Can You Eat and Drink Raw Eggs?

Many of us like the taste of either boiled or fried eggs. An egg along with bread in breakfast seems to be a delicious food to you. However, have you decided to eat raw eggs? The thought of drinking raw eggs may be strange to you. But, you have possibly heard that many sportsmen consume eggs on a daily basis to keep their body healthy.

However, there are lots of people, who have doubt on whether raw eggs are really safe to eat. Now, the details on raw eggs may offer you a clear idea.

Benefits offered by raw eggs

If raw egg is introduced to everyday diet, you may get high amount of protein. A single egg consists of protein of about six grams, no matter whether the egg is solid or liquid form.

But, in accordance with some experts, the egg whites, which are heated, can be digested by us more easily than that of the white portion of raw egg with the help of stomach acid.

Vitamins and other nutrients in raw eggs

Both cooked and raw eggs have enough amounts of minerals and vitamins, (D and B-12). Though these two kinds of eggs hold different quantity of nutrients, their difference is very little. For example, a large uncooked egg has 99 mg of phosphorus, whereas a big cooked one, it is about 86 mg. A big raw egg has lower amount of vitamin D than that of a cooked egg of same size. Yolks of uncooked eggs have a reasonable quantity of Vitamin B6. Such heat-sensitive vitamin may get decreased after undergoing cooking process. Thus, the consumption of raw yolks makes sure of the highest assimilation of vital nutrient.

In addition to it, raw eggs are also able to fulfill your needs on iron, calcium, and potassium. There is also the presence of zeaxanthin and carotenoids lutein that can give protective against any damage to retina. Cooked eggs decrease the nutrients, which get an impact due to heat.

Biotin is also another element that offers almost twenty five percent of our everyday requirements for this vitamin. Such B-vitamin has an important function in improving our hair, skin and level of blood sugar. 80 percent of biotin may be available in yolk, while twenty percent remains in white portion.

Cholesterol content of the eggs

In a study, it has been shown that if there is low cholesterol in your body, then there may be depression in your mind. Thus, the presence of cholesterol in yellow yolk of eggs offers your health a protection.

Besides, it may also strengthen your mental condition and immune system.

Risk due to Salmonella

The possibility of getting contracted with salmonella after the consumption of uncooked eggs may make you believe that cooked eggs are more secure for daily consumption. As per a report from reliable source, almost millions of eggs are infected with salmonella; as a result, there are lots of people, who suffer from diseases, on every year. Due to this reason, raw eggs sometimes seem to be undesirable option for your daily consumption.

In accordance with some research, you may experience a 23 percent possibility of eating a salmonella-contaminated raw egg, while it is taken from caged hens. It is really a huge risk. If it is the case of organic raw eggs, there is 4 percent danger of taking salmonella. So, keep away from these eggs as far as possible.

The most significant factor while buying eggs, to eat them in raw or cooked form, is to recognize the label on eggs.

Grade of eggs (A/B) – Usual eggs that are sold with no definite terms of marketing, are taken from firmly confined fowls, which often do not see the daylight. They only get dosage of antibiotics daily.

Cage Free – It is one of the worthless terms, and by no means, it makes sure of decent treatment of hens. Cage free chickens are generally locked up in any filled shed. They get antibiotics as well as soy based feed.

Free Range eggs – This phrase indicates that the fowls have got accessibility to outdoor room. These pullets are generally de-beaked, provided with antibiotic substances and given grain-like feed.

Pastured eggs – These eggs are of hens that are enabled to stroll in grazing land. Chickens aren’t vegetarians, and they need to look for bugs. Though enhancing their daily diet with grain-like feed is a conventional approach, the fowls must also eat grubs. When you buy pastured eggs from any trusted farmer, those eggs do not need to be qualified organic.

In fact, a research has proved that that pastured eggs have considerably more amount of nutrients than the conventional ones.

Why pasteurized eggs are safe

Those, who do not normally consume raw eggs, may be face trouble with the consistency and the possibility of poisoning due to salmonella. Buying pasteurized eggs, available in markets, for slightly higher price than standard eggs, lessens the danger. Every pasteurized egg is warmed up in water under 136 F. It decreases the bacteria-related problem of salmonella. However, you have to do refrigeration of pasteurized eggs.

Who should not eat raw eggs?

It is recommended by experts that kids, women, and other people, who have compromised immune structures, must try to keep away from raw eggs. The interesting fact is that in the past age, these individuals were generally advised to eat raw form of eggs as the solid source for nutrients. Raw eggs may be nourishing and riskless, only when they are derived from proper source.

Though raw eggs may not be good for all, they are safe to some other people. You may make different plans to make use of uncooked yolks. These yolks may be added to everyday smoothie or whipped into home-prepared soup or chocolate milk. This is one of the most convenient options to enhance your consumption of nutrients.

So, try to gain some positive effects after consuming raw eggs. If you think that it is not suitable for you, then you may eat cooked eggs.