Dreams About The Devil – Interpretation and Meaning

The name Satan means “opponent” and has its origin in the Jewish faith, influenced by ancient Persian religious beliefs. In many religions the devil’s idea still plays a role today; For example, Muslims who believe in Islam believe that nightmares are caused by Satan himself.

Satan examines the people before the divine judgment and accuses them of their sins. In the Christian faith, a devil concept has developed, which understands Satan as an angel, who was repudiated because of his rebellion against God and now embodies the antithesis to him the evil. From this epitome of the amoral goes up to this day a certain fascination, which manifests itself in satanist organizations and practices, but also finds expression in films or music.

As helllord Satan is depicted in pictures mostly with horns, tail and horse’s foot, his attribute is the trident, with which he torments the sinners. Accordingly, a particularly difficult child who cheekily dances the adult on his nose is called a “Satan’s roast.”

A dream in which one meets the devil himself, will probably scare the dreaming a lot. Maybe he also wonders what he has on his conscience and what he might be held accountable for. In dream interpretation, it plays a crucial role in what form Satan appears and what else happens in the dream.

Dream symbol “Satan” – The general interpretation

The dream symbol “Satan” has two very opposite sides in the dream interpretation. For one, he embodies the darkness. Where reason and intellect prevail without soul and goodness of heart, morality often falls by the wayside. The dream should cause the dreaming to critically review his attitude. Perhaps he has unilaterally focused his thinking and acting on profit and neglected ethical standards.

On the other hand, as a fallen angel in the interpretation of dreams Satan is also a symbol of untamed nature, ineptitude and creativity. Perhaps the dreaming is restricted by his exaggerated moral conceptions. The dream symbol challenges him to more fully accept his natural nature and needs.

In the dream to see Satan is almost always felt by the dreaming as a threatening situation. In dream interpretation, this can be an indication of fateful passions or conflicts. If the dreaming is friendly with Beelzebub, the dream symbol warns of false friends. If you kill Satan in a dream, it announces the decision to turn your back on such friends.

The dream symbol “Satan” can appear in very different forms in a dream. If the dreaming sees him in the form of power and wealth, he must realize that his influence is not enough to help others.

When the Prince of Darkness enters a man’s dream as a woman, he will retire from his lover. In the interpretation of dreams Satan can even hide in the music: The dream symbol then indicates that the dreaming is likely to fall for a trick.

Dream symbol “Satan” – The psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “Satan” reveals the characteristical weaknesses of the dreaming. The dreaming rejects certain features of his personality, which can only be displaced, but still persist.

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In the dream interpretation, the appearance of Satan clarifies the resulting conflict between consciousness and subconscious. The dreaming should face his oppressed needs, passions and fears, which are in physical form in the form of the dream symbol “Satan”. If he succeeds in adapting or accepting his ideas, he can use the energy thus released for other things.

Dream symbol “Satan” – The spiritual interpretation

On a transcendental level, the dream symbol “Satan” is a symbol of dark, confusing, death-bringing forces. In dream interpretation, the dreaming often points to the necessity of checking one’s own mental attitude and supposed or true friends for their moral stability.

The devil as adversary of God embodies the evil, the antichrist. Unbelievers do not go to heaven after their death, but go to hell to hell, where they have to atone for their sins. Even during his lifetime, the demon tries to dissuade people from their right path and to mislead them. In the past, a priest performed an exorcism when one believed that a person was possessed by the devil.

It is also sometimes said today that someone has the devil in his body, if that person only causes evil or is up to evil. Malefactors, criminals or enemies are therefore often associated with Lucifer in connection – so to speak, the beast in human form. In number symbolism, the number 666 stands for the devil.

In many fairy tales, legends and myths, the devil is still common today, and even in dreams the corporeal can appear. In some dreams it can even lead to a fight with the devil or to sex. He can be interpreted very differently according to the dream research.

Before devoting ourselves to the general, psychological, and spiritual interpretation of the devil symbol, let’s look at the dreams that many people experience. Maybe your dream is already here!

Dreams of seeing Satan

To see the devil in his dream means to deal with his own instinctive being. This analysis can – even in a dream – make fear, such as when Satan suddenly attacks the dreamer in the dream event. If you have seen the devil very closely, then dealing with the “wild” side is correspondingly intense.

Terrifying or exciting? A meeting with the devil in the dream world

To meet the devil in the general interpretation symbolizes the confrontation with one’s own fears and dark sides. It may be that it is traits of the dreaming, who meet with little enthusiasm in his environment. This may include envy, jealousy or rage. However, controlling these qualities is important when living with other people.

What did he say? Talk to the devil in a dream

If you talk to the devil, you are looking for a way to get to know yourself better in the watch world. The dreaming suspects that there are hidden fears and feelings, whose processing is worthwhile. The conversation with the demon in the dream shows that this own analysis is an important concern for the person concerned. In order to go into depth, one should treat oneself to a period of rest and to explore the soul.

Caution is advised! The pact with the devil in the dream

The pact with the devil is a dangerous thing even in a dream. Anyone who dreams of trading with the devil gives his subconscious an indication not to be seduced. Maybe there is a person around the dreamer who plans bad things.

Eroticism and love with the dream devil

Hot kisses from the devil – the dream interpretation

Kiss the devil? What is this strange dream? In general, passionate kisses in the dream interpretation stand for the close connection to other people. Love is not always involved, but at least a deep affection. Because the devil is traditionally the instinct ive, the evil and the seduction reflected in the dream interpretation, a kiss with Satan symbolizes the allure that these instinctive sides radiate on the sleeping.

In the dream seduced by the devil: Making love with Satan

Hiding with the devil and making love is certainly not an everyday dream – and yet this is experienced more often than average by sleepers. He warns to question his own moral principles. On the one hand, the dreamer wishes to fulfill his inner desires, on the other hand he would like to free himself from them.

A strange dream … Ironically, to marry the devil!

When you wake up from a dream that leaves a weird feeling, then you ask yourself after its meaning: If one has experienced one’s own marriage with the devil in the sleep, then the own characteristic “dark sides” are just a topic in the life of the dreaming. These traits can be exciting to discover – but also scary.

Dare the devil – How do I interpret the dream? Fearful dream “The devil haunts me!”

Who in the dream is pursued by the devil and thinks “Help, the devil wants to fetch me!”, The plagues in the guard world may feel guilty or fears. Even a sense of failure can burden the dreaming. The devil-pursuit also shows symbolically that traumas that have been overcome can still cause problems.

Dream symbol “devil” – The psychological interpretation

The belief in the devil is no longer up-to-date, but he still appears to people in their sleep very often. This dream image can appear in some people if they are not at peace with their religiosity. Usually there is then a problem that has been displaced and now shows itself as a devil in a dream.

If the dreamer has a very pronounced understanding of morality, the prince of darkness, as the devil is also called, shows himself in the dream world, in order to remind him that he should also embrace the natural in himself. This can also be the case with overly intellectual people.

Often the devil shows in the dream character weaknesses and psychological weaknesses of the dreaming. If the dreaming talks to the devil in the dream, then he should guard himself in the watch-world before a person who does not mean well with him. If the huntslider attacks in his sleep, the dreaming often behaves unruly in waking life or he is too much dependent on his personal advantage.

The negative and evil aspects of man are represented in the dream by the devil. You have to face the dreaming. Most of the dreaming in the watch world is afraid of his bad sides, which thereby show themselves as devils in the dream world.

Dream Symbol “Devil” – The Spiritual Interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of the dream, the devil is the symbol of the forces associated with darkness and death.