Can You Eat Mango Skin?

A glass of fresh mango juice or some pieces of mangoes can refresh our body. You know that we generally eat the soft pulp of rice mango that is very sweet in taste. The mango seeds are obviously inedible, but have you ever planned to eat mango skin? It perhaps seems to be an odd idea; however, the truth is that it is edible. These peels are bitter in taste but that bitter skin has lots of nutrients for you. So, never discard mango peel, and know how helpful, it can be to your body.

Every mango peel consists of almost the same nutrients that you can find in the flesh part. Moreover, in some cases, you may discover that the nutrients of skin are more in amount than that of the flesh.

So, what is the difference of eating mango flesh and peel? Sugar – You can find sugar (24 gm) and carbohydrates (28 gm) in the squashy flesh part. But, in some sugar skin, there are all the desirable nutrients, and at the same time, it helps you to avoid sugar and carbohydrate. So, you can control your diet with mango skin.

What you can get from mango skin includes:

Vitamin A and C – It is an essential nutrient, useful for those people, who need strong eyes along with perfect immune structure.

Similarly vitamin C also assists in repairing wounds, absorbing iron and restoring, skin, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels. As it is rich in antioxidants, it is capable of removing free radicals that sometimes cause trouble to your body.

Phytonutrients – The peel of fruit is full of extraordinary nutrients, which are intended to protect a plant against fungi, bugs and insects. Though many of them are not useful to our body, they possess lots of antioxidant properties, which may enable you to lessen cholesterol or decrease the possibilities of cancer. In this context, another thing, which is to be stated, is mangiferin that is available highly in mango peel. However, this element is present only in little amount in the fruits’ flesh. Mangiferin has effective antioxidants, which are able to ease inflammation and to prevent skin cancer or the effects of UV rays.

Fiber – This is another major consideration, while we talk about mango peel. Just as many other fruits, the amount of fiber, available in rough mango skin, is very high. So, mango skin may be able to make your digestive structure better and allow regular bowel movements.

Is mango skin riskless to your body?

Most of the people believe that mango peel is an unhealthy part as it holds urushiol, one of the poison ivy. As mangoes belong to the tree of same family, many people have the stated belief about its skin.

However, the main reason is that urushiol in mango is in very concentrated form in tree sap as well as in stem. Both of them are not consumed as portions of mango peel. It has been observed that those, who cannot endure urushiol, will perhaps have an allergy after eating mango peel. However, there are some simple ways, in which, you may realize whether you are also adversely reactive to mango peel. Take a mango skin in bare hand and see any unusual reaction. When you cannot do so, it is a good sig for you, and it confirms that you have no sensitivity to the substance.

However, you need to always keep in mind that the taste of mango peel is terrible, while you are eating it for the first time.

Although the mango peels may have a bitter flavor, there are some tips and recipes that you can choose to utilize the peel.

Smoothie – It’s the best option to use peels

You need to slice any unpeeled mango to make a blend by mixing it with some other kinds of fruits. Put some ice to it to prepare a wonderful smoothie that you can enjoy in the summer months. This process may be accomplished better, while your mango has very thin skin.

Or, it can also be tried out with very mango that has thin peel. If you like, you may also incorporate and flavorings in order to have a pleasant taste.

Chips – Have a crunchy time with it

To make chips, at first, remove the peel of mango and then cut it into a few pieces. Let it get dried under the sun in order to make crispy tasty chips, which you can enjoy as snacks or a kind of flavor to be used in some food.

Zest and pickles of mango peels

You may make delicious pickles with the use of mango skin. When you have prepared it, it is better to apply the pickle as topping or as an element of some meals.

A mango peel may be grated for the production of a zest to infuse smoothies, salads and some other food items.

However, the tastes of the foods with mango peels may depend on how thick your mango skin is. Thus, zest is not possible with all kinds of mango skins.

Eat the mango peel itself

You are possibly thinking whether you can really do it. In fact, this kind of approach may not be suitable for all, but you may better try it, at first with a small piece of peel.

Extracts from mango

It is also a different option for your preparation techniques. By buying an extract, it is possible for you to gain some benefits from mango skin’s nutrients. Or you may also plan to insert an additional extract to the smoothie of mango peel. While purchasing any mango for some purpose, you must choose the pesticide-free and organically-developed fruits. It is for the reason that the fruit’s skin is a part, in which many pesticides or other harmful substances will gather and stay behind. Though you can rinse all your mangoes and take away much amount of pollutants, it is always better to remain safe.

Thus, take pleasure in mango peel in different ways with no worry.