Do Eggplants Have Seeds?

This plant is very recognizable due to it’s shape and bright purple color that we don’t see so often in the botanical world.

Eggplants are available throughout the year, and we can find them in different recipes from around the world. It originates from Asia, and it has been grown there for centuries. After colonization and due to migrations, it became a big part of the world cuisine around the globe.

Eggplant are a pretty large plant, but it can come in different sizes and variations. The one that we are most familiar with, is the purple eggplant type. When it comes to seeds, eggplant ones are visible to us from the moment we slice it in half. And besides being tasty, there are many beneficial effects, from this plant and it’s seeds.

So, in this article we will be discovering those beneficial effects of both.

Nutritional information

Antioxidant effects is one of the many beneficial effects of eggplant. Plants like this one need to protect themselves from the different pests that are attacking them, so the amount of antioxidant components in eggplants is very high.

Eggplant also protect our cardiovascular health by fighting cholesterol. Many studies have been conducted, where animals with high cholesterol levels have been fed with eggplant juice, and the amount of cholesterol in their blood vessels has decreased significantly after a certain period of time. This effect of eggplant comes from nasunin and similar terepene phytonutrients inside it.

Nasunin helps to remove the unnecessary amount of iron in our blood, which is not good for our immune system. So another beneficial effect of eggplant is immune system protection.

Phytonutrients in eggplant can also help prevent cancer cell formation. Our nutrition is half of our health, and we need to consume enough vitamin, minerals and other components to stay healthy, and be able to fight of any disease. Due to it’s anti inflammatory and antioxidant effect, eggplant helps by preventing the growth of these dangerous cells, and also cleans our body from them.

Since eggplants are full of fiber, they are a great option for everyone on a diet. They can be used as snacks between meals, or even as a main dish. He will make you feel full for a longer period of time, and since it is low in calories, it won’t make you increase those scale numbers.

Eggplants are full of potassium, proteins, vitamin B6, iron magnesium and many other beneficial nutrients, so they are a very recommended food in everybody’s diet.

Planting eggplants

Eggplant is a plant that loves to be in a warm surroundings and because of that it is best to plant it somewhere warm, and with a lot of sun. Since they need a lot of space to grow, as well, inside won’t be such a good idea.

To plant an eggplant, you will need to dig a whole, and place a lot of leaves, hay and other similar materials on the bottom of the hole. This will keep the ground beneath the eggplant cold, and moisture won’t be leaving too soon.

To get the best out of your eggplant harvest, you can use organic manure to help this process. Eggplant seeds need about 3 weeks to show up above the ground, and after that just continue with the usual routine. If you are only experimenting with your botanical skills, you can also buy eggplant starts, to save yourself some time.

Be careful and tie your plant up if it starts to fall down due to the heavy produce. This can happen very often. You also need to water this plant on the ground, so don’t water it from above the plant or use a light water mist.

In the end, eggplants are a very healthy and nutritious plants, that are best used fresh and in cooking. To get all the best out of this plant, grow your own eggplants and get the organic experience.

All the beneficial nutrients will stay, and you will have a beautiful experience growing this amazing plant. As far as seeds go, they are safe for eating, and they also contain a lot of components which are good for our health. So, no need to remove them, just prepare this amazing plant and enjoy it’s wonderful taste.