Dreams About Octopus – Interpretation and Meaning

An octopus is an extraordinary marine animal: the sack-like head is at the same time the body, from which usually emanate eight tentacles with two rows of suction cups. With its up to one meter long tentacles and the extraordinary physique, octopuses have inspired the imagination of humans for millennia. Horror stories about giant octopuses, which pull entire ships and their crew into the depths of the sea, used to be a regular repertoire for sailors.

Today, the octopus is caught mainly for the food industry. But for the scientists, too, the sea creature, which is also found at depths of up to 200 meters, is an interesting research object. Since he has neither bone nor a shell, he can squeeze through the smallest openings.

In addition, the octopus also seems to be very adaptive. For the Soccer World Cup 2010, the Octopus Paul achieved some fame because he is said to have predicted various successes of the German national team as an oracle.

On the one hand, an octopus can appear in a dream of a dazzling underwater world. On the other hand, the strange-looking exterior of the animal is also quite suitable for a nightmare. The dreaming can perceive the dream symbol as well as a monster as well as a fascinating Meeresbewohner. For the interpretation of dreams, the association of the dreaming with the octopus plays a role.

Dream symbol “Octopus” – The general interpretation

The octopus stands as a dream symbol for possessive behavior. In the interpretation of dreams, he can be a warning sign that the affection of a person from the immediate environment of the dreaming turns out to be almost overwhelming. The dreaming should defend himself against this grip and fight for the necessary freedom.

Possibly, however, the dream is meant by the dream as well. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “octopus” then wants to make the dreaming aware that he is clinging too strongly to someone. In both cases you should change something about the situation, because stifling affection does no relationship well.

Another aspect is the reference to an existing conflict in the dream interpretation of the dream symbol “octopus”. The dream shows the dreaming the difficulty of a situation and at the same time asks him to face it. The confusing number of tentacles of the octopus point to the complexity of the problem. But even if the facts seem complicated, it does not make sense to postpone a decision.

In the dream interpretation, the dream symbol “octopus” with its eight tentacles can also embody the dreaming’s ability to handle several tasks at the same time. Perhaps the dreaming man succeeds in real life particularly well to successfully deal with different people in different ways.

Dream symbol “Octopus” – The psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “octopus” in the dream interpretation is the expression of the attempt to unsubscribe from someone. The octopus symbolizes the dominant mother who controls everything. In the real world, however, this figure can also be the partner, friend or colleague. The subconscious articulates the need for personal independence with the dream of the octopus. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol can also point to the behavior of the dreaming. Perhaps he himself has a compulsive desire to keep the strings in his hands and to determine others.

Dreaming that the dream symbol “octopus” is killed and eaten, this is an indication in the dream interpretation that the dreaming shakes off certain character traits or behaviors in this way. His subconscious mind destroys in the dream the sides of his being, which he feels as threatening. An octopus is a wild animal that, in the interpretation of dreams, embodies the human primal instincts. In the dream, on the one hand, needs come to light, which one has learned to suppress through education.

On the other hand, in the dream symbol “octopus” also shows the instinctive ability that helps people to orient themselves in the world and to assert.

Psychologically, the dream symbol “squid” can also point to the urge of the dreaming for absolute control. He tries to control a person or a situation in the watch world in many ways and to include every little thing. In addition, the squid in the dream can illustrate the very possessive behavior of the dreaming in the watch world.

Dream Symbol “Octopus” – The Spiritual Interpretation

In the dream symbol “Octopus” shows the liberation of the spirit of civilizational constraints. In the interpretation of the dream, the sea creature symbolizes the energy fields and the vitality of the dreaming. The dream is an expression of the desire for spiritual freedom.

The term “squid” hides a collective name, which includes octopus, squid, sepia and nautilus. One of the largest representatives of this genus is the giant squid, falsely also often called giant squid, which, however, has only eight arms instead of ten. At a sea depth of more than 300 meters live giant squids, which can reach a size of up to ten to twelve meters with their long tentacles.

One of the first thoughts about the term octopus certainly applies to those poor who own such a marine life. On the one hand, the tentacles can fascinate us when we observe what the squid does with it. On the other hand, it can also be accompanied by a sense of fear, if we imagine that these many arms around our neck.

What does it mean when the squid appears in the dream? What does the dream interpretation of this dream symbol look like? Which interpretations are hidden behind it?

Dream symbol “octopus” – The general interpretation

In general, the dream symbol “octopus” appears to the dreaming, especially in a dream, when he has to make important decisions in the watch world. In order not to cause disagreements, the dreaming has so far pushed for these decisions. Now is the time to solve them.

However, this will only succeed if the dreaming consciously decides for a cause and sticks to this decision despite all adversities.

In the context of the octopus as a dream symbol the general dream interpretation knows different dream situations, which can be interpreted differently. If the squid in the dream on the body of the dreaming, it should make him aware that he feels overwhelmed in the watch world by negative emotions. Most of them do not come from inside, but are caused by difficulties or people from their immediate environment. He should think about how he can better protect himself mentally from such situations or people in the future.

If the squid in the dream shines in poisonous colors, this is to be understood as a warning of dangerous unconscious feelings. These may possibly bring the psychic life of the dreaming very much in disharmony. The sight of an ink squirting ink as a dream symbol indicates to the dreaming, according to the general dream interpretation, that in the watch world truths are concealed from him.

Dream symbol “octopus” – The psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream of a squid as a classic abnabelungstraum. The dream symbol “squid” symbolizes in such a dream the less good side of the mother, who wants to capture and control everything. The dreaming becomes aware with the appearance of the octopus in the dream that he wishes nothing more than his personal freedom and independence.

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Psychologically, the dream symbol “squid” can also point to the urge of the dreaming for absolute control. He tries to control a person or a situation in the watch world in many ways and to include every little thing. In addition, the squid in the dream can illustrate the very possessive behavior of the dreaming in the watch world.

Dream symbol “octopus” – the spiritual interpretation

At the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “squid” invites the dreaming to clarify his spiritual norms and direction.