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you have previous experience, you will be able to find courses especially for you.

The Sharpham Trust

This retreat center is one of the best retreat centers in the UK. You can choose between houses and barns where you will experience solitude in the best possible way.

Nature surrounding the retreat is truly fascinating, and you will be able to practice meditation in the nature surrounding the retreat while looking at the beautiful valleys and landscapes. This is a perfect way to combine nature and meditation.

There are also courses you can choose from and that will offer you a new way of looking at meditation and self-observance.

Global retreat

This meditation center was founded in 1993 and it is located near Oxford. You can choose between one day relaxation retreats and longer stays. The administrator is Brahma Kumaris and his form of meditation offers you a way to see life in a whole new and positive way.

This is especially good for those who deal with a lot of stress and anxiety, so they can overcome these obstacles and live life in a fuller and more satisfying way.