Can You Drink Buttermilk?

Dairy products are great source of many valuable nutrients. They are very important for our health, especially when it comes to normal growth and development. People who don’t eat or drink milk products need to find a sufficient substitute for all essential material milk products provide.

There are numerous variations of milk origin food and beverage. Most people regularly drink plain milk, skimmed and low fat. We also consume a great variety of cheeses and other products, such as yogurt, sour cream and many more.

Buttermilk is nus product in the process of making butter. There are traditional and cultured buttermilk and both of them are used in human diet. Traditional buttermilk is obtained through the process of fermentation of milk sugar. Fermentation is activated by Streptococcus lactis bacteria, which gives buttermilk its distinctive sour flavor. Actually, it comes from allantoin, which is found in Streptococcus lactis culture. Milk is then left to sit in order to separate butter cream. Buttermilk is actually what is left over, after transformation of milk into butter is finished.

In earlier days, people would obtain buttermilk as a leftover after skimming butter from milk, leaving the liquid to ferment in a natural way. Modern food industry has taken care of it more quickly. Cultivated buttermilk is obtained by adding bacteria cultures to low fat milk. Thanks to colonies of good bacteria, buttermilk gets its creamy, distinctive flavor and many health benefits.

It has somewhat sour taste and it contains living organisms, so it is a kind of probiotic, similar to yogurt products. Bacteria that live in buttermilk are very resistant and powerful, so they can survive the digestive paths from the mouth to our intestines.

Benefits from buttermilk

Buttermilk is very good for our health and you can safely drink it. Interesting fact about buttermilk is that it is completely safe and desirable for people who are lactose intolerant. Thanks to bacteria which buttermilk contains, milk sugar lactose is processed into lactic acid, which does not require lactase enzyme to digest. Buttermilk is generally pasteurized, like almost all of milk product we drink.

However, raw buttermilk is also used. Unpasteurized buttermilk, cultured with Lactobacillus bulgaricus is often used for treating stomach problems, alone or mixed with yogurt. Bacteria cultures used in preparation of buttermilk are safe and good for our organism and they get us many health benefits.

So, you can certainly drink buttermilk and enjoy its health benefits. Buttermilk is good for immune system; it enhances it and improves general health. It is a good choice to drink during the hot seasons, because it reduces body heat. It is extremely good for our digestive system. Doctors often advise people who suffer from frequent stomach and digestion problems to increase their intake of buttermilk. Thanks to its beneficial bacteria content and lactic acid, buttermilk improves our digestive tract functions and eases stomach problems.

Buttermilk is also rich in many valuable and important nutrients. It contains great amounts of essential minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus. Besides minerals, it contains vital vitamins, like B12. Its name sounds fatty, but buttermilk is actually good for our weight. On the contrary, it could help weight loss. Compared to a cup of whole milk, buttermilk is lower both in fats and calories.

Therefore, regular consumption of buttermilk will provide our body essential and valuable nutrients, without intake of too much fat or calories. Some studies have shown that the friendly buttermilk bacteria could lower the risk from cancer, protecting the body from dangerous carcinogens.

Buttermilk is also beneficial to our cardiovascular health and it is good for our heart. This is explained by low fat content of buttermilk. You can drink it regularly and frequently and improve your health in many ways.