Dreams About Lightning – Interpretation and Meaning

A lightning is an impressive force of nature that shows itself in the form of a spark discharge as an line in the sky. Mostly it is accompanied by thunder and appears during a thunderstorm. The reason is an electrostatic charge in the water droplets of the clouds. Since lightning also causes electric currents to flow, it can cause damage or fire, making lightning so dangerous and dreaded.

Why the flash itself or a lightning strike in the dream is so exciting, explains our dream symbol interpretation:

Dream symbol “Lightning” – The general interpretation

When a flash is seen in the dream world, it is often interpreted as a symbol of sudden revelation. He provides by his sudden illumination for an acute clarity in a situation or events.

Lightning and thunder appear in the dream world, then they announce luck and wealth. This is especially true of the people who already have some wealth. In the dreams of poor people, wealth and happiness will be short-lived. If the flash is seen as weather lights, he announces good news.

Negative is the dream image to interpret when the flash appears without thunder. In this case, he announces strife and anger in the watch world. A lightning strike often tends to be bad news. When lightning strikes thunder, there will be a loss in waking life. If he strikes close to the dreaming, who can still feel the impact in the dream, then problems and annoyance threaten by a friend or by talking.

If the clouds are dark and seem threatening, the lightning in the dream world heralds sorrow and threatening losses. In this case, the dreaming should take care of his business and his family.

If the dreamer is struck by lightning in his sleep and injured, this indicates a serious illness. If he is hit and not injured, then he will escape an impending danger.

Helpful for the dream interpretation is also the direction in which the dreamed lightning can be seen. In the south, it is a sign that success will take a while to come. Much better is a flash in the southwest, because then the luck comes to the dreaming. The dreaming will get better prospects in the waking life, if the lightning in the west is to be seen.

But the East is interpreted particularly positively, because if the lightning is there, the dreaming will soon be able to gain wealth. There are still some obstacles that must be overcome if the lightning appears in the north. But even then it will be better for the dreaming sooner.

Dream symbol “Lightning” – The psychological interpretation

In the psychological dream interpretation of lightning is divided as a dream image in two variants. If he is only a short appearance, seen in the sky, then he symbolizes a sudden idea, a good idea or an insight that will help the dreaming.

If, however, the dreamer took the lightning as a force of nature, then this points to sudden aggression of the dreaming, which are caused by repression and congestion in the affect. Like lightning, the dreaming also tends to discharge uncontrollably when the physical or mental tensions become too great.

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According to Sigmund Freud, there is a phallic meaning in lightning as a dream image. That means the lightning in the dream refers to the male member.

Dream symbol “Lightning” – The spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, lightning is interpreted as the mighty and fast fire of heaven.

While many people enjoy watching the natural spectacle of a thunderstorm in a warm home, others fear lightning and thunder again. Especially children and animals are afraid of the loud noise of thunder – especially when the thunderstorm is directly above their own location. If someone experiences a thunder in a dream, then this dream image often creates strong feelings in the dreaming, which can also be found in the dream interpretation and can influence whether your dream should be interpreted rather negatively or positively.

Thunderstorms have been around for many millennia and perhaps since the beginning of the world. Because people did not have any permanent houses at the beginning, they were all the more exposed to the thunder and then more often witnessed this spectacle.

Therefore, the thunder is also a dream image with a long tradition.

Dream symbol “Thunder” – The general interpretation

Meteorologically, the thunder is produced by lightning in a thunderstorm. When a lightning bolt moves through the air, so to speak, the temperature rises extremely fast for a short time, causing the air to expand and make the thundering noise of the thunder.

The fact that the thunder can only arise during a thunderstorm, it occurs in a dream usually in connection with a lightning storm. So it could be useful if you include in your dream interpretation of the thunder also what the thunderstorm and lightning mean as a dream symbol.

In the interpretation of dreams, lightning often stands for spontaneous, lightning-like enlightenment or a sudden vision. If the lightning is accompanied by thunder like in this dream, it could mean in the dream interpretation that this realization is loudly announced by the thunder. Maybe the dreaming should pay more attention to new ideas or he will soon gain an important insight that could change his life.

Lightning and thunder in combination announce a dream image sometimes but also the reunion with a valued person, which usually happens quite unexpectedly.

Often interesting in interpreting a dream of thunder is how distant the thunder is from its own location. In the dream, if you only hear the thunder remotely, then the dream image may symbolize problems that have not yet been resolved and therefore can still cause difficulties in your life.

If you dream of a distant thunder, then the dream image can also bring you positive news: So you have the opportunity in a difficult situation and enough time to control the situation yet.

Should it in the dream thunder directly over the own house, then the dream symbol stands mostly for the worries of the dreaming, who is afraid of a loss of financial means or damage to own possession.

Dream symbol “Thunder” – The psychological interpretation

The thunder has always been considered in a dream as a symbol of energy and power. If the thunder in the dream occurs together with a flash of lightning, then it also embodied a tool of the gods. A thunder could cause both positive things such as clarification and purification, as well as meaning suffering and grief in the negative sense.

A common dream interpretation of thunder refers to pent-up negative emotions such as anger. If you hear it thunder in the dream, then your subconscious may want to give you the warning that your pent up anger may soon be out loud.

Most of the time, the dream image should also encourage you to find another way to unload that anger and aggressiveness so as not to hurt other people and cause dissatisfaction.

Dream symbol “Thunder” – The spiritual interpretation

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The thunder reflects in the spiritual interpretation of dreams a strong anger, which can even represent the rage of the gods with a terribly loud thunder rumble.

Thunder has always been the symbol of power and energy. In connection with the lightning he was considered a tool of the gods. He was both grief and suffering with it as well as clarifying. Thunder, heard in a dream, can be a warning of impending emotional discharge through pent-up anger, anger or other aggressive emotions. The dreaming has pent up this energy, which finally has to find an outlet, because it can cause a lot of mischief, – this danger must be recognized in good time and defused as possible, before it comes to conflict and dissatisfaction. These feelings may have already discharged. One has toIf the thunder goes along with lightning, you may unexpectedly meet a person with whom you celebrate a joyous reunion.

  • The thunder without lightning announces according to Egyptian dream gibberish bad news.
  • Distant thunder can be a problem that persists.
  • Thunder right above your own home suggests that you are worried about losing money or property damage.
  • Thunder in the theater asks not to make much noise for nothing, because that does not pay.
  • If the thunder can only be heard from afar, there is still time to gain control of a very difficult situation.


On the spiritual level, thunder rumble means deep rage or, in extreme cases, even the wrath of God.

A thunder without a lightning means, because it comes unexpectedly, attacks and attacks, a lightning without thunder vain fear – for after the lightning one expects a clap of thunder, which is nothing more than a threat because of the noise. When he is not heard, he evokes fear that is unfounded. interpret the other dream symbols in order to know why it thunders crash in your sleep.