Dreams About Jewelry – Interpretation and Meaning

Jewelry basically serves to complete an outfit and make us more beautiful. However, the importance of jewelry is now far beyond.

The jewelry may include a necklace, a ring, earrings, a diadem or a bracelet. Just real pieces of gold or silver, which are perhaps even studded with gemstones, are usually expensive and valuable.

For this reason, such jewelry can also become a status symbol through which one’s own wealth and success in the world should be expressed. In addition, jewelery such as engagement or wedding rings, but also diadems, above all, have an emotional value.

As versatile as the meanings of jewelry in real life are, they can also be when jewelry appears as a dream symbol. In our dreams, we occasionally put on jewelry. Often it is also dreamed of giving away jewelry or getting it yourself. But what can these dreams mean?

Dream symbol “Jewelry” – The general interpretation

Jewelery always refers to the external effect that someone wants to create. Whoever puts on or already wears ornaments in a dream, he generally thinks of vanity, perhaps even of arrogance – that is perhaps not aware of the dreaming consciously. In real life, the person concerned simply wants to stand in the best possible light and disguise his or her mistakes.

However, he threatens to be easily seen through by his fellow man. He can not really win honest sympathies with the others.

The dreaming should therefore try to become more honest, especially to himself. Very likely behind his behavior is a low self-confidence that he wants to overplay.

The opposite is true if you see someone else wearing jewelry in the dream. In this case, it is the affected person himself who falls into the self-representational manner of another. He is too easy to impress and could be exploited.

The gift of jewelry is also a symbol of appreciation. In this case, the dreamed jewelry represents a kind of wealth that has nothing to do with money. It is more about, for example, particularly charming traits. The affected person allows other people to share in these values.

If he gets jewelery for himself, someone feels emotionally drawn to him. The dreaming should be aware of this through the dream. Maybe he reciprocates the other’s feelings. Then he should finally dare to take the first step.

Dream symbol “Jewelery” – The psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, jewelry provides clues as to how the person affected stands by himself.

It should be taken into account what the worn jewelry looked like and whether it was expensive and high quality or not.

Depending on these factors, it becomes clear whether the dreaming is self-reliant and inwardly in harmony with himself, whether he doubts himself or whether he is inclined to overestimate himself and to urge for self-assertion.

The gift of jewelry is, according to psychoanalysts, a sign that one is trying to force an emotional relationship.

Dream symbol “Jewelery” – The spiritual interpretation

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According to the spiritual interpretation, jewelery in dreams is a symbol of positive respect for oneself. He can also show honorable behavior and dignity.


Jewelry usually indicates that the dreaming possesses or has something valuable in life. If another person gives him ornaments, this documents the appreciation he has for the dreaming, – if the dreaming gives away jewelery, this means that he has something to offer to other people. Jewelery in the dream represents the qualities he has acquired through difficult experiences that he appreciates in himself and can easily show to other people.

Jewelry can also symbolize love that the dreaming gives or receives. If a woman gives jewelry to a man, it is a sign that she is attracted to him.


The jewelry is in reality a status symbol. In the dream he can express the desire for affection and appreciation, but also, when dreaming of very or very impressive jewelry, a reference to ambition, vanity or to rather unrealistic desires of the dreaming be. Jewelery (decorating) illustrates that one does not present oneself honestly to the outside, but tends to excesses and self-overestimation, because one strives for reputation and validity. Whoever puts on jewelry in a dream wants to decorate himself in conscious life, in order to distract others from their own mistakes. If we give away jewelry, we want to force a cordial relationship with our environment, because we may not be too convinced of ourselves and of our abilities.

Jewelery in the dream is often a symbol of the feelings, which the dreaming shows itself to itself. It matters whether the jewelry is valuable, whether it is a fake or cheap costume jewelry. This allows conclusions about the self-esteem of the dreaming or how it is assessed by other people.


On the spiritual level, jewelery in the dream represents honor and self-respect without the vanity often associated with it.


Dreaming one, he carries a chain of gems and pearls, he will get a very high state office and rule the people well, – he loses the chain or breaks it, he will lose office and dignity. If he thinks that the gems and pearls have been stolen from him, he will rule the people badly. More about meaning of some specific gems you can read on MyStoneMeaning.com.

To bear on the chest a golden bag predicts distress, oppression and illness, – the dreamer pulls out the bag, he will shake off the affliction.

If someone wears an ear pendants, he will combine beauty with power and produce a daughter for the ears.

If one fancies that he wears a girdle of gold, precious stones and pearls or a sash, he will in the middle of his life gain great power, a good name, rich possessions and a son who will honor him.

If one gets a lot of silvery works of various kinds, he will be entrusted with secrets, and he will gain power and wealth according to the number of pieces; – if these treasures have been given to him in a sack or other container, he will be entrusted with a secret and money to give into custody.

If somebody receives a silver sash from someone and puts it on, he will travel with the imperial express mail on official assignment, do it well and become wealthy. If someone wears massive pearls on both ears, he will experience joy in his daughters and wife – the ears mean women.

If someone melts gold or silver in a smelting furnace or if he melts the metals in a pit, he will be charged and punished by the ruler.

If one finds a silver ornament, distress and deceptive worries will plague him.

If someone buys a lot of big pearls, he will find wisdom, knowledge and joy in his house according to their number. Beads mean joy and wisdom according to their size. If it is a lot of small pearls, wisdom and joy will be of lesser degree. In many cases, all this also means fear of the authorities.

If one dresses his garment or coat with pearls and jewels, he will receive joy and even more power if he is a ruler; one of the common people will tremble and tremble before the authorities, for this jewelery is due only to emperors and rulers.

Dreaming one, he finds a Hyacinth, he will marry a woman out of love, – if he buys the gem by weight, he will make a marriage contract with her and discover malice and quarrelsome at her.

If someone takes a golden wreath from a dead person or from a grave and if he thinks that his stones have faded, he will gain money and fortune from a hostile ruler.

If someone has swallowed a pearl, he will gain wisdom and be powerful in word and deed.

If one steps or goes on pearls and jewels, he will, blinded, will despise his faith, if he thinks he will buy it to possess it he is the protector of the true faith.

See: you have many desires, but only a few will be fulfilled,

-buy: you are wasteful,

-have: if you want to keep your money, use it more sparingly, bear: your vanity will fall on,

– others see you carrying it: it is important not to misjudge and not to be blinded, get

-receiving: from other people will be given to an appreciation, – joy and happiness,

-giving: one has the desire to a close person to offer something or to positively influence it – also: love is not real, you can decorate yourself with it: you tend to over-irritate yourself unimportant things, lose: quarrel and anger, find-find: a new love is opening.