Dream of Receiving Silver Coins – Interpretation and Meaning

Money plays a big role not only in the watch world, but also in our dreams. But hardly a dream symbol is as ambivalent as the good money. Dreams of money can be interpreted in an awful lot of different ways.

The importance of money dreams depends on many factors. So it is very relevant to which currency it is, whether it is notes or coins, whether it is found, loses, earns or spends. Equally important is the context of money in the dream. You can generally be rich or poor in a dream, or be in a bank or a tax office.

All these and other factors are to be considered in the dream interpretation of money dreams. In addition, the meaning of money in the dream can be material, spiritual, or even sexual.

Interpretation possibilities of money in the dream

Dreams of money can be interpreted in many different ways. It can stand for material values, but also for mental energy or sexual needs.

Money dreams, psyche and energy

In the dream money is rarely for real money or material values. It is often interpreted as a symbol of mental and psychic energy in terms of mental resources. To dream of a lot of money can therefore mean that you currently have a lot of energy, powerful and mentally balanced.

On the other hand, a lot of money in the dream can also be interpreted in such a way that one desires this energy, that the dream of big money therefore means that one longs for the money, respectively the energy.

Poverty and bankruptcy are interpreted as symbols of spiritual poverty. One can interpret these and related dream symbols as a sign of immaturity or possibly as a self-knowledge of their own stupidity, but also in a positive sense as an invitation to care more about his mental health. Dreams of poverty and bankruptcy have a warning function here, as they suggest that you should change your lifestyle so as not to lose your energy completely.

Financial transactions in dreams represent in this school’s own flow of energy. Therefore, the transfer of money means that you use energy. The recipient of the money in such dreams is often a clear indication of where this energy flows to, who or what the dreaming energy costs or withdraws. Receiving money symbolizes the same process, only the other way round.

Another interpretation of money dreams is that the money is for your own self-esteem. It symbolizes how valuable you think. Anyone who, regardless of their real economic circumstances, sees themselves as poor people in the dream, should, according to this doctrine, think about their self-esteem and question why they think so little of themselves. Dreamed wealth, therefore, testifies to a very strong self-esteem and a positive self-perception.

Money dreams and own finances

Money dreams can also be interpreted very pragmatically. In people’s minds, money is as important as sex. It has been proven that statistically every person thinks about sex several times a day. It’s the same with money.

Having my little money, you are constantly pondering how to handle it as sparingly as possible, and are always plagued by financial worries. On the other hand, if you have a lot of money, your thoughts usually keep turning to how you can keep it and get more out of it.

For example, when dreams of money arise in situations where you are intensely concerned with your finances, such as buying a car or a home, the thoughts about it are likely to continue in the dream form. If one is rich in real life and dreams of poverty, this interpretation is often a symbol of the fear of losing one’s money. The money can also refer to other things that are dear and dear to the dreaming.

In the opposite case, the same principle applies. Dreaming as a poor man of money, shows in the dreams of the desire for their own assets or the hope to get something else valuable in the near future. This valuable does not have to be material in nature, but can only be personally valuable, such as the beginning of a new love relationship.

Money dreams and sexuality

Dreams of money are also sexually interpreted in the spirit of Freud. Money has always been power. Power in turn is mostly related to sex. You can not buy love with money, but it is not a problem to at least get sexual services. Money stands at this point symbolic of power and potency.

Sexually triggered money dreams often involve money transfer, mostly in the form of coins. Coins are interpreted according to Sigmund Freud as a dream symbol for the male seed. This is delivered or receive. Inserting a coin in something, in the slot of a machine or in his wallet, a clear reference to sexual intercourse becomes clear. In the sexual interpretation of money dreams it depends on the type of money. Coins are here for the male seed, whereby here the material or the color plays an important role. Golden coins are interpreted as symbols of the archetypal animus, the masculinity. Silver coins are usually interpreted as a sign of the female, the anima bronze or copper coins are gender-neutral, but are generally considered a bad sign, since they are not very valuable.

Dreams of such cheap coins can be interpreted as fear of losing his sexual potency. By contrast, banknotes offer space for a great deal of information as a printed paper. They are usually considered to be playful or childishly naive, and therefore may indicate infantile cravings.

Meaning of Dream Symbols in Money Dreams

Money is not a typical dream symbol, since it is a category, much like animals or elements. Due to the different possibilities of interpretation of money dreams their interpretation is not very easy. In order to correctly interpret dreams about money, one has to interpret the specific dream symbols. There are many dream symbols related to money. Here are a few examples: Stocks In the dream, equities can be both a success and a risk. To be successful in stock trading requires some skills, such as analytical and forward thinking, but also a strong courage to take risks. Those who dream of stocks are likely to soon succeed and benefit from a particular action.

However, he is also aware of the risk that the action could backfire. On the emotional side, stocks in the dream are mostly for the character traits of the dreaming, which he should either promote, but without overdoing it, because the risk of loss suggests that it could be too much of a good thing. Aroma Arrogance is almost always emptiness and can relate to both the emotional and the material realm. Dreams of poverty point the dreaming on existing deficits, such as lack of social skills or joylessness. But it can also stand for general feelings such as fear of loss or in general.

Paying taxes

Also the tax office is mentioned in many dream reports. It is usually a negative dream symbol. On the one hand, most tax offices are bleak buildings of low aesthetic value that stifle every hint of joy.

On the other hand, the tax office is a body to which taxes are deducted and money is withdrawn. Translated to the interpretation of dreams one can therefore say that a tax office in the dream symbolizes something that deprives the dreaming energy, and without that he can do much about it.

Financial investment

If you invest your money, you are closing a long-term business from which you expect a certain profit. Dreams of investments therefore point to positive expectations, but also testify to a need for security. A financial investment is in the dream, however, just as a disruption of their own energy flow. The invested money is still available, but it is no longer freely usable.

The river, so to speak, comes to a standstill, one part of the energy is virtually parked, only the other part is left over. Such a dream can mean that one may judge his situation as stuck and one can only dispose of part of his power freely.

If you win money in the dream or make high profits, the money is symbolic of positive energy and new power.

In the dream, gold stands for wholeness and wealth. What is meant is not material, but spiritual wealth. Thus, the meaning of gold in the dream is usually with particularly valuable emotions and characteristics.

On the other hand, gold also symbolizes power, influence or power. In the modern interpretation of dreams, gold is often interpreted as a sign of security, since buying gold is becoming increasingly popular as a means of safeguarding assets and thus of securing one’s livelihood.

Depending on the dream context, a dream of gold can represent the positive hope of discovering or living out its best personal qualities. Or it is a warning space with the message that you do not focus too much on material values ​​or money or power.

Who buys something for money in the dream, performs a classical trade. He gives someone money and gets something in return. Translated into dreams, this means that the dreaming gives up some of his energy, but also gets something back. The energy flows, it is worth investing in something.

To have debt is a dream symbol, which is usually pretty direct to interpret. The meaning is already in the name, because debts in the dream are usually for debts in real life. This means that only in the rarest cases financial debts, but usually an emotional debt. The dreaming has probably done something wrong and feels guilty to someone.