Dreams About Storms – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams that are often perceived as very negative and disturbing dreams are dreams of natural disasters.

Regardless of the nature of the natural disaster, ie flood, flood, conflagration, volcanic eruption, earthquake or other disasters, these dreams are always interpreted in the interpretation of dreams as a sign of strong feelings.

Natural disasters mean strong feelings

In the dream interpretation the elements are assigned to certain feelings. So fire is an element of passion or water of life. Dream symbols of the elements are, however, all ambivalent, because if you look at water, for example, it is vital and at the same time dangerous because you can drown in it as well. It is similar with fire; it can destroy life, but at the same time it gives you the necessary warmth.

These are just a few examples. We have already discussed the significance of the four elements at this point. Dreams of natural disasters always have two things in common, regardless of element and concrete disaster. A common feature is that an element is the focus of the dream, and with all its might. The emotion that represents the element is just incredibly much there, omnipresent and beyond all other dream content.

The second commonality lies in the nature of the word catastrophe. A natural disaster is always associated with devastation. Dreams of natural catastrophes act in their depiction of destruction through emotions, but they do not automatically mean that you are in a phase of emotional (self-) destruction.

A storm is a storm with a wind speed of at least 75 kilometers per hour. Quite literally is the calm, which often precedes the storm: It is strikingly calm, animals hide and make no sound more. The term storm sometimes also refers to an attack as well as the forcible capture of a building or a military position. In everyday language, for example, we encounter a storm of emotions, a rush for certain goods or a stormy embrace. In addition, there are various manifestations of the storm, including hurricanes and hurricanes such as the hurricane or the tornado.

If one dreams of a storm, the wind may actually be loud during the night. Gale-force gusts can be very threatening on the dreaming. But he may be curious what will happen when the storm has died down.

For the dream interpretation of this dream symbol above all the living situation of the dreaming is decisive. What does he want to see swept away, what kind of change does he fear?

Dream symbol “storm” – The general interpretation

In dream interpretation, forces of nature are associated with strong emotions. In the dream symbol “storm” these emotions are related to the element air, which concerns the mental area. A dream in which a storm wreaks havoc is a sign of serious change. Perhaps the dreaming is in his personal development at a crossroads and must decide whether he wants to stay on the usual path or whether he wants to radically change old ways of thinking and acting as well as inner attitudes. If a storm occurs more often as a dream symbol, this is in the dream interpretation a warning signal for emotional difficulties and mental imbalance. In any case, the dream encourages the dreaming to deal with his current life situation.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “storm” is generally considered to be a sign of profound changes and shocks associated with destruction. However, if the dreaming is in a distressed situation, the storm in the dream is a good sign for him, because it is possible that this sweeps the problems and clears the air.

Whoever sees a storm in a dream, be it from a safe distance or in the middle of it, should prepare for impending conflicts. He may need to fight for his position or beliefs in the workplace or among friends.

If you see a weather vane in the dream that bends and trembles before a storm comes up, this indicates the passion of the dreaming, who is currently working for a certain cause.

Dream symbol “storm” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “storm” embodies an intense psychological shock. The scary thing about such dreams is the uncontrollability of emotions. The storm is in the interpretation of the dream a symbol of the out of control soul. If a gently blowing or refreshing wind is usually a positive thing, it turns into a destructive force with increasing strength. In the interpretation of dreams, this phrase corresponds to the psychic state of the dreaming, whose subconscious beats over the strands in the form of the dream symbol “Sturm”.

The turning movement that the wind makes in a cyclone is in the interpretation of the dream an expression of the disorientation of the dreaming. Maybe the dreaming is driven by inner restlessness. His thoughts constantly revolve around the same thing, without reaching a satisfactory realization. The dream symbol “storm” pictorially represents the hopelessness of the situation, which in the long run has a destructive effect on the soul. In the dream the dreaming recognizes his problem, now he should approach it in the reality.

Dream symbol “storm” – The spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “storm” is in direct connection to the element air. As the breath of life it stands for intellect and spiritual energy. In the interpretation of dreams, the storm is the power that emanates from the human mind, but also the spiritual qualities of many things around us that can whirl the old state in favor of the new one with tremendous energy.

Hurricanes are very strong storms that can cause massive devastation. Therefore one wonders with the dream symbol “hurricane” fast, whether one must adjust oneself now to destructions in his life. Or what does a hurricane in a dream refer to? In the interpretation of a dream, however, not only the dream symbol itself should be used. Important are always the feelings during the dream as well as the dream context. Only by incorporating as many details as possible can the “correct” design be found.

Dream Symbol “Hurricane” – The general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “hurricane” as a sign of a strong inner restlessness of the dreaming. This unrest is caused by unconscious processes and can plunge it into a serious crisis if the causes are not consciously worked on. So, if you dream of a hurricane, you should first ask yourself what is haunting him in the watch-world and stirring him up inside. These can be both people and certain life situations. But this can only be found out through an analysis of personal circumstances.

Through a hurricane in the dream, the dreaming can also become aware that he is in a very difficult situation in the watch world. However, this will not last very long and then rest will return to his life. If the dreaming sees storm damage after a hurricane in the dream, this dream situation can illustrate that he must adapt to some changes after overcoming a problematic phase of life. However, they also offer a chance for a new beginning and the dreaming may possibly set new course in some areas of his life.

Dream symbol “hurricane” – The psychological interpretation

In the psychological dream interpretation, the hurricane as a dream symbol wants to illustrate to the dreaming that something inside has got into disorder. The dreaming feels inwardly confused and thus he has his life no longer under control.

Over time, this condition can lead to loss of substance. If the dreaming sees himself defying the hurricane in his dream, he will succeed, even in the watch world, in regaining control of his inner disorder. You may also need help from the outside. In addition, a hurricane in the dream can point to a deep mental dismay, which is based on fears or disturbing experiences.

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If the dreaming is in the midst of a hurricane in his dream, this is to be understood as a strong indication that he feels in the awake life from the external circumstances driven back and forth. He should now pause and gather to find his way out of the difficult times.

The search for shelter from a hurricane in the dream mentions, psychologically speaking, the serenity of the dreaming during a chaotic time.

Dream Symbol “Hurricane” – The spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, the dream symbol “hurricane” refers to a great spiritual confusion and unrest of the dreaming. He feels swaying in the guard world and is looking for a path to his spiritual self.