Can Diabetics Eat Dates?

Whenever you crave for some sweets, your eyes perhaps go to candy store. No, please never do that, especially if you are diabetics. Candies aren’t suitable for your fitness.

So, how will you control your taste bud? While your doctor makes a diet chart for you and strictly excludes any sweet food from that chart, you possible feel frustrated. Like you, there are many people, who become annoyed with diet plan, intended to heal diabetes or to control blood sugar. Diabetics mean there should be no intake of sugar. Is this fact true? Some research shows that this is wrong. Diabetics have to manage their intake of sweet rather than the consumption of sweet. Controlling this sweet consumption will gradually diminish blood sugar. Dates may be chosen as a healthy option to non-natural sweeteners, and they may be easily found in the market.

Dates are sweet fleshy edible fruits, which have become popular by the Persian Gulf. The trees are highly able to endure extreme climates, in deserts or during winter. This fruit is not only hardy but also full of various nutrients, and that is why we often add them in our snacks.

Now, is it a suitable fruit for diabetics?

Nutritional value of dates

Dates have a huge amount of sugar that is often bad for many of the diabetics. But, on the other hand, they also have thiamine, vitamin A, vitamin B-complex and some minerals, such as, iron, calcium, magnesium etc.

Dates may offer fiber to your body; however, the interesting fact is that they have no cholesterol and fat. Digestive system turns out to be normal when an individual eats a huge quantity of fiber-rich foods. In 100 gm of dates, the fiber amount is about 8 grams. Studies expose the fact that mainly soluble fiber can be found in all varieties of dates. Such soluble substance lessens the cholesterol absorption by body cells; besides, glucose gets absorbed with the small intestine. So, it may be said that blood sugar level will not rise, when a diabetic enjoys dates of limited amount.

Eat dates and be energetic

You may choose dried and fresh fruits, as your ideal energy snack. Dates have sucrose, glucose and fructose, sucrose, and all these things make the fruit naturally sugary. In many nations, dates are often eaten in the breakfast. Potassium content of dates offers a heart-supporting potential.

Again, magnesium, present in it also, makes your bones much powerful and assists in metabolism. In addition to it, the slight laxative properties of this fruit also enable you to get rid of constipation as well as a slow digestive mechanism.

What’s more, dates are also applied in many tonics in order to boost up the condition of some reproductive organs and toughen the uterine walls. So, pregnant women always go for dates as their preferred fruit.

Dates with low GI – Best for diabetics

There is another factor for which dates are recommended by many practitioners. Glycemic Index is a unique option, with which you may be able to determine whether the fruit you eat is good for health. It is because higher GI means the fruit is risky for your blood sugar condition. In case of dates, the GI varies from 35 to 48, and thus, it is not so high for you to get concerned.

Interesting ways to add dates to diet

For diabetics, it is to best to have a fresh date in concentrated or dried form. Amount of dates must be chosen in such a manner that everyday consumption should not go beyond sixty calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates.

Besides, to satisfy your taste, you may eat dates in different combinations, which are outstanding for all diabetics. There are some more ways in which you may incorporate dates-

  • Three to four dates along with some milk may be a desirable means to supply energy to your body.
  • Chopped dates may also be combined with yoghurt to get a different taste
  • Make some tasty evening snack by mixing pistachios, almond nuts and two or three dates. It will make sure that stomach remains full for much extensive period. A serious diabetic patient may also discuss with a doctor before adding these to their diets.

So, choose dates as the healthiest substitute for artificial sugar, and control diabetes with its effect.