Does Broccoli Make You Fart?

Broccoli is very healthy, there is no doubt about it. Even though it is not on everybody’s list of favorite foods, it is important to include it in your everyday diet.

However, there is another concern about this vegetable, and that is whether Broccoli creates gas in our digestion or not. That and other interesting facts will be discussed in this article.

Beneficial effects of Broccoli

There are many beneficial effects of Broccoli. One of the most important one is the anti-inflammatory effect. Toxic substances that wonder around our body can cause extremely dangerous conditions. This is why detoxification process is important for our health, and the best way to do this is by consuming foods that contain detoxification components. Chronic inflammation can contribute to production of cancer cells, and our body by itself doesn’t have the power to fight these cells.

Broccoli also helps to fight chronic stress. This type of stress together with oxidative stress can progress the growth of cancer cells, so it is important to lower their presence.

Allergy substances can also cause inflammation to rise, and broccoli can fight this inflammation with phytonutrients. They are highly effective in this fight, and lowering the allergy components reduces the risk of chronic inflammation.

Vitamin C is another very important component of broccoli, and as we know this vitamin is very important for our health. He protects our eyes, our heart, our immune system and we need to consume enough vitamin C every day, to remain healthy. We get these amounts from our food, but in case of poor nutrition broccoli would be a great supplement. Together with his anti-inflammatory effect, he makes the best option for everyday consumption.

Broccoli contains vitamin E and manganese and zinc.

Intestinal gas caused by broccoli

Since broccoli has a very high amount of components that fight against inflammation and bacteria, gas might be a possible side effect. Bacteria that lives in our digestion, are broken down by these components. Raffinose, type of sugar, that we can find in broccoli, is the main responsible component for this process. Since our bodies need enzymes to process this sugar and since we don’t have them enough, this sugar needs to pass through our body.

If you are not used to eating foods that contain a lot of raffinose, then intestinal gas is a big possibility. Foods that also contain this sugar are Brussels sprouts, cabbage and beans.

To break down raffinose you can add supplements to your diet. They can prevent creation of gas while eating foods rich raffinose. Enzymes that break down the sugar can be taken in as supplements to ease down the effect of intestinal gas.

If your condition is way to difficult and you don’t seem to be able to process fiber rich foods, then lower their amount in your diet. Smaller amounts are recommended in the start until your body gets used to fiber and other components in broccoli. Remember that broccoli has cancer reducing effect, so it is always a good idea to include it in your diet.

To get the best result you need to eat broccoli raw. Any type of food processing, destroys beneficial components inside this vegetable, and then you are unable to receive these benefits in the best way. Broccoli can be a good indicator that something else is wrong with your digestion. So if your stomach doesn’t react that well to it, make sure to inform your doctor about it until the symptoms get worse.

Good bacteria-bad bacteria

Even though broccoli has a highly beneficial effect on our health, not everyone can eat it without causing himself more trouble. The amount of gas that will be formed in your stomach depends on your gut flora. If you have more good bacteria, then you will be able to fight against gas, and if you have more bad bacteria, eating raw foods will be a challenge.

What you need to concentrate on, is reduction of bad bacteria. They need to be present in our digestive system, but if their number is higher than usual, this is not good. The way you can reduce their number is by consuming foods that will regulate this state.

They include kefir, blueberries, bananas, beans, artichokes, and many others. You can get advice from your nutritionist, or even a personal plan that will be based on your overall condition. Symptoms of distorted gut bacteria levels are constipation, hormonal problems, menstrual complaints, high cholesterol, chronic bad breath, candida infection and many others.

It can be possible that your intestinal gas is only increased by consuming broccoli, and the main problem is much deeper. This is why it is important to regularly check in with your doctor, and do the necessary examinations. This way you will be certain whether the problem comes from simply not being adjusted to high fiber content, or if it is something more serious than that.

In any case broccoli can be helpful for determining your condition, and also to improve your overall health condition. His anti-inflammatory component has been proven so include it in your diet plan as much as you can. Every organic option is always better than medications, if they are effective in their fight against serious medical conditions.

So mix a healthy broccoli shake and make your body thrive. A little discomfort can’t be measured with the amount of beneficial components you will get.