Do Carrots Have Seeds?

Carrots are a type of vegetable that is a must while you are on a helthy diet. Even if it is not for your health, carrots are a big part of cuisine around the world. carrots have been used for centuries, and they are avaliable throughout the year.

Since they are very popular, we can find production of this fruit everywhere. Summer and fall are the two seasons when carrots are the tastiest and freshest.

Beneficial effects and nutritional information

Number one beneficial effect of carrots is antioxidant effect. They are rich in vitamin C and beta carotene, which help our body fight free radicals, and release all the toxins. Depending on the sort of carrot, we have different amounts of beta carrotene. Some of them have it in larger smounts and other in less, but every sort has it. You can notice this difference by the color of the carrot, so the highest amount of carotene is found in the orange sorts.

To keep your blood vessels healthy and protected, you need to eat carrots. Again antioxidant effects of carrots, help to release toxins from our blood vessels, and clean out our cardiovascular system. With phytonutrients, carrots also have a anti inflammatory effect on our body, which helps to maintain a good overall cardiovascular health.

The benefit you have probably heard about is, the one carrots have on our vision. Since they are rich in carotene, which keeps our eyes healthy, there is no better option than carrots in this case. The recommended amount of carrots, is at least two times a week. This will also reduce the risk of cataracts.

New studies have also shown that carrots might have a big role in cancer fight. Since they are able to extract cancer cells from our colon, they might be very helpful in fighting this type of cancer. So, both protection and in a small amount fight has been proven in this case, but future studies will show us more information about these beneficial effects of carrots.

Carrot seeds

Carrots do in fact have seeds. They are produced by carpels. But these seeds don’t look like normal plant seeds.

Carrot grows it’s seeds on the flower of the plant. So, the part that we eat is actually the root of the carrot plant and not the product. The upper part of the carrot plant, has a fern like part, which produces carrot seeds. The period of time that is needed for the carrot to mature is about two years. After this time, the plant will be able to produce seeds. Outside of the flower will slowly open up, and expose seeds of the carrot, after the required period of time has passed.

Seeds of the carrot are brown and very small. You can also skip this process and buy carrot seeds in almost every store dedicated to agriculture.

Carrots are a very low maintenance plant, so everyone can grow them. If you feel like starting your small botanical garden, start with plants like this. You can even plant them in your appartment, just as long as you provide them enough light and water. Since they grow almost throughout the whole year, you will be able to enjoy them anytime you want.

Plus, it is always best to choose organic food over processed one, or the one that has been grown in large botanical gardens. These plant can also be treated with different pesticides, so keep that in mind as well.

Carrot seed oil

Mostly all seeds can be used for extraction, and be turned into oils. This is no different when it comes to carrot seeds. Oil from these seeds is not very popular like other types of oils, but it certainly has it’s beneficial effects.

It is used in various cuisines around the world almost as a spice for different sauces. Since it has a slightly woody smells, it is been used as a ingredient for perfumes. This gives them a nice woody aroma we all recognize that well, but we would never guess from where it comes from.

Carrot seeds oil is also used as a massage oil. Since it is rich in beta carotene, carrot seeds oil is perfect for reaching that nice bronze tan in the summer. So, it comes in a form of moisturizer that helps to also give our skin that beautiful glow.

This amazing oil also rejuvenates our skin and makes it tighter, and from the medical point of view it helps to heal boils, scars and other skin issues. If you are having problems with appetite, this oil might be the solution. You can use it in any dish, and boost you apetite by regular consumption.

With medical issues, carrot seeds oil protects and heals our body from hepatitis, colitis, regulates our lymphic system and relieves pain during our menstrual cycle. It can also be used in aromatherapy, since it works well for improving our overall mood, and it also helps to reduce stress.

Carrot seeds oil can be used on the problematic areas by applying it directly on the skin, and it can be used as a ingredient in different dishes, if you prefer to improve your health through this method. The best way to use it in both ways, is to mix it with some other oil (olive oil for example), so that you get the best result possible.