Can You Eat Cold Chicken?

Chicken meat is popular in various cultures and cuisines around the globe. It has an excellent taste, great nutritional value and it can be prepared in myriads of ways. Chicken is the primary meat source of protein in the world and can be a good substitute for red meat throughout the year. Chicken meat is recommended by many medical and food experts instead of red meat. It has lower fat content and in the same time represents a rich source of valuable and inevitable nutrients.

Many studies have shown that chicken meat could improve our health. It is especially good for older people who generally have lower intake of protein. It is also very good choice of protein source for people who would like to reduce their fat intake but still want to eat meat. The minimum fat content can be found in chicken breast. Removing the skin from chicken meat before preparation can also reduce the proportion of fat.

Chicken meat is good source of vitamin B complex, which plays an important role in metabolic process of energy production. It also protects our body from cancer and positively affects blood sugar level.

Chicken also contains a considerable level of selenium, which is essential element in several metabolic processes. It is vital for good hormonal balance and immune function. Selenium helps DNA repair and synthesis of damaged cells and also inhibits spreading of cancer cells.

Cold chicken on the menu

Chicken can be prepared in various ways and there are thousands and thousands of different recipes for chicken dishes. There are numerous recipes that enjoy worldwide popularity, such as various Asian recipes for chicken in different sauces, with peanuts and rice and many other ingredients. Baked, grilled, cooked, stuffed, stewed…chicken is frequently prepared and sevred on tables worldwide. It is used both hot and cold, in warm dishes and appetizers, in cold salads or in sandwiches.

Cold chicken is commonly used to make delicious meals, snacks and food to go, such as sandwiches. There are numerous recipes for cold chicken salads, pasta dishes and other food. So, yes, you can safely eat it. Cold chicken tastes very good and it is pretty endurable. If you store chicken meat leftovers proper way, you can safely use it to prepare something else or just to eat it later.

Almost all food can survive some time in refrigerator, but you should be cautious, especially when it comes to meat. Chicken leftovers would most probably be safe to eat after three to four days in refrigerator, but you need to store them properly. It is important because of prevention of developing dangerous bacteria growth.

You can save cold chicken refrigerated in any form, but just for a couple of days. If it appears good after four days, you could probably eat it without consequences, but the best advice is to discard it. You don’t want to get food poisoning or stomach problems from spoiled meat.

Chicken broth and soup, as well as cooked, fried, baked or grilled chicken leftovers can be stored in refrigerator for a couple of days. You can also freeze them. In order to prevent bacterial growth and keep it good, never place it in refrigerator or freezer immediately and let them to cold naturally.

Also, if you’re freezing a complete chicken dish, separate it in smaller containers for better cooling.

In restaurants, processed chicken leftovers can be frozen for up to four months. Food experts say that frozen chicken leftovers could be safe to eat indefinitely, if your freezer keeps temperature below 0 degrees. Of course, all frozen food loses its quality and taste as time passes by. Do not freeze chicken dishes that include mayonnaise, such as some types of chicken salad.