5 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

The five of Cups symbolizes anxiety, fear, insecurity, loss, and inability to take a step further. Indicates the period of emotional distraction. It is likely that you will be confused with your own mental states because the unconscious part of you will have a fair share of influence.

In this period you will be faced with many “secrets of the past” that you will ultimately have to enlighten yourself. If you feel that you can not trust someone you trusted so far, that’s probably the case. Stand on inner voice and intuition. It is time to forgive someone who has been in pain, because that forgiveness will bring you great relief.

Message and interpretation of tarot card

There has been a change in some sort of relationship, it is necessary to release something that is deterring us, and from which we can not separate ourselves. Although we are in a difficult situation and the pain and disappointment are around us, when we find a way out of it, we are waiting for better times that will give us a chance for a new beginning.

Pulling these tarot cards are likely to feel themselves a great loss and emptiness, it is possible that we have a guilty conscience because we think we made a wrong move because of what’s come to this. The connection simply went wrong and everything we can do is release it and go on.

With this tarot card, a lot of people are lost, the heart hurts, but if we manage to turn a little around, we will see that there is hope. It is necessary to find strength, stop crying, realize that there is always the answer why there has been some kind of ugly change in life. Perhaps this current disaster was for our own good because it has a relationship without love who have long been doomed, but maybe our expectations were too high and we will be thankful that we have been making for a fresh start.

Although at first glance presents loneliness, aimlessness and regret for missed opportunities, 5 of cups are not interpreted as a heavy, punishing tarot card, but as inevitably face the consequences of their previous attitudes and behavior and well-intentioned lesson for the future. When interpreted independently, he announces disappointment with the subject matter of the issue.

Inside the system, its significance is subject to the influence of surrounding cards, and the 5 of Cups itself affects the meaning of the tarot card that preceded it.

Meaning for Love

5 of  Cups is one of the most rugged cards within the small Arcana that belong to the element of water. In the Light of the Soul is depicted in a dark scene in which only one cup stand upright holding fluid while the other four are scattered; two horizontally, two vertically. The key word is disappointment. Elsewhere, the scene is even worse. For example, in a tarot pile here it is a man who wants to get a cup but he has to change over at the last moment. She turns her back to the cups and goes squeaky and endlessly sad.

Obviously, the five of the cups is not a big positive one. Here the solitude is very pronounced. A man seeks strong emotions like disappointment. Here a person easily gets disappointed with a spouse, expectation from friends is not fulfilled, and perhaps the worst feeling is disappointment in oneself. Life is not what man was hoping for. The only thing we can do here is to accept the cruel reality of being born alone and dying ourselves. Nobody here supports us or we have the strength to support the environment. The question is whether we deserve to be emotionally supported and whether the environment deserves our support.

There is no lying or manipulation of emotions with this card. Things are the kind they are. Relationships are such that they can not be changed as much as they want to improve. Still, this card has a good side. Here the person is fair to himself. As I have already written, there is no lying, pretending that everything will be all right, that we are loved and that we love and love others. The five of the cups in itself carries cruelty. Deep-hearted disillusionment serves to make the truth not only perceived but already accepted.

No wonder that this card in the tarot of the Light of the Soul is identified with the astrological Mars in Scorpio. Otherwise, this planet in Scorpio feels great, but still carries a dose of darkness in it. People who are born with this position of Mars learn best through horrible emotional injuries. Just when they think they’re done, they can not stand it anymore, they are getting stronger than they were before. The five of cups is just this kind of energy. Not all is lost, the defeat has not yet come. Just take a different position, start a new way. A person is injured, suffers, is weak, but once he recovers, when he comes back to his feet he realizes that he is much stronger than he thought. This is a five of cups instruction; through pain to victory.

When this card appears in the opening it means that the person will be lonely, sad and weak. Painfully said, he will lick his wounds. They will be looking for ways to recover from emotional strokes. He will give his own spirit little by little. Success or emotional pleasure comes exclusively through the fight.

