Can Diabetics Eat Oatmeal?

Diabetes is a life-long health condition that affects how the body produces and uses insulin. People with diabetes need to maintain a healthy blood sugar level, which is not so easy. The most important is the food they eat. It is recommended that diabetics eat foods that are low in fat and sugar but rich in nutrients and fiber. This way they will maintain a healthy blood sugar level and they will improve their overall health.

In this article we will deal with oatmeal that is known as a healthy breakfast worldwide. But, is oatmeal good for diabetics? Can they safely eat it or it can be harmful to them? Read along and you will find out, but first we will tell you something more about oatmeal in general.

More about Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a meal made from ground oats and it is usually used in breakfast cereals. It can be made of rolled, steel cut, chopped or instant oat groats where the husks of oat kernels are removed. Oatmeal is usually served warm and it is cooked with liquid.

We can also add different ingredients in our oatmeal, such as fruits, nuts or sweeteners. It is recommended to add berries to your oatmeal because they are high in antioxidants and they can be used as a natural sweetener.

Oatmeal has been known for its health benefits a long time ago. Due to its high content of fiber, oatmeal can regulate digestion and it can keep you full for a long time. This way oatmeal can also help in weight loss. You can make oatmeal the night before and reheat it in the morning. This way you will have healthy breakfast that you can prepare for a short time.

Is Oatmeal Safe for Diabetics?

Oatmeal is usually considered as a great food for people with diabetes. It is known that oatmeal has many health benefits. It has a low glycemic index, so it can maintain glucose levels in the body. This can be very beneficial for people who have diabetes.

As we have already said, people with diabetes need to manage the blood sugar levels. When oatmeal is used in its pure form, it can reduce the amount of insulin that diabetics need.

Also, this healthy breakfast can improve heart health. It is very important for people with diabetes because they are prone to heart disease. It is proved that regular consumption of oatmeal can also lower the levels of bad cholesterol. It is recommended to add cinnamon to your oatmeal because it is full of antioxidants and it can lower blood sugar levels and also prevent many heart diseases.

As you can see, oatmeal is generally safe for diabetics. If you consume the right amount of oatmeal, it can be beneficial.

But, sometimes diabetics should avoid oatmeal. It can have negative effects, especially for diabetics who have gastroparesis. If they eat oatmeal it can lead to bloating and flatulence because of the high fiber content in oatmeal. But, you can reduce these side effects if you drink water while you are eating oatmeal.

Also, diabetics should not eat oatmeal that is high in sugar and artificial flavorings.


As you have seen, oatmeal can be beneficial for diabetics and it can be a great addition to their diet, but only if you prepare it correctly. It means that you should use steel cut oats, water or low fat milk for preparing your oatmeal and you can also add fruits or nuts.

You should not add too much dried fruit and sweetener and you should never consume instant or prepackaged oatmeal.