A five of cups is a card of loss, disappointment and regret. It usually refers to grief questions. In the opening, this card can tell you that you can not continue. The past is painful and wounds have not healed yet.

Upright position meaning

The Five of Cups are encouraging you to move on and leave behind what hurts you. This is a warning that negatively thinking about the future keeps you from moving. Now is the time to stop dearly for the past. In some cases, this card refers to the need for forgiveness. You must be ready to forgive those who have hurt you, and, more importantly, to forgive yourself.

If you have recently faced some loss or disappointment, you must overcome the sense of guilt and defeat. It is possible that this feeling comes from the fact that someone has left you or refused you (especially in love). If you’re in a relationship that only brings you pain and anxieties, now is the time to break it. Still, not everything is lost, because from there you can learn important lessons. Consider this experience as something that will help you to get to know yourself better.

In love matters, this card represents loss, divorce or divorce. If you are in contact, this card indicates a period of bad circumstances. Be careful not to compare your current partner with the previous one, it would be a big mistake. If you do not have a partner, you may need to face your fears that prevent you from entering a new relationship. Probably you have not overcome a previous connection, and because of that, you are refusing new opportunities, because you are afraid of being tied up from those old relationships.

  • loss
  • feeling of abandonment
  • painful memories
  • self-locking
  • the need to break an unhealthy relationship
  • need for forgiveness

Meaning for Job

You will be very confused and you will feel that you do not know which way to go. Have patience, do not speed up. If you are employed and this card appears to you, it is likely that you are doing the wrong job and that it is time to change it.

Meaning for Finance

Investment decisions will have to wait, not time for decisions based on the indications. The more you break your head with the possible solutions, that’s what’s coming to you. Relax and focus on other aspects of life.

Meaning for Health

It’s a great time to break with the debris. If you have health problems be sure to look for another opinion.

Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually you are very open and sensitive, it is important to devote yourself to reading and meditation. Let yourself be excited about the emotions that flow into torrents in this period. It is very important to forgive whom you need to forgive – this is the act that will bring you well-being.

Card in reversed position

The five of cups facing upside down symbolizes acceptance, ending of suffering and wound healing process. The card facing upside down can mean a light that invites you to return to the bright path.

However, it follows a period in which it is very important that you listen to what your inner voice is talking about because it is time to empower you to make changes. You go safe with self-acceptance and spiritual growth.

Stagnation, a place that leads to something new, expansion perspective, reflection, shadows, deepening the emotion, disappointment in love, end connections, unfulfilled expectations, emotional trauma, spiritual sadness, hypersensitivity, loneliness, impotence, unfulfilled expectations, lost balance, problematic relationships, unexpected interference.

In reverse position, 5 of cups may indicate that emotional pain begins to emerge. You are on the road of recovery and healing. This card also suggests you accept the situation as it is. You may need to face the fact that the connection is complete. At the same time, the more you will accept yourself as you are.

In some cases, this card also denotes a painful attachment to the past. You can not move forward until you overcome old wounds and pain. If you can not, you will feel trapped. You can project old experiences to the current situation. The only way to get rid of the past is to go back through the old experience and let your emotions be done at will until you completely empty them.

  • acceptance
  • pain passes
  • cure
  • strong attachment to the past
  • the need to forget some things

Frustration, loss, regret, indignation, deep sorrow, emotional wounds, refusal, lost hope, disappointment, heartache, indignation, melancholy.

Positive aspects of the tarot card

Learning from mistakes, valuable experience for the future, discovering secrets that are harmful, re-examining their own attitudes and actions, deep insight, removing bad influences, changing interests.

Negative aspects of the tarot card

Victims of false love or friendship for financial reasons, the consequences of wrong assessment or self-deception, excessive ambition led to disappointment, remorse, self pity, exploitation of another’s friendship and kindness, veiled pathological use and mental problems.